part 8 cassie forbidden love

All that has been going on in Nobuhle's mind is how she's going to break the news of her engagement to her father. She was nervous. She knew very well that she won't be able to go ahead with everything without her father's approval. He means a lot to her is her everything and all she wants is for him to be happy for her. He was in his office going through the financials. The company was still doing good. His daughter knocked on the door. He told her to get in. Darrell: Oh Miss Jacobs She wasn't surprised. He preferred keeping things professional at work and she totally understood. Buhle: Umm.. D.. I mean Mr Jacobs. Can I rather talk to my father? Darrell chuckled. He could see she was nervous. He directed for her to sit down and she did. She was hiding her right hand. She didn't want him to see it yet. Darrell: Nobuhle. Buhle: Umm dad.. I Umm.. Darrell: Speak. What's going on? Buhle: It's nothing to do with work. Darrell: Couldn't it wait until we get home? She shook her head. Buhle: I've been dreading this for a while. It's Tuesday she got engaged on Friday told her little sister on Saturday. She had finally gathered enough strength to face her father and come clean regarding the new developments In her life. Her love life. As much as Darrell didn't approve of most of her relationships she always told him. Darrell: Sounds serious. Buhle: It is. Darrell: What is it? She cleared her throat rubbing her hands together. This wasn't easy. A part of her wished that she had let Mandla be the one to tell her father but she feels it could have made the situation even more worse. Buhle: Daddy I'm getting married. He didn't say anything at first but just looked at her before busting into laughter. He thought it was a prank. Upon seeing the seriousness in his daughter's face. He stopped. Darrell: What? She slowly lifted her hand and showed him the rock on her finger. Darrell: You gotta be kidding me. Buhle: I just need your approval. Darrell: My appr.. Are you out of your mind Nobuhle?! Buhle: Daddy I - Darrell: Shut up! He roared making her jump a bit. Darrell: I didn't even know you dating haven't even met the guy and now you talking about marriage? Don't piss me off. Buhle: I love him. Darrell: How long? Buhle: Two weeks. He chuckled in disbelief. Darrell: Two weeks? Wow. Buhle: He's a good guy and he treats me well takes care of me. Darrell: What's his name? What does he do for a living? Buhle: Mandla Mazibuko he's an entrepreneur owns a couple of businesses. Darrell: Mazi.. That's insane. You not marrying him. Buhle: But daddy I - Darrell: It's a no! I don't even wanna meet him don't even wanna see him. Buhle: That's not fair! Darrell: It's final! Give him his ring back. You can do better. Buhle: Daddy.. Darrell: No baby. You going to break it off with this guy and that's not up for discussion. Buhle: I hate you! She cried. Darrell: You'll love me again. Now If you'll excuse me She clicked her tongue and left. Darrell knew he had gotten through to her. He could see there was something sinister going on here. His gut was never wrong and it was saying no. He wasn't planning to ignore it. He'll daughter will just have to forgive him for this. It was what's best for her according to him. . BOIKANYO I was anxiously waiting for my first lesson as a tutor. I was going to leave with Minni after school and had managed to get two more students who needed tutoring. Like Enhle they came from a well off family and the pay was good. I was happy. My mom won't have to worry much anymore and with me providing there was a weight lifted from her shoulders. Botho: How come she's always nice to you?. Me: Who? Khaya: Fabulous ntwana. I chuckled. Me: Trust me she's not nice. Just tolerates me. Botho: Why can't she tolerate us? Me: Cause La hlopha Vele Khaya: We being nice. Me: You always calling her

she's not nice. Just tolerates me. Botho: Why can't she tolerate us? Me: Cause La hlopha Vele Khaya: We being nice. Me: You always calling her sending her texts and here she can't even breathe. Khaya: Because I'm in love. Me: And she doesn't want you. Botho: What's worse is she sits in the same table as me but hardly turns to look at me. Me: Leave her alone. Enhle: Please tell them. Khaya: Minniwam. Enhle: Really? Please. Can we go? Me: I'll see you guys tomorrow. Khaya: Ntwana what's going on? Enhle: BKay! Botho: She even gave you a nickname. I chuckled. Me: Tomorrow boys. I had actually been waiting for Enhle. School was out And that meant our tutoring lessons. I was going to start with the other two next week. A guy and a girl. Anyway we went to the car which was picking us up. Guy: Who's this nikka? Enhle: He's my tutor. Guy: Your what? Enhle: The guy giving me extra lessons. His name is - He cut her shot. Guy: I don't give a rat ass what his name is. He better know you mine and I don't tolerate shit. Enhle giggled. Enhle: He's not only a kid but he's not my type. Relax babe I'm all yours. Wait this was her boyfriend. The rapper. He looked way better on TV. Not that I was trashing him or bashing him. I can't compliment another nigger. No. Guy: Good. Boy if you even look at her for 2 seconds He was scary. And the tattoos didn't even make it better. He looked like a clean gangster but spelt "dangerous " Me: Of course sir. Guy: Good. I was more than happy than happy when I got out of that car. I had to wait a little distance from the car for Enhle because she was "wrapping up something " Since I didn't want to get her into any trouble I waited. She came after a few minutes. Enhle: Thanks for waiting up. Me: It's my pleasure. Enhle: Ask your mom to prepare us some snacks. I'll quickly freshen up. I nodded. I found mom at the back on the veranda. Mom: You here already? Me: We just got here. Enhle asked for some snacks. Mom: Oh I'll prepare something for you. How was school? Me: Good. I got two more students. Mom: I'm really blessed to have a son as wonderful as you. Me: And I'm grateful to God for giving me and blessing me with a mother like you. We shared a hug. Mom: Let me do this before I get fired. Me: I can help. Mom: Ha.a . You here as a guest now. We shared a laugh. Enhle: You done? Mom: Yes. Enhle: We'll be in the study if dad asks. Mom: Okay dear. I took the tray of snacks and followed her to the study. I put Them on the table And took out My books. Enhle: I don't have a big head. Let's start with the basics. Me: Of course. I'm not planning to confuse or overwhelm you. Enhle: I might just end up as smart as you. I laughed. Me: Yeah. Only if you pay attention. Enhle: Let me switch my phone off. She did that and put it on the table. Enhle: Done. Me: Then let's get right into it. . MINENHLE I never thought that studying was this hard. BKay tried explaining but I didn't understand anything he said. It's like the more he tried the more I got confused I ended up calling it a day It was frustrating I felt like such a fool. Even when I tried to concentrate Or put my mind into it things got hard. Buhle: I hate my life. Me: I'd switch any day. I hate school. I said pouring myself a glass of wine. I needed it. Buhle: Let's switch. Me: Any day. What happened? Buhle: I broke up with Mandla. Me: Woah what? Buhle: I know and now I had to announce to my followers that there was going to be no wedding. Me: That's insane Buhle: I know and they roasted me like crazy. They actually said I can't keep a man. Me? I mean look at all this. She said turning around. I laughed. My sister has a great body. We actually have the same bodies but has is a size bigger than mine. Me: Don't worry you'll find the one. Buhle: Nobuhle Jacobs is single and ready to mingle. Me: I'll drink to that. She quickly poured herself a glass. Buhle: Cheers We laughed. I didn't even want to think about tomorrow being a school day but continued having one glass after the other. It was worse with Buhle since she had work tomorrow. The rest will just have to wait for now.

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