part 5 Cassie forbidden love

MINENHLE I had to wake up this time and prepare myself for school. I had bunked yesterday but it's no big deal since nothing is usually done on the first day. Plus I was still recovering from Troy's dick. After bathing with all these bath salts just to rejuvenate my body a bit. I dried lotioned then got dressed in my neatly ironed uniform. I wore my school shoes then made my weave into a neat bun. I took my bag and went downstairs for breakfast. Me: Good morning. Dad: So you finally decided to come home? Me: I live here. Dad: And yet you hardly here. While on it you wearing the wrong uniform. Me: I'm not going to a public school dad. Dad: It's not up for discussion! I would have reconsidered this had you not slept God knows where. You turning 19 and yet you seem to not have any direction in life. Me: Daddy that's rude. I couldn't hold in the tears. He was hurting me really hurting me. Why was he being so rude? Dad: It's clear being soft on you guys never helped and now I'm looking like a weakling in front of everyone! Me: I'm not going there. Dad: Oh you are. Or if you feel like you a woman now you can pack your bags and go. I'll cut you off And see how you'll manage without any of your family! With that said he got up and left. I had never seen my dad that furious I had never seen him that pissed off. Me: Is that really my dad? Buhle: Look on the bright side mntwana ka Mam Carol will be there. I groaned. She laughed. I'm dead I'm so dead. This is the end of my life of my everything. How can my own father do this to me? A while later he came holding something. Dad: Your new uniform. First impressions always lasts but well they'll pardon us for your lack of punctuality. Me: This is not fair. Dad: You right I should have done this the moment you failed Grade 11. Me: Can't we.. Negotiate? Dad: Here's the deal. If your March results impress me I might just change you back. Me: So I'm on probation? Dad: I never thought of you as smart now go change. Me: Okay daddy. There was no use arguing with him or even debating with him cause it was clear he had his mind made up. I went back to my room and changed into the new uniform which was not that bad. The skirt was too long but that's why we have MamCarol. Me: All done. Buhle: Look at you looking all pretty. I rolled my eyes and she laughed. I just clicked my tongue and left with dad. I was only accepting this for now. All I have to do is make sure that I do well in March then I'll be back to my normal life. It's only three months and surely I can survive. Dad wasn't off the hook too. He did threaten me and I wasn't happy with how he spoke to me. I don't know who was influencing my dad against us but I was going to find out. The school was about thirty minutes away and I breathed out when we finally arrived. Dad: We here. Me: At least it's not in the villages. Dad: That wouldn't be a bad idea. Me: I'd disown you as my dad. He laughed. Me: It wasn't a joke. Dad: You can't disown me. Me: Actually why am I even talking to you? I hate you. He didn't reply. He got out and came to open the door for me. Me: Thank you. Dad: You ready? Me: Do I have a choice? Dad: Unfortunately no We went to what looked like the stuffroom and went to what was written " The Principal's office " It was a woman who looked a bit too young for a principal if you ask me. Dad: Lydia this is my daughter. Lydia : She's beautiful. Welcome to our school. Me: Mm. I faked a smile. I saw how she was looking at dad and had a smile which could even reach her eyes. There's something definitely brewing here. Dad: Sorry we late. I hope she's not in any trouble. She giggled. Did he say anything funny? I rolled my eyes. I was actually irritated. I don't even know why we had to come here. Lydia: Lucky for her

the real work hasn't begun yet so she's off the hook. Dad: That's a relief. Lydia: Indeed. I'll personally walk her to her class. I assure you once again Mr Jacobs that she'll be in good hands. Dad: Call me Darrell. She blushed. I cleared my throat. Me: I don't wanna be any more late for my class. Like you said dad first impressions count. Dad: Of course. Lydia please lead the way. Lydia: Yes sir. She smiled widely again. I almost punched this bitch Looking at my dad like he's a fresh piece of meat. Finally we got out of her office. . BOIKANYO It's during the second lesson when we saw the principal enter into our class. She wasn't alone and I was surprised to see Mr Jacobs and Enhle. Miss Kobler interrupted the lesson which we had been fully focused on. Miss Kobler: Good morning kids. This is Minenhle Jacobs who'll be joining your class please make her feel welcomed This was really interesting. I never thought I'd see the day Mr Jacobs enters a public school. He's always been someone who thinks highly of himself. I guess his kids are really reckless. Was she that bad that he brought her here? Miss Kobler: Am I clear? Class: Yes ma'am. Miss Kobler is a very strict educator and principal and to see her this.. Nice.. Wow. Miss Kobler: Minni find yourself a seat. She looked at Miss Kobler from head to toe hugged her father then looked for a seat. We were all looking at her. She found a seat next to Botho who I know never lets a new girl pass him. I don't even know why he was sitting alone. Probably because he wasn't at school yesterday. Khaya: I can't believe I'm in the same class as my crush. I chuckled. Sir: Something funny Mr Moloi? Me: Uhh no sir. Sir: Then shut up. I pushed him with my elbow and he laughed silently. He just got me in trouble. Enhle: You MamCarol's son right? I nodded. She came to me immediately when the bell rang for break. Enhle: She always talks about you even shows me your pictures on her phone. Me: She's told me about you. Enhle: Really? Me: Yeah a lot. Khaya: Fabulous. Enhle: And you are? Khaya: I'm Khaya. Enhle: Can't you see we talking? Khaya: Umm.. I.. She gave him the hand. Enhle: Save it. I'm out. Then she walked out. I just laughed. Khaya: She's even more beautiful face to face. I almost got a boner. Me: What the hell dawg? Khaya: She's hot Bruh Botho: She is. Man I wanna tap that. Khaya: Never happening dawg. She's dating Troy. Me: The rapper? He nodded. Now I get why she's so rebellious. She's dating a bad boy. See why I'm not about dating? Not only is it a waste of time it brings a distraction. She wouldn't be failing this much if she wasn't running around with a rapper. We went to get lunch and I had to listen to this boys talking about Enhle's ass. It was so awkward for me. . NOBUHLE I was meeting up with Mandla for lunch. I just hoped I wasn't going to waste my time like the last. Like last time I found him already seated. He got up and pulled a chair for me. Mm. Mandla: MaJacobs. Me: Mandla. I sat down and he pushed it in then went to his seat. Mandla: Thank you for agreeing to give me a second chance. Me: I hope you don't waste my time. Mandla: Of course not. What would you like to eat? Me: I'd like a chicken salad and lime juice. He called the waiter. Mandla: Chicken salad and lime juice for the lady and just give me the usual. He nodded and left. Me: The usual? Mandla: I own this restaurant and a couple of other things. Impressive. This means I won't have to pay my own bill at least. Phew. I smiled. Mandla: Sorry about how rude I was the last time. Me: And you really rude. Mandla: I know. My apologies. Me: Thank you for the bag I love it. Mandla: It's good to see you utilize it. I didn't really know what to buy. Me: I love it. It's the bag I was using at that time. Mandla: So how's work? Me: A nightmare. I don't think I can survive. Mandla: I can marry you make you a housewife. Me: Like those on desperate housewives? I get to go shopping at Sandton do my hair nails makeup? He chuckled. Mandla: I'm actually from Mpumalanga. Me: Oh. Mandla: Yes ever been there? Me: No. Mandla: I'll take you one day you might like it. Me: I'm always up for traveling. Our food came and we engaged in a light conversation. I was actually impressed This didn't look like the Mandla I met that time. I guess first impressions can be deceiving. Here I was thinking he's a bad guy and listening to him talking I just melted. He's everything I want in a guy plus he's loaded so at least I'll still get to live the lifestyle I live

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