part 4 Cassie forbidden love

MINENHLE Me: You look like hell. Buhle: I feel even more worse. Me: What happened? Buhle: I went clubbing. Me: Thought you were going on a date Buhle: How did you.. I chuckled. Me: Social media you idiot She huffed and rolled her eyes I laughed. I was in the kitchen having a cup of Rooibos tea it was morning. She sat down next to me with her hand on her face. Me: You stink. She rolled her eyes. I dramatically covered my nose with my finger. Buhle: Fuck you She pulled out her middle finger to me and I just laughed. She went up the stairs probably to her room. I dished up a fruit salad for myself and ate watching TV. It was Sunday Troy was coming and I was so excited. I actually couldn't wait. I was still lazily watching TV when the door bell rang. I groaned and went to open. It was a delivery guy. Guy: Delivery for Miss Jones. I grinned clapping my hands. Me: That should be me. Guy: Nobuhle? I frowned. Me: She's my sister. Guy: Can you please call her for me? I was told to deliver straight into her hands. I rolled my eyes and went to call her. I just stood on the first step. Me: Nobuhle!! Buhle: What?! She shouted back. Me: You have a delivery. She came running down the stairs. All that energy.. Gosh. Guy: This is for you please sign here for me. Buhle: Uhh okay. She took the package and signed. Guy: Thank you. Me: So open up. Buhle: I forgot how impatient you can be. Me: Look who's talking. She rolled her eyes and opened up the package. It was a new Prada bag in black. It had a note attached. Me: Go ahead read it. Buhle: " It's not much but all I'm asking for is another date" I screamed she grinned. Me: That's great. Buhle: It is. I love this bag. Me: Will you borrow it to me sometime? Buhle: Hell no. I need to prepare myself for work. Me: Oh go on. Her phone rang. Buhle: It's him. She smiled and left answering her phone. Buhle: Yes. Ohhh how I wish that was me. The day dragged on and soon I was dripping wet just from the shower. I dried my body lotioned and sprayed some parfume. I wanted to not only look good but smell good. I just love Troy so much that I always feel the need to impress. I can't have him falling out of love with me not anytime soon. I was excited I really couldn't wait. I had shaved every delicate place and I was content. I took out my lace purple lingerie from Victoria Secret still with the price tag He's actually the one who bought it for me from London. I wore it matched It up with black gladiator heels and put a trench coat on top. I did my hair curled it up a bit then did my makeup. I was already. I received a text from Troy. Troy: I've sent a driver to pick you up. I'll be home in an hour. Me: Okay baby. I took my phone and bag then went down the stairs. Dad: Where you going? Me: I'm also not talking to you. Dad: It's school tomorrow. Me: It's Sunday. I'll be back. Dad: Minni Me: I'm 18 dad you can't be trying to control me. Dad: Public school Me: Not going. I'd rather drop out. The car hooted outside. Me: That's for me. Bye. Dad: Minni I didn't even wait a second I just left. There's nothing he can do to stop me and He knows it. The driver got out and opened the door for me I got in.. The car was fancy but then again I am Fabulous. I poured myself a glass of champagne that I found in the backseat. It tasted amazing. He opened my door again when we had arrived at Troy's place and I got off with my glass of champagne. Me: Thank you. The door wasn't locked. I opened it and took off the trench coat. I played some music and danced while drinking the champagne. Troy: Baby. I dropped the glass which of course broke but I didn't care and ran to him throwing myself in his arms. Me: You said an hour And yes he caught me just in time. Troy: I came as soon as I can. Me: I missed you. Troy: I missed you too. We broke the hug and kissed. His hands went to my ass as he picked me up again and I wrapped my legs around his waist. We kissed all the way to his bedroom. Troy: I love you. Me: I know baby I love you too. He switched on the lights. It was a bit dark. Troy: You look beautiful my love. I giggled. Me: Thanks. He took off his clothes until he was completely naked then got between my legs. Troy: I wanna make good I love you too. He switched on the lights. It was a bit dark. Troy: You look beautiful my love. I giggled. Me: Thanks. He took off his clothes until he was completely naked then got between my legs. Troy: I wanna make good slow love to you His eyes were slightly closed his dick rock hard. I just got wet his dirty talking was doing things to me. I bit my lip. Me: Do it baby. . BOIKANYO Me: I think it's time you found another job. Mom: What? Me: No mom this is crazy. Mom: I have to put food on the table. Me: And in doing that be a slave? Get treated like trash all in the name of providing for me? No mom. Mom: I'm humble God will lift me up. Even Joseph was sold to be a slave all for God's glory. I sighed. There was no way I'd be able to get her to agree to this more when she starts talking about the events in the Bible . Me: Okay mom but as soon as I get a job you quitting. Mom: When you finish school and graduate then get a job. Me: Yes mom. She smiled. We shared a tight hug. Mom: Ready to go back to school? Me: I'm so ready. Grade 11 here I come. Mom: Only one more grade left. Me: Yes. Mom: I'm proud of you and I'm sure your father is proud too. Me: I know mom I know. Mom: Go. I don't want you to be late on your first day back. Me: And work? Mom: I'm going. I have to put food on the table. Me: Only for a little while. I took my school bag. She fixed my tie again one more time and I left after kissing her cheek. I arrived at school within thirty minutes and went to my previous class. Khaya: Man my man We shoulder bumped. He's one of my friends. I only have two friends at school but I'm not close with any of them reason being they're bad influences. I don't wanna lose focus And if I were to hangout more with them that's exactly what would happen. Me: Where's Botho? Khaya: Probably running late. How are you man?. Me: I'm all good dawg you?. Khaya: I'm good. So I met this girl. Me: I don't wanna hear it. He chuckled. Khaya: I thought you'd changed. Me: Not in a million years. These girls will be the death of you. Khaya: And you'll die a virgin. Me: That's no sin. Khaya: If only you knew the number of girls who came up to me last year wanting me to hook Em up with you. Me: I'm not interested. Khaya: You gay Me: I'm nothing. Khaya: You really gay. Me: Just because I'm not interested in girls doesn't mean I'm interested in guys. Khaya: Then you really really need to get laid. Me: You crazy. We shared a laugh. The bell rang and we went to the assembly. Botho still hadn't come. Maybe he wasn't coming today and would probably come the following day. . JACOBS MEDIA AND ADVERTISING AGENCY Darrell had called a short staff meeting to introduce his daughter who was joining them. He was proud even though she wasn't since she didn't want to be here. Buhle felt like she was the only one being punished since her sister wasn't reprimanded in anyway. Darrell cleared his throat and all attention was on him. Darrell: Good morning. Like we all know this is a family company. My daughter will be joining us in the PR department and no it's not nepotism because she is qualified and has an honours in PR and communications. I trust that you will treat her as she deserves and usher her with respect. Meeting adjourned. They all went back to their stations. It was lunchtime when Nobuhle barged into his father's office. Buhle: Daddy this is not fair. Darrell: It's Mr Jacobs at work and you don't just barge into my office you knock. She folded her arms and pouted a look that always made Darrell weak. He huffed. She had him just where she wanted him. Buhle: Work is exhausting daddy. I can't. Darrell: You'll get used to it. Buhle: Can I.. Get my salary in advance? Darrell: You haven't even signed a contract. Buhle: I'll go to HR and sign. Darrell: Uhh Buhle: You don't have a contract prepared right? Darrell: Not really. You don't have a job title yet. Buhle: They why am I here? Darrell: To spend money you worked for. Her phone rang disturbing their conversation. She looked at the caller ID. Buhle: I have to take this. She rushed out with a smile plastered on her face. Darrell just shook his head. Buhle: Mandla Mandla: I guess I deserve that. Buhle: Ufunani? Mandla: A second chance. Buhle: Why would I give you a second chance? Mandla: I need you in my life Nobuhle and you also need a strong black man like me in your life. She giggled. He was right. Buhle: Okay fine but no telling me what to do or eat. Mandla: Fair enough. They went on to talk more about the date until she hang up. Going back to her station there was a takeaway in a paperbag and a note attached. " It doesn't have any gluten or preservatives hope you enjoy it M" She smiled. This was just the man she needed.

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