part 2 Cassie forbidden love

THE JACOBS HOUSEHOLD Darrell walked into the house. It was a Friday And he had decided to skip work. His kids were watching TV with clearly not care in the world. He had reached a conclusion. His best friend had finally helped him concur a plan to get his kids in order. He was doing it for their benefits and even though he knew they might hate him after this it was what's best for them. Minnie: Daddy you not at work? Darrell: No I'm not Nobuhle: What's going on daddy? Darrell: We need to talk. They started getting a bit scared. They had never seen their father this serious. Minnie: What's going on dad? Darrell: My study now! His roaring voice startled them. They got up immediately and followed they're father. They were now very nervous wondering what might be going on. Darrell: Sit down. They obliged not even thinking of asking anything. Carol was just watching everything from a distance. She too wondered what could be going on. Mr Jacobs had always been soft on his kids too soft if you ask her. Darrell: I'm fed up with you two and your reckless rebellious behavior. Buhle: But dad we - Darrell: I'm not done! He said hitting his hands against the table which made the girls startle And tears immediately fell from Minenhle's eyes. Darrell saw Carol looking and he stood up to close the door. He didn't like it when the "help" put their nose in his business. He hated interference from outside sources he wanted to do things his way and Carol being an inferior to him had to know her place. He was going to deal with her after he's done with his kids. He went back to sit down and tried not to break as he saw tears fall from his little girl. The last thing he wanted was to hurt them. It's the promise he made to his late wife when she passed on. He had to do this it's for their own good. Nobuhle was brushing her sister's back who couldn't stop crying. Darrell: I've come to a few decisions. Seeing that you guys don't have any direction in life you don't take anything seriously And all you do is waste my money Buhle: But daddy who else is suppose to spend your money other than us? Darrell: I'm not done yet! Minenhle wailed even more loudly. Mr Jacobs sighed they were making things difficult for him. Darrell: Nobuhle you going to start working for your money. Buhle: What? Daddy no Darrell: Yes. You have an honours in PR and communications I think it's time you put it into good use. Buhle: Me? Work? No daddy. Darrell: Yes. Seeing you like making waves in gossip columns it's time to shift all that energy into our company and make waves in advertising. Buhle: No dad no. I refuse. Darrell: Then no more allowance for you. I'm no longer paying for your gym membership your yoga classes your monthly spa massages your cellphone bills your hair and nails your car and - Buhle: Okay fine I'll do it. Darrell: That's my girl. Buhle: Ahh. I hate you! She groaned got up and catwalked out of the study banging the door as she left. " She'll come over " he thought. Minni looked at her dad wondering what fate has in store for her. She knew her sister hated working and her dad having forced her will clearly punish her too. She looked at him biting her nails waiting for fate to serve her plate. Darrell: You really disappointed me Minni. You failed Grade 11 yet again and I'm still not over it. Minni: Sorry daddy. Darrell: Do you have any idea how much I'm paying monthly to that school? Me: I'm sorry daddy. Darrell: I pay hundreds of thousands a year you should have been doing your first year now but you still in highschool. Minni: I'm sorry. Darrell: I'm transferring you to a public school. Minni: What? No. Darrell: Yes. I can't be wasting my money like this. Carol's son passed with flying colours and he's doing the same subjects as you. Maybe the problem is with the school. Minni: I can't go to a public school. No daddy. That will definitely bury my reputation. I refuse to. Darrell: You don't have a choice. Me: I'll die before I ever go to a public school. Unlike her sister

she's quite a drama queen. Darrell had always found it hard to say no to her a spitting image of their mother it can never be easy. Darrell: That's crazy. Minni: We shall see. At least mom will treat me better in heaven. With that said she got up and walked out of the study banging the door furiously. Mr Jacobs sighed brushing his head with his hands. He felt hopeless. What he thought was what's best for his kids or rather what Gabriel convinced him to be best seemed to create a drift between him and his girls. That was the last thing he wanted. He got up. He remembered he had to deal with Carol. Standing by the door he called her. Hearing the roaring voice Carol came running. Carol: Sir? Darrell: Get in and close the door. She obliged. Darrell: Did I not tell you to keep your nose out of my business? She was looking down. He didn't like it when they looked at him in the eyes unless he commanded them to. Carol: You did sir. She was scared. She kept praying in her heart that she doesn't lose her job. She would never be able to handle not providing for her son. She wouldn't be able to survive seeing her son struggling even more because of her actions. Darrell: Why were you looking at me when I summoned my kids here? She was tongue tied. She didn't think he noticed. She was only curious about what might have been happening. Like its been said " Curiousity killed the cat " Carol: I'm so sorry Mr Jacobs it wasn't my intention. Darrell: I'm cutting 10% of your salary. You'll learn some manners. You're dismissed. She couldn't Wait to get out of that room. Her heart was heavy. She wanted to cry. They were barely managing as is. How were they going to deal with this? How was she going to tell her son this? It was definitely going to break his heart and that's the last thing she wanted. " It's best I don't tell her" she thought. But 10% was really a lot. It would be hard for him not to notice. . MINENHLE Me: I can't go to a public school Kendall. Kendall: Can't you talk about it to your dad? Me: I did. He knows how I feel about it. Kendall: You need to take your books seriously though Fab. Me: But I do. It's just so hard with Troy and his busy schedule. Kendall: You really love this bad boy of yours don't you? Me: You've never been in love you wouldn't understand. Kendall: Y'all been together for two years right? Me: Yeah so? Kendall: You started failing the time you met him. Me: You insulting me now? Kendall: I'm just trying to open your eyes. Me: My eyes are open. That's how I can see you through this screen.. Duuh I rolled my eyes. We were Skype'ing. I was in my room. I had been locked up in here ever since I had that talk with dad. My sister has also locked herself in her room. Kendall: What am I going to do with you? Me: You love me. Kendall: I do and I want what's best for you. Me: What's best for me is a private school. I can't be mixed with people who don't understand what I'm about. Troy would definitely leave me. Kendall: If he leaves it will show he never loved you. Me: Argh goodbye I closed my laptop and just lay on my bed. I was hungry but I didn't want to get out of my room. I was thinking about how to get myself out of this mess. I had to change dad's mind about this public schooling thought I had to. My phone rang it was Troy calling. Me: Baby. Troy: My love how are you? Me: Dad wants to transfer me to a public school. Troy: Oh. Sorry. Me: Sorry? Really? Troy: I called to tell you I'm coming back on Sunday. Me: Really? A smile involuntarily appeared on my face. Troy: Yes. I screamed. I was super excited. It sucks not seeing him. I heard him chuckle Me: I can't wait I said with a grin on my face. I really couldn't wait. Troy: I have a few preferences upon my arrival. Me: Oh what? Troy: You my bed and something purple and lacy I knew he was biting his lip on the other side It's what he does when he's on his seductive mode Me: Mm I like the sound of that. Troy: I knew you will. Baby I gotta go. I love you. Me: I love you too. He hung up and already my day was made. Someone knocked on my door. Me: Go away. Carol: It's me Enhle. I went to open. Of course I was going to open. Carol: I brought you food. I smiled. Me: Thank you. You the best. I hugged her she left. I closed the door and dug in immediately. I was hungry after all. . BOIKANYO Mom came earlier than I expected. I could see she had a lot going on in her mind. I know my mom and I know when she's disturbed by something or stressed. I took her bag from her went to put it In her room and immediately went to plug in the kettle. Me: Are you okay ma? Mom: I'm fine my boy. Me: You don't look fine. Mom: You worry too much you remind me of your dad. Me: This is not a joke mom. What's going on? Mom: Nothing is going on. Me: Did something happen at work? She sighed. I just hoped she didn't lose her job. Mom: My salary has been cut by 10% Me: What the? Mom? Mom: Mr Jacobs is really a difficult man. I don't know what he wants from me. Me: I'm sorry mom. Mom: It's not your fault. I just don't know what to do. Maybe I should find a weekend job. Me: But you already work so hard. Mom: The last thing I want is for you to worry that's my job. Me: Maybe I should find a job. Mom: No Kanyo schools are opening next week. You need to focus. Me: But mom you know I can do it. Mom: No! I'll make a plan. I sighed made her coffee. There was no way I'll be able to change her mind. I hate it when this happens. If it wasn't because of me Mom wouldn't be suffering like this. I should do something I know I should do something to help her. Maybe find a new job for her a better job with a boss who treats her better. I don't know what but I'll make a plan. I have to.

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