part 11 Cassie forbidden love

There's nothing as painful to a parent as seeing their child cry. What's more painful is not being able to help them or take away the pain. The last thing a parent wants is to hurt their child or see them cry. Mr Jacobs had been broken by the situation he saw his daughter in the previous night. He didn't know what to do more because he didn't know why she was like that She didn't say anything either. This was stressful for him. He was in the kitchen with his cup of coffee which he had been stirring for a while. Buhle: If that cup could talk.. Darrell: Did you check up on Minni? He had went to knock on her door a couple of times and all she said was for him to " Go away " Buhle: Is she sick? Darrell: She wasn't in a good space when she came back yesterday and even talked of your mother. She sounded suicidal Buhle: Really? Nobuhle was more focused on her phone than what her father was saying. It seemed she wouldn't be of any help as she didn't even look interested. He sighed. She was laughing clearly indicating that what was on her phone was much important. She even got up to leave. Mr Jacobs saw Carol passing by whom he decided to call. Carol: Mr Jacobs Darrell: Can I.. Can we talk for a minute? Carol: Umm of course sir. Darrell: The study She followed him to the study wondering what she could have done this time. A lot of thoughts were going through her mind. She even thought of her son and wondered if perhaps this had something to do with him. Him clearing his throat was what snapped her back to reality. Darrell: I.. Umm.. I would like to.. Apologise for what I did.. Cutting your salary it was very unfair of me. She couldn't believe it. He didn't just say that. She looked at him and thanked God in her heart for finally getting through to this man's hard heart. She was thrilled to know that her prayers weren't in vain but penetrated into the heavens. Carol: Thank you Mr Jacobs. It means a lot to me. He forced a smile. He didn't like being social with the help or rather friendly to put it more blatantly. Darrell: You'll be getting your full salary and a 25% increase. Her eyes lit up She thought about what this meant. Her son wouldn't have to work and they would be able to afford more

friendly to put it more blatantly. Darrell: You'll be getting your full salary and a 25% increase. Her eyes lit up She thought about what this meant. Her son wouldn't have to work and they would be able to afford more do more. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know what to do. She was beaming. She felt appreciated. She had been loyal to the Jacobs for years and finally it was paying off. She couldn't wait to just go home and tell her son About this. Carol: Kea leboga Ntate Jacobs. Thank You so much. Darrell: I also need a favor. Carol: Anything. Darrell: Please go check up on Minni. She's locked herself In her room And won't even open up for me. Carol: Consider it done. Thank you again. He nodded and dismissed her. He only hoped she gets through to her. . MINENHLE Suicide. I was considering it. I mean I had the razor. I had painkillers. I had sleeping tablets. I could have easily overdosed Or cut my wrists but I didn't do neither. I woke up numb. See everytime I got conscious it would all come rushing back. Me: Why me? I was loyal. I loved him worshipped the ground he walks on and now this? It's not fair it's really not fair I had all of my gadgets switched off. All I did was cry until I fell asleep. It was better that way. I didn't go to school. I felt so alone. What was the point? I didn't have the strength to face people or be In their presence at the moment. " Enhle sisi" Me: Ma? Carol: Bula Hle I just wanna talk. I couldn't really say no so I got up and went to open. Carol: I have your favorite vanilla ice-cream. Me: I'm in a Bad space Ma Carol: That's what they eat on TV when they're heartbroken. I closed the door after her and we sat down on my bed. Me: I don't wanna talk about it. Carol: You don't have to talk. Me: Let's make a deal. Carol: What? Me: I'm only going to eat this if you eat it with me. Carol: There's only one spoon Me: Oh don't worry about that. I took out a spoon that was under my pillow. She laughed. Me: Don't ask. We started eating the ice-cream and for a moment there I felt like I had someone. She actually didn't force me to speak and I was free around her

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