part 1 Cassie forbidden love

JACOBS MEDIA AND ADVERTISING AGENCY Mr Jacobs the CEO of this rather successful and big ad agency is sitting in his office with Minenhle's report on top of his desk. All that's going on in his mind is where he went wrong with his children how did they get here? All he wanted was to give them the best in everything but it seemed that wasn't what they needed because on his verge of providing for them he ended up rather ruining them. Schools are opening in a few days and he wonders if his daughter will ever get through Grade 11. While still on his thoughts a knock comes through his door and someone just barges in not even waiting for his reply. " Darrell" Darrell: Oh come in please you may. He said sarcastically. Gabriel just laughed and took a sit opposite his best friend. He peeped through the table to find Minenhle's report and took it unto his hands not even waiting for permission. Gabriel: This is bad. Darrell: Please do not remind. Gabriel has been his friend way before he made it big and was there with him in his rags. He owned a private hospital just around town and he had made something of himself as well. He was married with three kids who unlike Darrell's had a direction in life. There's Brandon The older one who's a doctor like his father. He's a neurosurgeon 25 years of age. The second is Robert who's doing his fourth year at medicine school . He's 21. Then there's little Kendall who's 18 and doing her matric. She's also friends with Minenhle and it's safe to say she has failed dismally in getting her friend on the right track. Gabriel: The problem is you spoil them too much. Darrell: They're my little girls. Of course they deserve the best things in life. Everything that I have is all for them. They deserve to be treated as princesses. Gabriel: They're really not so little. Minni is 18 and Buhle is 23. How are they going to grow up if you continue treating them like babies? Darrell: They'll always be babies to me. Gabriel: And these babies are gonna be the death of you. Darrell: I'm already turning Grey. I just don't know what to do anymore. Gabriel: Just put them on a leash show them that you in control. You cannot keep allowing your kids to control you like this. Darrell: How do you suggest I do that? He smiled. Darrell looked at him in anticipation he'd actually do anything just to have his kids being at least half an inch good. People are already looking at him busy talking behind his back because he cannot control his own kids. What kind of leader is he that can't get his own kids to behave? How are people looking at him if he can't get his own household in order? All that he was hoping for was that whatever suggestion Gabriel comes with works. He was desperate and like it's often said; " Desperate times call for desperate measures " . MINENHLE I hate that I disappointed my dad again but really I didn't mean to. Dating a boyfriend who's a well-known rapper is not easy. Troy had tours all around the country and being the supportive girlfriend that I am I had to be there in all his events. We're relationship goals if I say so myself and well I just didn't have enough time to study. There were so many times where I wanted to dropout because I really think school is not for me. All I want right now is to get my matric which I should have had by now but failed. I should be an actress or model instead of sitting in class trying to solve X. I mean how long have I been trying to find that X kodwa aka tholakale. I had just gotten back from the salon from doing my hair and nails. Schools are opening next week and I gotta be on fleek. I have a reputation that I've worked so hard to build and can't afford to let it all go down the drain because of a bad hair day or bad nails. Me: So when am I seeing you again? Troy: I'm going to Namibia next week and you know you got your school shit. I would'a taken ya with me. I frowned. I was a bit sad. Now I really hated going back to school. Troy: Don't frown. You know you got my heart. Me: So you'll be there for how long? Troy: Only for a week. I'll come back so we can finally work on making our baby

you'll be there for how long? Troy: Only for a week. I'll come back so we can finally work on making our baby you feel? He said with a smirk and I just faked a smile. I didn't want a baby but I also didn't want to lose my boyfriend. We've been together for two years and I wasn't going to throw all of that down the drain. I had even decided to stop taking my birth control pills since we never used protection when we have sex. Me: A week is so long. Troy: Don't do that. Me: How am I supposed to survive a week without you? I said looking down as I felt the tears wanting to fall down. God knows how much I love Troy and I just wouldn't survive not seeing him for a week. We were in his car and he was parked a few houses from mine since dad did not want him anyway in his house. He's actually the one who took me to the salon for my hair and nails. I always do a simple French manicure when I'm going to school. What he didn't know is how many times I had sneaked him in. Troy: I'll be back before you know it babe. Me: You promise? Troy: I promise. He lifted my face up and kissed me then wiped my tears which had managed to fall. Troy: You know I love you right? I nodded. Me: I love you too. We kissed yet again. Troy: I'll come pick you up tomorrow so we can spend some more time together I'm going to the studio now. Me: Okay baby. Troy: I can't wait to finally bury myself in you. I felt my cheeks heat up. He chuckled. Troy: You so beautiful. Me: Thank you. I blushed. I'm light in complexion very light with a petite body. I'm a size 28 with medium sized boobs and little curves and ass. I have black big eyes and my hair is naturally brown but I always have weaves on. I just don't prefer my natural hair. Troy is colored with green eyes and black hair. He's tall with many tattoos in his upper body. He's the most handsome man I've ever met. He's turning 26 this year and I just love him so much. He was my first in everything. He came to my side and opened the door for me and I got out holding my shopping bags. I had also bought a few stuff well he bought all that for me. Troy: I'll see you tomorrow. I nodded. He placed a kiss on my forehead and I left Walking home. Good thing I wasn't wearing any heels. I breathed out when I finally arrived. Buhle: Wow. Me: I know hey. I said flicking my weave. I had a black 18 inch Peruvian. Perks of going to a private school is you get to do anything you want on your head. Buhle: You look beautiful kid. Me: I know. I'm Fabulous after all. I said and we giggled. I went to put everything in my room. Me: Hi Ma. I said to Aunt Carol she's our helper around the house and basically raised us up. Carol: Hi Enhle. Nice hair. I smiled. Me: Thank You. I went back to the lounge and threw myself on the couch. Buhle: I'm going out tonight. Me: Oh? Buhle: It's Wednesday so ladies night. She said with a cheer. I laughed. Me: I see you don't get tired of always having your face on the gossip columns. My sister is always on the wrong side of the press. She's always making headlines for the wrong reasons. Her and alcohol are just not friends cause everytime she gets drunk she gets reckless. Buhle: You know what they say there's no such thing as bad publicity. We laughed. Me: Dad is so getting you for this. Buhle: Uzo ba strong. We laughed and high fived. I would go with her but I can't since Troy is picking me up tomorrow and I want him to find me looking fresh. . BOIKANYO Mom: Ke lapile. She said immediately when she dragged her body into the house. Mom was also working hard at the Jacobs and I hated that she had to. She was getting old and I just couldn't wait to finish school so I can offload all this burden on her shoulders. Me: I told you to stop overworking yourself. Mom: I'm doing this for you. You know that. Me: And I appreciate that but you need to take it easy. Mom: Make me a cup of coffee. That was her way of getting me to shut up. I didn't say anything. I just got up and went to plug in the kettle. It was just after 7pm her normal knock off time. Good thing is they always drop her off. Me: How was work? I asked giving her her cup of coffee. Mom: You know how it is drama after drama. Me: They still rebellious? Mom: Enhle failed Grade 11 again and that's stressing her father. Me: You kidding. Mom: And now he doesn't know what to do. Me: What's the problem Vele? She shrugged her shoulders. Mom: Her sister never failed a grade. I just don't know what her problem is. Me: That's really something else. Mom: I know. Those two are really going to kill their father ka pelo Weitse. Me: He should just stop spoiling them like that. Mom: I don't know how he can be this strict but fail to keep his kids on a leash. I shrugged my shoulders. Me: Beats me. I just can't wait for the schools to reopen. Mom: I'm really proud of you Kanyo. We might not be living large but I'm glad you didn't let our circumstances make you rebellious. Me: I just want to get us out of here out of poverty. Mom: And you will. I smiled. All my life I've always wanted to make something of myself and I'm working very hard at school so that I can go to varsity graduate then work for my mom and I. I live for this woman and I'd do anything for her. I'm dark in complexion just like my father. I actually look like him and I strive to make him proud too wherever he is. He always told me the importance of books and reading and he's the reason I spent most of my time on books I don't have any close friends. Those that I have are all about girls. Something I'm definitely not interested in. My mom is the only woman in my life and I prefer it that way. Mom: Did you eat? Me: Yes mom. I also dished up for you. The Jacobs are pretty strict. Mom tells me that she's not allowed to eat during working hours and if she does it's only when Enhle forces her. Mr Jacobs is a very cruel man and treats my mom like a slave. I sometimes think it has to do with race but I heard he married a black woman so it wouldn't make sense. They pay her peanuts and most of the money goes to my school stuff. I hate being a burden like this to my mom and that's also the other reason why I work hard. I want her to relax one day and sip cocktails all day while sitting by the pool of our new house I'm all about me and her. I just can't wait for the day she stops working for that cruel family.

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