part 9 diary of a playgirl

Friday I had just gotten back from Varsity. I don't usually have many classes only Friday only two in the morning. I was sitting in the lounge cuddled up with my phone on my hands and the TV playing. I was blushing and smiling as hell talking to Calvin. Dad walked in on me but I didn't notice him till he cleared his throat. Me: Daddy! Dad: And she finally notices my presence. Me: I'm sorry I've been... Something on my phone.. He chuckled shaking his head. Dad: I know I know. Who is he? Me: Who said its a he? I tried putting on a serious face then laughed out loud at my failed attempt. Dad shook his head then sat on the couch arm of the couch I was sitting on. Dad: So? Me: It might be a girl maybe I'm a Lesbian. He raised his eyebrow then I laughed at the facial expression he had put on. It's always nice having my father around. Dad: I hope I'll get to meet him soon. Me: I don't know about That. Mom: Meet who? She was coming through the kitchen door how she heard us? I got no idea and we had been talking at a low tone or maybe we were loud but just didn't realise that. I looked at Dad I didn't want to say anything cause I know how mom tends to exaggerate. Me: No one important. I got up from my seat then made my way to my room. I wasn't about to watch my parents play lovey doveys in my presence. I was going to take a shower later on when Lema comes. It was around 12 now. In fact she was coming at 1:30pm. I still had an hour and half to just chill. My phone rang and a smile crept on My face when I looked at the caller screen. Me: Hey. Calvin: Why don't you want us to meet again? Me: I told you I'm going out with my sister. Calvin: When? Me: Today. He groaned on the other side. We had last seen each other yesterday in the morning when I came home. He just couldn't get enough of me and he was still asking me to be his. The offer was tempting yes but I was worried about not knowing more about him. He could be a psych for all I know. I don't know what it was but I knew he had a darker side one that scared me in a way. Calvin: Can I see you after? Me: Calvin. Calvin: You not about to make me beg it's hard enough that I have to ask you. Me: What do you mean? Calvin: You'll find out one day. Me: Funny how much I seem to know nothing about you except your name. Calvin: Maybe if you spent time with me you'd know me. Me: You putting me in a difficult position. Calvin: You'll call me when you want me to come get you. I sighed deeply as he hung up. He was putting me in a difficult position if only he Knew how much I was trying not to get attached to him. I needed to spend less time with him because somehow it'd make me able to stay away from him. Lema barged into my room and that's when I realized how deep i had been in my own thoughts. Lema: I can't believe you now. Me: Hello there. Lema: But Palesa I thought we talked about this Me: What's the rush manje? Lema: It's already 2pm Me: Eish I was waiting for you Angithi let me take a quick shower. Lema: Super quick shower I'll take out some clothes for you. Me: And how do you know what I wanna wear? Lema: Just go. She said pushing me into my bathroom. I stripped then got inside the shower and did my business nje. I got out and towel dried my body before lotioning and wearing my lingerie. I wrapped another towel on my body then got out of the bathroom. Lema: Dolce and Gabanna Palesa? These cost over 600euros I don't even wanna mention in our rate. Me: Just get to the point. Lema: And the hair? Anyone can see how expensive it looks. Me: Did you take out the clothes or should I just help myself? Lema: I did. Lema was wearing a Black boyfriend Jean with Pink airmax sneakers and a white crop top. She had taken out a blue torn boyfriend Jean a black n white long sleeves croptop and All pink adidas superstar for me. Me: Matching outfits Neh. Lema: It's not like it's the first time plus I need em to recognize the drill. I wore the clothes she had taken out for me then I let my hair loose. I did my mascara eye liner with a navy blue matte lipstick. We took a few mirror selfies before I took my bag and phone then we left. Lema: We taking a cab. Me: I'm not about to say no to that considering we'll be getting sloshed. We said goodbye to our parents then she called a cab which dropped us off at the taxi rank. It was booming already nje. You'd wonder if kids even went to school. Me: Oh wow. Lema: You ain't seeing nothing yet. Wait until it gets a bit late. Some of the kids were looking at us busy whispering among themselves. That didn't bother me cause it happens most times when we walking together. We always get stares nje. We went to some bunch of girls. Lema: Hey y'all

busy whispering among themselves. That didn't bother me cause it happens most times when we walking together. We always get stares nje. We went to some bunch of girls. Lema: Hey y'all this is My sister Palesa. Girl1: Palesa and Palema y'all look like twins. Me: Haha yeah we get that a lot. Girl1; I'm Kagiso and that's Resego and Uthanda. Me: Lovely meeting y'all. We sat with them a bit till Palema said we must go somewhere. We told them we'll see them then left. My phone was on silent. I just didn't want any calls disturbing our moment. We went to a liquor store where we bought vodka wine and lime water. There were other teens there who greeted Lema and some recognized me from facebook. We paid for our stuff then left to where others usually chill to drink though we preferred it being just us. We mixed the vodka with the lime water and started drinking. Lema: This is so good. Me: I'm already feeling the buzz. Lema: Wait until we get to the boom corner. Me: It gets better than this? Lema: Way better. An hour later I was with Lema who was busy starting shit with people. I had to be the one stopping her though I was drunk myself. I was having the time of my life that I even forgot about my phone. One minute she has disappeared on me and I'm with Kagiso and the others The next she's here. We went back to the rank and there was a crowd. There was some guy there dancing and people cheering. He was wearing his school uniform. We got closer and joined the circle. The nigger could move and I'm not talking about your break dancing and shit I'm talking real moves. When he was done we all gave him a round of applause with people screaming his name which I couldn't put out. To me it seemed like this guy was well-known. My only question was who is this guy? Don't look at me like that. I'm not saying I'm into him or something I didn't even see him in that way. We went to buy some snacks at Pick N Pay when we got back I noticed some guy looking at me. I just maintained a straight face. He was looking at me like he'd never seen someone like me. I walked away with him looking at me. Lema noticed and just chuckled. I put it at the back of my mind nje. It was now time to go. That's actually when I remembered my phone. I know Lema was probably going to call her boyfriend but I remembered I had made a promise to Calvin. He answered the phone like he had been expecting my call. Calvin: Finally. I giggled. I was really sloshed and he hates it when I drink if only he knew how wasted I was now and we still had the wine which we hadn't drank yet. Me: Hey you! Calvin: Oh my I hope... He groaned over the phone I think he could already tell what was going on. There were a few taxis playing music very loud where I was. Me: Come get me. Calvin: You sure it's what you want? Me: I wouldn't call if I was still contemplating it. Calvin: Michaela are you drunk? I giggled and I heard him sigh deeply on the other side. Me: I'm just tipsy. Like I had Vodka and lime w- Calvin: Where are you? Me: CBD by the taxi rank. Calvin: I'm coming to get you. Me: I'll be waiting. I giggled and hang up. Palema came to where I was standing she had accompanied one of her side boyfriends to the other rank. She's not really committed to one person I guess commitment is just not in our blood. Lema: You coming with me or? Me: Someone's coming to fetch me. Lema: Who? Me: You don't have to worry about me I'm a big girl. Lema: Hmm okay. She stumbled to her boyfriend's car. She was really that drunk. The guy passed where I was again and he still looked at me that's when I noticed Calvin's car coming through. I looked away from him to his car then raised my hand side he could notice me. I struggled to maintain balance I did mention that I was sloshed. He got our from his car and came to him. I saw him frowning and I just giggled again. Really I couldn't be serious for even one minute. Calvin: You really pushing my patience Palesa. Me: Wait.. How did you? Calvin: I know more about you than you think. He took my hand into his and we walked to his car. More like I stumbled there. He opened the passenger door for me and I got in. I blacked out immediately when the car started moving. Remind me to never drink like that again.

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