part 7 diary of a playgirl

The way I was so mad and frustrated I couldn't even maintain a normal speed. I should actually be thanking my lucky starts that I didn't get a ticket then. I parked my car in the garage and just sat in it for a while with my head on the steering wheel. Me: Why? Why? Why? I was banging my head a bit on the steering wheel when I asked myself these questions which I could never have an answer for. Me: Damn you Calvin! he was really turning me into a madwoman talking to myself and shit. I finally pulled myself together and got out of my car. I took my bag and everything then got in through the garage door. I wasn't avoiding anyone but it was just the fastest way into the house. I went upstairs immediately to my bedroom then stripped naked. My mind was just all over I don't even know whom I passed downstairs. I got into my bathroom then I took a hot shower this time. I just needed all that steam to blow up my mind. I got out when I was done and dried my body. I lotioned then wore my onesie I knew very well that I wasn't going anywhere anyway. Somehow I was still mad. Thing is I felt so rejected. I was actually starting to feel a connection between us a genuine connection and it's one that I didn't even feel with Thulo or even Kagiso. Thulo talking about Thulo that's one factor I just needed to eliminate from my life. See that's how I saw life without Calvin empty. I guess my fallout with Calvin gave me the courage to finally stop wasting my time with this guy and his. I called him I wasn't about to do this over a text. I'm thinking he was surprised to hear from me I hardly ever call him that's for sure. I don't even remember a time when I had actually called him. He answered on the first ring. Thulo: Baby. Me: Hi. Thulo: This is a surprise. Me: I know I know hey. Thulo: So how are you doing? It's really nice to hear your voice. If only he knew that this wasn't a casual call. I wasn't doing it for us to talk about our day and whatever activities that transpired in between. Me: I'm fine look I need to tell you something. Thulo: Sounds serious. Me: Actually it is. Thulo: Oh? Me: Yes. Thulo: Okay I'm listening. Me: I'm just gonna cut straight to the point thing is we not working out. I think going on while seeing that we not compatible will just be a waste of our time. Thulo: What? Are.. are you breaking up with me?.. Really? You want us to break up? Me: Yes I'm sorry but it's over.. Please forget about me and just move on with your life. Thulo: But I.. I thought.. I thought you loved me. Me: It's not always about love... enjoy the rest of your evening. Thulo: Palesa. Me: Thulo I hang up and threw myself on the bed. I guess I was single now. How I hate relationships sometimes. Why does it have to end like this though? I hate myself for wasting that guy's time. I should have just left him alone nje none of this could have happened. I fully take a blame for this I shouldn't have led him on. I shouldn't have made him believe that we actually have a future together. That was really evil of me but on the brighter side it's actually better that we broke up before we wasted any more of our time. I got up from the bed and wore my sleepers as I made my way downstairs for some kitchen robbery. I was actually hungry Or so I realized when I cooled down. I passed Lema and Kgotso who were watching TV. I went to them before I went to the kitchen. Me: Hey. Lema: Hi. We hardly see you. I sighed deeply. I didn't actually wanna talk about who has been occupying my mind and time these past two days. Me: It's varsity babe. Lema: Was it Varsity yesterday? I looked down. Lema: Exactly. Me: Thing Is I'd met this guy. Lema: I knew it was a he. Me: Well whatever it was we had ended before it began. Lema: Hence the soar mood when you got in here? I nodded. Me: I didn't even see you here. Lema: Kante what happened to Thulo? Me: I just broke up with him. Lema: Now that's another reason to celebrate. I laughed. She never liked the guy anyway. Me: Yes. Friday right. she screamed. Lema is partially as crazy as I am. Lema: Can't wait. Me: I repeat again I so hope you not setting me up. Lema: I wouldn't. My stomach growled and she chuckled. Me: Duty calls. I got up and made my way to the kitchen. I found my food in the microwave. I immediately heated it and took it out when it was done. I sat on one of the high chairs at the kitchen and ate. I put my dish in the dishwasher after eating then I went back to the others. I had left my phone in my room. We just watched TV while having a chat. Palema was just telling me about the vibe at town on Friday's. My girl was just happy about all of this. I could feel the excitement in her voice. One of the maids came to me with my phone. Me: And then? Maid: It was ringing. Me: Oh Umm.. Thanks. I took it from her and looked at who's call I had missed. It was Thulo. I just needed him to accept that it's over. That we over. Surely that can't be hard. A day later it was Wednesday. I woke up feeling a lot better. Maybe it was knowing that Friday is just so near. I took a bath got out when I was done then dried and lotioned my body. I wore a Black long D&G jumpsuit which wAs tight with an open back and long sleeves. I still hadn't done my hair but I put that to today because I had only three lectures all in the morning. I made a lazy bun with my weave then put on earrings for the first time in my teenage life. Just some gold hoops. I wore the sandals again and took my bag. I poured some DKNY then went downstairs for breakfast. Me: Good morning family. Mom: I see we woke up on the right side of the bed. Me: Can't be a bad thing. I sat down and dished up for myself. I ate muesli with fruits and yoghurt. I drank a glass of orange juice when I was done and got up. Lema: I'm going with you. Kgotso: Me too. I giggled. Me: Let's go then. They also got up and we bid mom farewell and left. I'm actually wondering when dad is coming home it's been a while now. Anyway we got in my car and as usual I dropped Kgotso first then Lema. I drove to campus after parked then walked to the lecture hall. After my final class I was hungry. I decided to just have my lunch at the mall because i was going there either way. I got on my car and Drove there. I haven't made up my mind yet on what I was going to have on my hair but I'm thinking my hairstylist might have a few suggestions. I went to MacDonald first. Truth is I didn't want to bump into Calvin again

not when I'm doing so well in forgetting about him. I ordered a Big Mac burger with fries and coke. I ate when my order came then ordered a Mac flurry on the go. I paid for it then went out. The looks guys were giving me you'd swear I was completely naked. I got into the salon. It was booming as always but I knew I was going to get started on right away perks of having a rich father. I ain't bragging though. Katy came to me. She's part owner here. She's always the one doing my hair. Katy: I was wondering when you'd come. Me: I've been contemplating coming nje. We shared a brief hug. Katy: Good to see you there. Me: Me too hey. We went and I sat down in front of the mirror. Katy: So what are we doing today? I shrugged my shoulders. Me: Truth is I got no idea. Katy: That's a bummer. Me: Just remove this weave then we'll take it from there. I'll have a glass of wine in the meantime. Katy: Woah! I chuckled and she got me someone to bring me the wine. I was just chatting with her while having the wine. I actually felt free. Mind you I even forgot that I'll be driving. She took out the weave then washed my hair. Since my father is not black my hair is silky and long but I prefer weaves cause they thicker in volume. Katy: How about you go Rihanna red? I thought for a while and actually I liked the thought of that. Me: I'd like that. Katy: It's gonna cost you though. Me: Don't worry about the price. Katy: Amazing then. She started doing whatever she was doing to my hair. I can't say I know. It was a whole lot of processes then she extended my hair with about thirty inches then came the dye. It actually looked like that was my hair like she had merged the weave with my hair if it makes sense. I looked sizzling hot. She whistled and I chuckled. I really looked super hot. I took out my card this was going to bankrupt me a bit but hey. "I'll pay" I actually hoped that that wasn't who I thought it was it can't be. How did he know I'm here? Katy: Mr Lane. So good to see you. Calvin: Katy. They shared a hug and he kissed him on the cheek. I just sat there unreactive. Katy: I didn't know you guys know each other. Me: I was about to pay I believe we done here. I got up and I was stumbling a bit. Calvin: Are you drunk? I rolled my eyes at him. That's none of his business anyway. Me: You are everywhere this days. I can't even sneeze without you suddenly showing up. Calvin: Katy I'll pay for this. How much? Katy: Umm.. R11 500. I didn't think it was that steep. I'm actually downlow grateful for Calvin's presence. He took out a black card and she went to swipe at the cashier. It was now just me and him. if I wasn't tipsy I would've been hella scared. Calvin: You came with your car? I swung my car keys in his face. Calvin: Give them to me. Me: No. Calvin: It wasn't a request. I rolled my eyes at him. Who does he think he is Vele? Katy came back with his card. I hugged her then took my bag. Calvin: I'll take that for you. Me: Suit yourself. He took my bag and car keys. I might've been drunk but I could maintain my balance. We walked to my car. He was looking at my ass. The jumpsuit is very tight so as to say. Calvin: I'll drive. Me: I'm perfectly capable thank you. Calvin: I wasn't asking you Michaela. Me: Whatever Mr Lane. He gave me a weird look then opened the passenger door for me I got in then he went to my side and drove. I got a bit tired in the car and knocked off. It was probably because of the alcohol. The wine really got to me. Calvin: We here. I opened my eyes and looked outside. This didn't look like my home. Me: I don't live here. Calvin: Yes. I wasn't about to take you home in that state. He opened the door for me and I got out. I was still tipsy. Me: Take me home Calvin. He ignored me and took my hand. We got into the house. It was beautiful. It was more like a penthouse. Me: What am I doing here? Calvin: You still owe me dinner. I folded my arms and looked at him. Me: I don't owe you anything. Not after what you did to me on Monday. He sighed deeply and got closer to me. He held both of my arms. Calvin: I'm sorry about that. I actually feel bad. Me: You should. I removed my hands from his. Calvin: You so difficult. Me: Surely you didn't bring me here to criticize me. He looked at me for a while. Calvin: Go take a shower. I need you sober. Me: What? Calvin: Can you just do as I say for once with no questions asked? Me: Fine. Where's the bathroom? Calvin: Up the stairs second door on your right. I nodded and went up the stairs. I took off my jumpsuit shoes and underwear then got into the shower. I took a cold one and I actually felt a lot better after. I didn't have any other underwear to wear again. Either way I lotioned then wore the jumpsuit and washed my underwear. I wasn't wearing any undies. I brushed my teeth. I wasn't wearing makeup so I let my hair hang loose. I found my heels on top of the bed. With my bag. I put the sandals in my bag and wore the heels. I then went down the stairs and there he was looking so drop dead gorgeous. He was wearing a classic tuxedo with a white shirt. He opened his arm for me and I hanged it. Me: So where are we going? Calvin: Dinner in the basement. Me: That's a first. Calvin: You'll love it. We made our way to the basement and it was jaw dropping. The dim lights white roses the works. Me: I didn't think of you as a romantic. Calvin: You yet to find out more about me. I smiled and he took out a chair for me and I sat down. The food was amazing out of this world. I just recognized chicken and the rest I'd be lying. Me: Did you cook this? Calvin: It was prepared by a chef. I poured myself a glass of wine. Calvin: It's non-alcoholic by the way. Me: Oh I'm not a drunk. Calvin: Never said you were. I sipped on the wine and it actually tasted great for a non-alcoholic wine. He was paying so much attention to me like he was reading me or something. I actually felt myself being shy in his presence. Me: I should.. I should probably go home. I got up and he came to me. Calvin: Stay please. Me: You know I'm a student. He held me on my waist. He was still taller than me though I'm wearing heels. Calvin: I can't let you go. I did it once and.. He looked down. He's so confusing. Me: You so confusing. Calvin: I know but I.. I need you. Me: You do? Calvin: Be mine. I didn't know what to say I wanted to say yes but again what will I be getting myself into? He's really so confusing and I don't know anything about this guy. Me: I don't know Calvin. He kissed me just like that. It was a slow passionate kiss that left me asking for more. Calvin: Say yes. Me: I.. I need to think about it. Calvin: Of course but please don't leave. I nodded. He needed me to say and the truth is I didn't wanna leave either.

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