part 6 diary of a playgirl

I needed to get my shit together. The truth is I was smitten. I think there's something about love at first sight? Whatever it was I didn't need to put a label on it yet. I parked my car in the garage and got out. Everyone is probably wondering if church got out late today. My mind was on some other type of shit though some Calvin type of shit. I got into the house I was paying attention to my phone crossing fingers and hoping that he calls. He should. I needed to have another moment with him. Lema: And she graces us with her presence. There there. I'm right back there Palema can be annoying at times. I was in no mood for her shit. I rolled my eyes and just went about with my business. I hadn't had a satisfying meal to eat but funny enough I wasn't hungry. Mom: Kwa bonakala ukba nia shumayela at your church. (checking her wrist watch) It's 8pm kaloku. Me: Is there a question there perhaps? Mom: Don't get cheeky with me Palesa. Me: Kodwa can't a girl have some peace in this house? I didn't even wait for her to reply but dragged my airs up the stairs instead. See Lema and mom are quite close so they are those moments they kinda gang up on the girl. I'm really used to it so it never really gets to me. Besides I was in a good mood. I stripped my clothes and took a towel then went to take a cold shower just to cool off. I let it fall on me turns out it was just what I needed. When I'd done had enough I got out and dried myself with a towel. I heard my phone ringing who the fuck could that be? Anyways I answered it since it was annoying me. I didn't recognize the number. Me: Yeah? " Michaela" Truth is I didn't recognize the voice. I couldn't even try to remember who the fuck that could be. The nigger had a nice voice though. Me: Yes who are you? He chuckled and that too was sexy. Okay let me get serious now I was expecting a call from Calvin and this didn't sound like him or could it be? Like he had read my mind he took me out of my misery. Caller: Remember Jimmy Choo heels. I couldn't help but blush I'm sorry he just had that effect on me. Me: Calvin. Calvin: Correct how are you? Me: I'm cool fresh outta the shower. Calvin: Mm how I wish I could see you now. Imagine cold water getting hot by the minute. Me: You don't want my imagination running wild. Calvin: When am I seeing you again? Me: Miss me? Calvin: So much. Me: I'm free on Saturday. Calvin: You telling me to wait for a week? Me: Well.. Calvin: What then are you punishing me for? Me: I'm a varsity student you know. Calvin: No breaks in between? Me: Wednesday then. Calvin: That's more like it. Are you dressed? Me: Haven't lotioned yet. Calvin: How I wish you were mine. Me: Oh? Calvin: Yes. I'll call you. Me: Ooh.. Umm.. Okay. Calvin: Goodnight in advance baby. Me: You too. He hung up and I went back to whatever I was doing. I dropped the towel then lotioned my body. I got dressed in my pink Mickey Mouse onesie and just threw myself in bed. I had quite a long day tomorrow with a 15:30 class I just couldn't wait for it to get done nje. My phone beeped I looked at it and felt my mood just dripping down nje. I wasn't in the mood for this nigger with the mood swings. Thulo: Hey. I took a good five minutes before replying. Ngi phethe Abu Calvin on my mind and boom he comes and just kills the mood. Okay back to my boyfriend. Me: Hii. Thulo: How are you? Formalities. Nigger how about just getting to the point? Okay I'm kidding. Lemme be nice Valentine is near. Me: I'm fine you? Thulo: I'm not Me: What's wrong? Thulo: Feels like you don't love me anymore. Truth is you? Thulo: I'm not Me: What's wrong? Thulo: Feels like you don't love me anymore. Truth is I never really did. I couldn't tell him I couldn't just break up with him. Why was it so hard? Maybe I cared about him. To just break it off would be heartless of me. Me: Oh? Thulo: Yes. It's been such a long time since we last talked. You never even text me first. Why is he making me feel bad? He's the one who's one minute hot and cold on the next. Me: I'm sorry I've just been so focused on my studies. Varsity is no easy business. Thulo: Oh? I was lying there. Thing is I don't get why we gotta always meet. I just think we need to give each other a break in some instances. Plus I'm not a fan of public display of affection (unless it's Calvin) and he likes us kissing in public and stuff. It actually makes me uncomfortable and he never takes no for an answer. I actually wonder what if I try to break up with him then he refuses? Me: Yes. I do miss you. Thulo: Then try making some time for me for us. Me: I.. Umm.. I'll tell you when I'm free Ke. Thulo: That's all I needed from you. We chatted up until I fell asleep. When I woke up I immediately took a bath because I had an early class. Mathematics way up to start the day. I got out dried and lotioned. I wore a red short jumpsuit with the sandals Calvin bought. I couldn't get enough of them. Though I was a bit mad cause he has my favorite heels. I combed my weave which I had to really remove sooner or later now. It was now overdue. I took my bag and rushed downstairs. I'm not a makeup fan so I didn't stress myself about shit. I just took an apple at the kitchen. Mom: You no longer greet now? Me: Hi and bye. I rushed out to my car I'll go buy me some super fat chocolate chip muffin at Mugg and Bean. I drove to Mugg and Bean and added a cappuccino on top of that. I'll go melt those calories at the gym later on. No worries. Anyway I got my stuff and went back to my car. I was just in such a hurry man. I don't like being late for class. I got in my car and sped off (not literally ). I was eating and driving ne DI shubile. I arrived just two minutes late but uLecturer Bae wouldn't mind kaloku. I took a seat on the second row and lessons began. I avoided Lerato at all costs I just wasn't feeling her vibe anymore. The chick was just becoming too much for me and I didn't like that. I needed someone who's a bit down not all up in my business. I went to the library during break just to go throw my books one more time. Time went on and I was now on the last lesson I was going to gym later. I had signed up with Virgin Active. I got in my car and drove to gym. It was just after 5pm. I don't even wanna mention where I got all that energy from. I'm usually a lazy chikita. I parked and took my gym stuff which is always in my car. I went to the toilet then went to put everything in my car. I started on the treadmill. I had my headphones on pumping some music while running on the mill. I felt like there was a shadow behind me but I ignored it. I'm in the gym and there are a lot of people there. It's when I felt some soft hands on my waist that I stopped the treadmill and looked behind. My throat immediately dried. It's the effect he has on me. He broke the silence but I'd be lying if I know what he said. I just saw his lips moving then my eyes went from his lips to his upper body. He was too perfect. Calvin: Take a picture. Me: What? He half smirked. Calvin: I was saying take a picture it lasts longer. Me: Ooh.. Argh no. What are you doing here? Calvin: Came to eat or whatever people go to gym for. Like hey. He rolled his eyes. It was so dramatic The sight of course. I giggled. That was a silly question I asked. I don't even get what was going on in my mind. Me: Forget I asked. Calvin: Nice to see you again miss. I blushed and just looked at him. He brushed my cheek with his hand. Calvin: You look even more sexy with your belly all out got me wondering. Me: Wondering what? He thought for a bit and that got my heart racing. Calvin: Actually you don't have to worry about that. Me: Oh? Calvin: Yes. I'd have to kill you if I were to tell you. Me: Cliche. Calvin: Classic. I'm a simple man. Me: I'd beg to differ. Calvin: Why? Me: You seem like a complicated man and I know nothing about you. Calvin: You never asked. He held me on my waist I bit my lower lip and looked at his hands which had a right grip on my waist. He pressed my body against his. Mind you we still on the treadmill. Calvin: I could just eat you now. I giggled. Why was I able to feel so free around him in public? Why didn't I feel uncomfortable like I am with Thulo who's my boyfriend by the way? I wish I knew but that's what I didn't want to think about during that moment. Calvin: That lip biting... Me: What about it? He groaned and looked up for a while then back at me. When he did he kissed me. Right there with all those eyes. I didn't even think about that it felt like we were in our own bubble. I'd say no one else mattered. He broke it after a few seconds. Calvin: What are you doing to me woman? Me: I should be asking you that mister. His hands cupped my butt and I bit my lip again. I couldn't help it. Calvin: I don't wanna hurt you. Me: What? He let go and moved a bit away from me. Now that got me confused. I looked at him in awe. What did he mean? Truth is everything about him in so confusing. Calvin: I gotta go. He didn't even wait for me to reply. I was left dumbstruck. After all that happened a few minutes earlier then this? I was just going crazy. I couldn't go on with what I was doing. I took my water bottle and left. I didn't even shower. I just ran to my car and drove off. Damn I feel so used. Why let me get so hang up on him only for him to leave me hanging? That's really fucked up.

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