part 5 diary of a playgirl

I woke up around 8am on Sunday to prepare myself for church. My relationship with God was really suffering so I needed to give a fix as soon as possible. I took a bath then got out dried and lotioned when I was done. I didn't need anything to ruin my day I just needed to have my mind free from any tremendous thoughts for a day. I wore my underwear and bra then after I decided on a White high waist skirt with a slit on the back a Red Lace croptop with long sleeves. I wore White and gold heels then combed my weave which I let loose. I took my Bible and phone and put them in my Gucci handbag. It was around 9:30am when I finished with everything so I went downstairs for breakfast. There was only my mother there whom I wasn't looking forward to seeing. Me: Morning. Mom: Hello child. I took a seat and dished up for myself. I dished a typical English breakfast. When I was done I drank my juice took my car keys and left. Lema was probably not going to church. They all hardly do except for me. It was a spirit filling service and I came back feeling lighter. My mood was really uplifted and it's exactly what I needed. I drove to the mall just for A krusher. Truth is I didn't want to go home yet. I wasn't ready to go back to that boring mansion. I spent most of my days avoiding home because it's not really the best place to be. There's no comfort there just glamour and pleasure. What about love? What about tender loving care? I parked my car because I just wanted to eat in. Though I wasn't going in to eat. I ordered my crusher at KFC and waited as they prepared it for me. I took it when it was ready and decided to order a snack burger to go with it. It didn't take long too so that's when I sat down. Voice : Hi. I looked up to be met by a good looking caramel skinned guy. He really was a master piece. I didn't drool over him though he's just not my type of nigger. Me: Hey. Guy: Mind if I join you? Me: Umm.. Of course not.. Go ahead. Guy: Thanks He sat down and still looked at me. He was making it a bit hard for me to eat. He looked well off. He was wearing a very expensive outfit. Gucci from top to bottom. Guy: I'm sorry I'm Calvin. He took out his hand and extended it to me. Me: Michaela. Calvin: Lovely meeting you Chaela. I giggled and we shook hands. Calvin: You very beautiful so I could say. Me: Ohh.. Thank you. Calvin: Just telling it like it is. Me: You making me shy. Calvin: I'm sure you look even more beautiful when you blushing. My cheeks immediately turned red like what he had just said was a command which I involuntarily obeyed. Calvin: And I was right. I giggled. Me: Please stop. Calvin: I'll hold myself then. Let me order something for myself too just so you can eat comfortably. He raised his hand and a waitress came to attend to him. Now that's a first usually we go stand in line to get whatever we want. Calvin: I'll have whatever she's having. Waitress: Coming right up Sir. She left and I looked at Calvin. Calvin: What? Me: So much honour and prestige. Calvin: That's a story for another day. Tell me more about you. He took a fry from my plate and I was more like paying attention to him. I think I'm gonna erase what I said about not drooling. I couldn't helped it now everything that he did was a turn on. Even the way he chewed that fry. God really took his time when he created him. So much hotness. Calvin: Earth to Chaela? He was waving his hand on my face. I snapped out of it and came back to reality. Me: Huh? Calvin: Where have you been? Me: Right here. He chuckled shaking his head. Calvin: Could've fooled me. Me: I'm sorry. Your food didn't even take a minute. He just grinned and looked at me. Calvin: Eat. I ate my food and drank up my Krusher while telling him se details about my life. I was just happy he didn't ask me about my love life or family. Those are two subjects I really didn't want to touch on. We got up and he got me an ice-cream before we went out of the store. My feet were killing me now. I didn't even bring some shoes to change into. I took off my heels. Calvin: Your feet are killing you? Me: Yeah. Been in these the whole day I didn't bring changing shoes. Calvin: Hope on my back. Me: What? Calvin: Just do it you really not about to walk barefoot. Me: I don't mind. Besides I'm going home. Calvin: I wanna spend some more time with you. Me: You just met me. Calvin: So? I shrugged my shoulders. Calvin: Just hop into my back and we'll go get you some flat shoes. Me: Okay fine. I did as requested of me and we went to some boutique which I had never been in before. Everything in there seemed expensive. This guy must be rich

I'm going home. Calvin: I wanna spend some more time with you. Me: You just met me. Calvin: So? I shrugged my shoulders. Calvin: Just hop into my back and we'll go get you some flat shoes. Me: Okay fine. I did as requested of me and we went to some boutique which I had never been in before. Everything in there seemed expensive. This guy must be rich so rich for him to afford to get in there and he didn't even look that old. What am I saying? I didn't even know how old he is but he looked so young. Must be rude to ask a man his age so I kept the question in my mind. Some white lady came to us. He put me down and they hugged and he kissed her on the cheeks. Lady: I didn't expect to see you today. Calvin: Well here I am. Lady: How can I help you today? Calvin: I need you to get my lady here some flat shoes. I was still holding my heels on my hand. He took them from me. Calvin: (looking inside) she's a size three. Lady: She has an amazing fashion sense. Calvin: And a super sexy body. He said biting his lower lip. I looked down. I couldn't help but blush. They were talking about me like I wasn't in their presence. The lady went to probably get me some shoes while I sat down. On top of Calvin his idea. She came with Dolce and Gabanna thong sandals in laminated leather with applications silver. They were really pretty and so expensive. He did the honor of putting them on my feet and they fit me perfectly. Lady: Anything else. Calvin: Not today. I got up from him and we left holding hands. If you didn't know you'd think we've long known each other but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Calvin: Wanna watch a movie then join me for dinner? Me: Do I even have a choice? Calvin: You can choose the movie. Me: That's not what I meant. Calvin: No. Me: Okay. I don't know why but I found myself unable to say no to him. You'd think he had a certain hold over me but he didn't. I couldn't help it. It was like I was profound to follow whatever lead he laid before me. Sounds crazy but it was true. We went to watch some Romantic movie. He wanted action but that wasn't his choice. The movie was just too explicit that I ended up regretting choosing it. He on the other side was paying more attention to me than to the movie. I looked at him and of course he was looking at me Me: What? Calvin: I wanna kiss you. Me: For real? Calvin: Yes. Me: Right now? Calvin: Yes. Me: I don't know. Calvin: It's not up to you. Me: What? He didn't reply but instead he brought his face closer to mine and he did it. He kissed me just like that. Did I stop him? I wish I could say I did it I wish I could say I didn't reply to his case but I would be lying. As soon as his lips met mine I replied. I had never had a man kiss me that good. The way he was moving his tongue in my mouth was amazing I couldn't break it I couldn't stop it. It went on for a while till I ran out of breath and he stopped. We both caught hold of our breaths after. He stared me deeply in my eyes and I blushed. I looked down. Calvin: The movie. Me: Of course. I turned back to the screen. It was getting late now but really they don't keep any tabs on us at home. I had absolutely nothing to worry about. We got out of the cinema. We walked to the parking lot. Calvin: So what did you come here with? Me: My car. Calvin: Can you even drive? Me: You kidding right? Calvin: You just look so young. Me: Well I'm not that young. Yes I can drive. Calvin: I guess we'll have to reschedule that dinner. Me: I guess so too. Calvin: Give me your number. Me: Umm.. Sure. He gave me his phone and I typed in my number. He walked me to my car. Calvin: I had a good time. Me: Me too. He kissed me on the cheek. Calvin: Be safe. I nodded and he opened the door for me and I got in. I remembered my shoes. I opened the window. Me: My shoes! I took out my hand. Calvin: I'll take em as ransom. You'll get them when we meet. Me: What? Calvin: Goodbye Michaela. He walked away and I sat there staring at him. He didn't even turn back to look at me. I started my car and drove. Me: Who is that guy?

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