part 3 diary of a playgirl

A few weeks later it was just the beginning of February and unfortunately for me the beginning of lectures. This actually meant no fun just study study study. I travelled to Varsity I actually stayed at home. It wasn't a long ride to varsity though. Good thing I attended the orientation program so I knew where I'll be attending my lectures. Now that was a relief. It was Monday my very first time attending lectures and I really didn't know what to expect. I had my timetable drawn just so I know how each of my days go. I had an early class today at 07:45. I woke up early and took a shower. I haven't heard from Kagiso in a while since I actually turned him down. We settled for just friends I didn't do it for Thulo I did it for me. Kagiso is really a player and I'm not about that. Well I decided to just give my relationship with Thulo a go see where it all goes. Apart from his temper insecurities and stuff he's really a good guy. I just hope this won't end me as an abuse victim. I got out when I was done dried and lotioned. I wore my bra and panties then looked for something to wear. I wore white ankle grazers a white sleeveless croptop then topped it off with a black denim jacket. I wore Pink Adidas Superstars. I put on eyeliner and mascara then purple lipstick. I styled my weave into a messy bun took my phone and bag then I went downstairs for my breakfast. Well Lema hadn't left yet and since I was gonna pass her school on my way to mine we'd go together. Me: Good morning. Lema: Hey. Kgotso: Morning. I dished up some muesli and yoghurt for myself with a fruit salad. Lema: I never figured you out for a health freak. Me: I need the energy. I ate then took a choc chip muffin and we left. I was going with both of my siblings. We were taking my car of course. We dropped Kgotso first then after it was just me and Lema. Lema: I really don't feel like going to school. Me: Oh why? Lema: I'm tired. The teachers are always fighting with me. Me: I've long told you to drop the attitude. Lema: They always provoke me. Me: Don't answer back then. Lema: You make it sound so simple. Me: It is simple. Lema: I won't just sit and let them have their way with me. It doesn't work like that. Me: What if they make you fail? Lema: I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Me: Oh wow I put my hands up in surrender I really wasn't about to push this any further. She got out when I parked in her school gate. I drove to campus and I arrived immediately by the gate at 07:45. I panicked I didn't even know the kind of person the lecturer is. I parked then I got out of the car and rushed to the lecture hall. Fortunately there weren't a lot of people when I arrived and the lecturer hadn't started yet. It was a young hot yellowbone male but just too slender for me. You'd think he's on some hunger strike those bones. God no. After his lecture I had to go attend Accounting and I heard the lecturer doesn't take shit and she didn't. I just couldn't wait to get out of her class yes she was good at her job but way too strict phela. I was walking with some girl we did the same course. I'm really not a choosy person but she was really not fitting my class. Her name is Lerato. Me: I'm hungry now. Rato: I understand where you coming from. Me: To think we'll only go to class at 15:30. Rato: And look at the time now it's 11am. Me: So much free time Bruh I'd be tired by then Moss. We went to get some food at the cafeteria I went for fries and a burger with an orange juice and she bought a sandwich instead and a coke. We sat down and indulged in our food. I couldn't wait to go home after everything. I left my last lecture at 5pm and I was exhausted. I got in my car and drove home. I parked my car in the garage I didn't even go eat. I immediately got on the stairs which increased my exhaustion even more and just threw myself on the bed when I got home. To think this was going to be my life from now on was something I couldn't get used to. I was woken up by my phone ringing. I think I had just slept for an hour. I tried ignoring it but whoever was calling wasn't planning on giving up any time soon I decided to just answer. Me: What? "I'm in your hood" Me: I'm sleeping. " I need to see you " Me: Who the fuck are you? " It's me. Kagiso" I sat on my ass. It's been weeks since we last spoke. Me: What do you want? Kagiso: Is that how you greet your friends? Me: I don't have time for small talks. Kagiso: You'll find me at the shop. Me: Who said I'm coming? Kagiso: Unless you want me to come introduce myself as your boyfriend then you will. Me: You wouldn't do that. Kagiso: Wanna bet? Me: Fine I decided to just answer. Me: What? "I'm in your hood" Me: I'm sleeping. " I need to see you " Me: Who the fuck are you? " It's me. Kagiso" I sat on my ass. It's been weeks since we last spoke. Me: What do you want? Kagiso: Is that how you greet your friends? Me: I don't have time for small talks. Kagiso: You'll find me at the shop. Me: Who said I'm coming? Kagiso: Unless you want me to come introduce myself as your boyfriend then you will. Me: You wouldn't do that. Kagiso: Wanna bet? Me: Fine I'm coming. I groaned and got out of bed. I washed my face and my teeth and since I had slept with my shoes I just took my phone and left. There was no one in the kitchen. I walked to that shop. He was there looking as handsome as always. Me: Here I am. Kagiso: You look beautiful when you wake up. I rolled my eyes. I wasn't here for his petty talk. He put his hand on my shoulder. Kagiso: Let's take a walk. We walked from the shop. I saw some two girls whom I go to church with they know about Thulo and I actually they wanted him for themselves and I knew they just gonna start some shit but really I don't care. Me: What do you want Kagiso? Kagiso: To talk. Me: We could've just had this talk over whatsapp when I wake up. Kagiso: I needed to see you I missed you. Me: Why are you doing this? Kagiso: Doing what? Me: I thought we agreed on being friends. Kagiso: Can't a friend miss another? Me: Oh wow is that really what it's about? Kagiso: Yess. Me: I don't wanna go back late. Kagiso: Relax I got you. We stopped under a few trees. They were actually a bit hidden. He looked me in the eyes and bit his lower lip. I rolled my eyes. Really now? Kagiso: I understand you chose him over me but you owe me a kiss. Me: And how did you come up to that conclusion? Kagiso: That time we met we were just about to kiss so close. I could see it in your eyes you wanted me as much as I wanted you. You cannot deny that. I went back to that time he's right. We were so close to kissing but by then I knew nothing about kissing so I had to play it all hard so at the end it didn't happen. Someone called me then Thulo happened. I don't get why he had to bring up the past we were over that. At least that's what I thought. Me: It's in the past leave it there. Kagiso: I tried but I couldn't. Me: Why are you complicating things between us like this? Kagiso: I'm not complicating things in any way. Me: Actually I think I should go it's getting late. I attempted to go but he held me. I tried getting away from his grip but he didn't let me. I looked at him in disbelief. Me: What? Kagiso: You not leaving until you kiss me. Me: You gotta be kidding me Kagiso: Really? He looked serious. Me: Wow. Kagiso: We can even spend the night here. Me: You have no right to hold me captive in the streets Kagiso: We both know you want to be here you want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you. No matter how hard you play it but I'm gonna get my kiss. Me: You so unbelievable. He smirked. I folded my arms and looked at him. I didn't even think about Thulo at that moment it's not like I think about him that much. Anyway we stood there looking at each other with no one saying a word. I finally broke the ice though the silence had been comfortable for the both of us. Me: This is ridiculous. Kagiso: You know what to do. Me: Don't you have a girlfriend? Kagiso: I doubt she'd kiss me as good as you would. He got closer to me his hands went to my waist. I just looked at him. He was looking at my lips. Kagiso: I saw how you kissed Thulo that time. He brought his face close to mine. Kagiso: I can just imagine how good our kiss would be. I could feel his breath on my face. My heart was beating a bit faster than normal. Me: I.. Kagiso: I know you want it. Me: I- You know the phrase "shut her up with a kiss"? That's what happened. He shut me up with a kiss which because of how good it was I replied to immediately. Like I had been yearning for it it was just too good. I had my arms on his neck as we kissed like there's no tomorrow. At that time it didn't cross my mind that what I was doing might be wrong. It wasn't even about that. We broke it after a few minutes. Kagiso: Wow. I giggled still in his arms. Kagiso: You a very good kisser. Me: And so are you that was amazing. Kagiso: Too much. Let's do it again. Me: No Kagiso you said I'll leave after the kiss He chuckled. Kagiso: I thought you'd forgotten I said that. Me: Never. He accompanied me home over a simple light conversation. I was mostly just laughing at whatever he was saying. We stood a few houses from mine. Kagiso: I really enjoyed our kiss I can't get enough of your lips. I smiled. Kagiso: One more before we part ways? Me: No. He chuckled. Kagiso: A baby kiss then. Me: Okay. I perked him lightly on the lips and we parted ways. I had left my phone behind so I went straight to my room to go find it. I was surprised to find a message from Thulo. Well I just wasn't expecting it considering his moods. I opened the message. Thulo: Where are you? Okay what? Why would he wanna know where I am? That didn't make sense at all. I couldn't really lie about my whereabouts but I thought not telling would be better. Could it be that he knew I was with Kagiso?

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