part 10 diary of a playgirl

I woke up with my head pounding as hell. I didn't want to wakeup but it's the sun that was escaping through the curtain that woke me up. I blinked a few times before I opened my eyes. I was really feeling like shit. I was wearing a white Tee. Wait? Where am I? I couldn't remember most about the events that transpired yesterday or more like I didn't try to. I stood in front of the long mirror and I looked like shit. The question is where was I? I went to the en suite where I brushed my teeth I had a bitter taste in my mouth. I must've drank too much yesterday. I got out of the bathroom at such a short pace. I didn't even know what time it was. " Hey" I got startled. Wait... That sounded familiar. That deep sexy voice. It was Calvin. Flip! Of course it's him. We were supposed to meet yesterday then I called him and he picked me up. I turned to look at him. Calvin: You look good. Me: Sarcasm I see. Calvin: Come I made you breakfast. Me: Last time I checked you couldn't cook. Calvin: I remember telling you to stop talking a lot. I took my hand to his which I held and we walked to his kitchen. I had been in the bedroom that's downstairs. My head was still pounding when I sat at the kitchen. Me: Don't you have painkillers or something? Calvin: You should stop drinking like that. Me: Yeah right. I rolled my eyes at him. This was not my moment for a lecture from him. All I needed was some painkillers not a lecture. Calvin: I'm really losing my patience with you Michaela. now eat and I'll give you painkillers. Me: Yes sir. I didn't argue with him. I took my food and ate they were actually tasting good and I didn't realize I was that hungry. I gulped down the glass of juice when I was done then drank the painkillers with the water. I was feeling a whole lot better now. Me: Thanks for everything. Calvin: You don't have to thank me for taking care of you. Let's go. He got up and I took his hand with no hesitation I didn't want to piss him off any further. I was surprised when I saw us walking into his room. He then took off the Tee I had been wearing. I was left with just my panty since I didn't sleep with my bra. He tried taking off my underwear and I stopped him. Me: Woah! Calvin: Relax we just taking a shower. Me: Together? Calvin: What do you think? He took off his tee shirt then his shorts. He had a wonderful upper body with a tattoo on his one breast extending to his shoulder and half of his arm. He had a CK model typer body. He was about to take his boyshorts off when I stopped him. Calvin: What now? Me: We not about to take a shower together. Calvin: Why? He folded his arms and looked at me. I didn't know what to say I had never had so less clothes on in front of a male other than my father. I didn't know what I was seeing here. What was going on? I was nervous I don't know why. I was suddenly scared of him. Calvin: Okay relax. I'll bath in the other room. I nodded and he left spanking my ass before walking out. I jumped. I must've looked like such a fool in his presence. How was I to tell him that I'm a virgin? I couldn't. He'd probably see me as some fool. I took a cold shower and just let the water fall on me. I took my own time nje how was I going to face him after this? I got out then wrapped a towel over my body after drying it. I just lay on the bed with the towel nje. What could I possibly do? I had washed my panty in the process waiting for it to dry up. Calvin came into the room while I was deep in thoughts. I was laying on my back with my hands supporting my head. Calvin: I'm sorry. Me: What for? Calvin: Making you uncomfortable. You suppose to be free around me. Me: Oh? Calvin: If we going to have a relationship yes. I need you to be open with me. Me: Okay. But you'll have to be open with me as well. Calvin: You might not like what you find out but I will be. Me: How old are you? He chuckled like he didn't believe I had just asked him his age. I had to though I had been procrastinating it for a while now. Calvin: I'm 25. I was expecting that though. Me: It's only fair cause you know my age. He squeezed my cheek. Calvin: I can't wait for you to become legal. Me: Oh? Calvin: Yes. He sat next to me. I was still in the same position. Calvin: Are you naked under this? He was talking about the towel. I gasped. I suddenly had a foreign feeling down there. I couldn't answer him I opened my mouth to speak but my throat dried and words failed me so I nodded. Calvin: Nice. He bit his lip as he looked at my exposed thighs. I finched. I got frozen. Didn't move. He removed the towel exposing my naked body and I couldn't even stop him. He smirked when he saw my naked body which I tried covering up. Calvin: Really? He removed my hands and straightened my legs then looked at me more like scabies me up and down. I just let him. He got on top of me. He was only wearing his shorts. I was feeling some typer way. I felt my vagina moisten and he hadn't touched me yet. It's the effect he had on me I had actually never had a guy make me feel that way. I don't even know what it is that he had that made my body surrender so easily to him. Somehow I felt free. He was giving my body so much attention. He started kissing me on my neck with his one hand brushing my inner thigh. He went from my neck to my chest. He was biting and pulling my skin gently I'm pretty sure the bites were visible. Disadvantages of being light in colour. He went to my belly then lower. I had my eyes closed during the whole thing allowing myself to enjoy the moment. Calvin: Open your eyes and looked at me. Me: What? Calvin: Do it. I did and looked at him. He kissed my thighs with his eyes fixed on mine. He went to my vagina and kissed it too. It was perfectly shaved. I don't like pubic hair at all. He started kissing it then I felt him pulling its lips and soft moans escaped my mouth which I tried to hide by biting my lip. He played with my clit his tongue doing circles in it. I don't know what he was doing or how he was doing it but it was bringing me all sorts of pleasure. I felt my body stiffen as I was about to release something and that's when he stopped his tongue doing circles in it. I don't know what he was doing or how he was doing it but it was bringing me all sorts of pleasure. I felt my body stiffen as I was about to release something and that's when he stopped leaving me hanging. He came to my face then kissed my forehead. Calvin: I'll bring you some clothes. Me: What? He got up from me then left just like that. What just happened? Anyway I pulled myself together as much as I enjoyed all of that. I felt pissed at him and I was struggling with my conscience. If he didn't stop we both know what could've happened. He probably sees me as some lose girl. I don't know why I allowed my body to betray me like that. I lotioned again after taking a quick shower I had to after all that happened. When I got out of the bedroom I found a shopping bag which I'm guessing had the clothes he brought for me. I looked inside and fortunately it even had some matching underwear. I looked at the price tag it was from that boutique and the price was over the roof. I wore the bra and panties surprised at how much he knew my size. He probably just scanned me and knew. I wore the dress he had bought and the heels wondering if there was some sort out of occasion. I made my hair then put on Just eyeliner and mascara which I always kept in my bag. I received a text whatsapp text from an unknown number. Person: Hey. Me: Hello. I'm always cold to people I don't know. He replied immediately. Mm nice what infuriated me more was the person having a picture message as their dp instead of their picture. Person: How are you? I was still sitting in front of the mirror while typing with my phone. Me: I'm fine. Who's this? Person: I knew you gonna ask I'm Luscious. Me: Luscious? Luscious: Yes that's right. Me: I'm sorry I don't remember giving you my number. Luscious: You didn't but you know me. Me: I don't know you man. Luscious: Ask your little sister then she'll tell you who I am. Me: What does she have to do with this? Luscious: Just ask her then get back to me. I was really curious about knowing this person who says I know them. I couldn't remember knowing anyone by that name. I texted Palema immediately I had to find out. Me: Who's Luscious? Yes straight to the point like that. She sent me those laughing emojies before replying with words to my text. Lema: I see he didn't waste anytime. Me: It's a he? Lema: I wouldn't give a random bitch your numbers of course. Me: You haven't answered me yet. Lema: That guy who was dancing yesterday at town the one we had formed a circle around. Me: Oh. Now I remembered the dancer. I didn't even know Lema had his tens or that she even knew him. I texted him after finding out. I think it would've made things a lot easier if he had just told me that he's the one who had been dancing. Me: She told me. Why couldn't you say you were that dancer from yesterday? Luscious: That's not how I wanted you to remember me. Me: So you can dance? Luscious: I wasn't even doing anything yesterday I was just fooling around. Me: It means you can really dance. Luscious: I'm thee most talented dancer in Gauteng. Me: Oh? Luscious: Yes I'm for real not Tryn'a blow my own horn. Me: How come I don't know? Luscious: I'm wondering too it's hard to find a person who doesn't know me. Me: I can imagine. Luscious: I can't stop thinking about you. Me: Really? Luscious: Yes didn't you see how I was looking at you yesterday? Me: You were looking at me? Luscious: Yes you passed us with Lema. So it was him I don't even know why I couldn't remember him. I do remember the guy who was Looking at me but I just couldn't make out that it's him. Me: Yes now I remember. Why did you look at me Like that? Luscious: I couldn't help it after seeing you I knew I had to know you and even get your number. Calvin: I've long been waiting for you. Me: Oh? Calvin: Yes. He noticed my phone which was in my hands and I logged off without replying to Luscious. I'll have to talk to him later. Me: What's the occasion? He was wearing black chino pants with a white shirt. I was also wearing a black dress. Calvin: Dinner with my dad. Me: Woah what? Calvin: Yes now come. He gave me a matching bag and I put my phone and other stuff in it. I didn't even know about this dinner but I also didn't complain. He opened the door for and I got into his Lumina. He went to the driver seat and we drove off. I didn't even think about home during this time.

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