part 9 Devious Deception and Temptations

Although I was having fun and tempted to spend all of my day with Mandisa I had to go check on Hope. For her to fall in love with me I had to make her my responsibility. If I spent as much time with her she'd get used to me being around that my absence would make her heart grow fonder. Now I was faced with the task at hand leaving the super sexy Mandisa all alone. Me:BabeI gotta run somewhere. Her:Another girl? I gave her a straight look. Her:I'm sorryI'll see you when you back. I kissed her on the lips and left. I found Hope with her mind far away. It seemed she was so deep in thoughts so deep that she wasn't aware of my presence until I touched her. She looked up at me and smiled. I made her stand and hugged her. I was tempted to grab her ass cause that's how I hug all girls but I held back. Seemed like she missed me cause she didn't seem eager to let go. I broke it and kissed her on the forehead. I sat next to her and smiled. My smile always had an effect on girls and it wasn't any different with Hope. Me:So where's your brother? Her:He's around. Probably with his girlfriend. Me:He has a girlfriend? I actually thought he was gay. Her:(chuckles)Nothey've actually been together for quite a while. Me:Oh I've never seen him with a girl and considering how he's so over protective of you I never really thought he has a girl. Her:Yeah hey her name is Bianca and I think they in the same class. Me:Grade 12 ne Her:Ya Me:Enough about your brother let's talk about you. Her:(blushes)Me? I thought we did that yesterday. Me:I still wanna know more about this gorgeous girl. She blushed even more. I stood up and took her hand as I helped her get up. Me:Let's go get some privacy. Her:Okay. We went to the back of the basketball court. I liked it when it was just the two of us. I needed her to be comfortable around me and with no influence from the outside world. Me:So is there any boy bothering my lil sister? Her:(fakes smile)Little? Me:Ain't you? Her:Haha mxmNo there's no one. Me:Good cause I'd hate for you to see me breaking some bones. She laughed. Her laugh was annoying but sexy at the same time. If that even makes sense. I just stared at her till she stopped and looked at me too. We stared at each other for a whileI saw her struggling to breath a bit. Me:I'd do anything for you Hope and I mean it. She smilled. I accompanied her to class when the bell rang. I had made her laugh all the way and the happiness I saw in her was enough. Enough to tell me that I'd finally get all that I want. She'd fall inlove with me and I'd have her exactly where I want. I got inside my class and lessons proceeded. After school I went to basketball practice. Yep I play basketball and soccer too. Probably why I'm popular with the girls. I'm the captain of the soccer team and Brandon of the basketball team. I met up with my best friend and we did our handshake. I decided to ask him about Nick's girl. I wanted to know bout this bitch who's got Hope's brother hooked. Me:Manknow some bitch named Bianca? Him:The redbone doing Grade 12? Me:So you know her? Him:Yeah

know some bitch named Bianca? Him:The redbone doing Grade 12? Me:So you know her? Him:Yeahshe's one tough cookie. Once tried hooking up with her and she bit my head off. Me:That tough? Him:Yeah she's loyal asf. I even gave up on her. Me:I'm up for a challenge. Him:Wanna hit that? Me:Why not? Him:Good luck man. Nick got her on a leash. Me:We'll see about that. We got inside the court and started with practice. . # Narrated Kristina is in the lounge with her momwho wasn't feeling well. She had spent the whole day with her and even called sick at work something Eric didn't know hence he was waiting for her arrival. Her mother had refused to go to the doctor. She had these fear of doctors. This fear had surfaced from a young age when her uncle got sick and died after being taken to the doctor. Ever since that time she thought that going to the doctor is going to kill her too. Her husband had been the only one able to convince her to go to the Doctor and since he was in jailno one had been able to convince her. She was looking much better now but it was already too late for Kristina to go to work. She decided to cook in the meantime knowing that her brother was yet to come home in a few minutes. Her mind was very far and she was startled by her motherwho had been calling her name for a while. "Where's your mind now?" "Sorry momI'm just thinking bout the situation at the Johnsons" she answerednow looking at her momwho seemed concerned. "Something wrong?" "Nojust that the wife has been giving me evil looks" "Think she knows something?" "No but more insecure" "Its no secret that her husband is a skirt chaser" "I just want to avoid any suspicionsbesides she's been hinting her son's interest" "He might be useful" "Exactly what I thoughtI'll use him to get to his father" "Sounds like a plan" She nodded in agreement. Having him in her side might be good after all. Considering how he's been flirting with herit won't be hard.

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