part 7 Devious Deception and Temptations

I wasn't that tired when I got home but I also needed to have some rest. I went straight to my room threw my bag on the floor and got topless. I threw my body on the bed and closed my eyes for a while. Its been a very long time since I last dreamt about my dad. It was my last birthday with him. I was turning ten. This dream looked so real. He had bought me my very first mobile phone. It had a camera and all. He said I needed a phone to keep in touch with the ladies. "Girls like it when you call them and send them those long sweet messages they want all those morning and good night texts so how will you do that if you don't have a phone?" His voice is still very clear to me. I wondered why my subconscious had to remind me of that. My father had taught me a lot about girls although I had never been in love a part of me felt like I was betraying my father. He didn't teach me to break hurts and move on from one woman to the other. He had taught me how women are sensitive creatures but life taught me otherwise. Losing my father made me this way I was just a kid. I also had to grow up with both parents. I grew up with just my mother all because of the Johnsons family and their devious ways. They really are gonna get what's coming to them. A slow death slow pain. They'll learn to pick up the pieces like we had too. I decided to wake up. I didn't like this idea of being half dead. I changed into some sweat pants vests and some jordans and went for my jog. I came back after about 25 minutes and my sister was back. Me: oh wow you back early. Her: I still live here you know. Me: But you hardly here at least never at this time. Her: I needed a break from those white freaks. Mom: When are you going back to Varsity? Her: We opening nge first week of February. Me: I so wish I was you. Mom: You'll get there my boy only one more year left. Me: Yeah let me go shower. Catch you later fam. Sis: I was wondering when you'd say that you stink lil bro. Me: Fuseg fuseg. I got up before she got on me. I took a cool shower. The time was around 18:30. I got outdried and lotioned. I wore my boxers then went to the kitchen. I took my lunch from the microwave then ate while channel browsing. Nothing much interested me so I just left it at Channel O. I went to rinse my plate then went to my room. I decided to take some mirror selfies. If you got it better flaunt it or what? I sent one to all my girls then took one not too revealing meaning with just my face and a bit of chest. I can't have Hope thinking all I wanna do is get into her pants. I sent in to her. Kim called and that was confirmation enough of the impression I was making. I decided to just act cool and answered on the second ring. Me: Yeah? Kim: That's when are we doing it? Me: Doin what?(acting like I don't know) Kim: know? Me: I'd prefer you being a bit specific. Kim: Why you being rude now? Me: Am I? Really? If only you knew how my girlfriend of four months has been treating me. Kim: I'm sorry okay and I'm gonna make it up to you. Me: Really? Kim: Yes just make sure you free on Friday. I have a surprise for you. Me: I'll do that though you know how much I hate surprises. Kim: You'll love this one. You look good by the way. Me: And I'm all yours. Kim: I couldn't be more proud. I love you Kristen. Me: I love you too Kimberly. She hung up and I logged into my WhatsApp. I had a text from Mandisa and Hope too. I opened Hope's first priorities and she was first right now. Hope: # sigh its cute big bro. Me: Cute? I'm not a puppy Hope. Her: You handsome. Me: That's more like it. So when am I seeing you with no uniform? Her: :o Naked? Me: Haha No I mean in your casual clothes? Her: You mean I'm ugly in my uniform? Me: No but surely its only right that I see you beside that. Her: Now I get it. Well my rents are going away on business so I say Saturday provided you won't be easy. Me: I'd drop anything for you babe. Anything. Her: Good then its settled. I replied and when back to Mandisa who was probably mad because I was online and not replying her. I opened her messages. Her: The things I'd do to you know # sighs Her: You look so sexy babe #InLove Her: You mad now ? Her: Kristen Charisma Rhodes Her: You online but still not replying? I'm so mad at you know. Her: I'm turned off :( Me: Hey babe I left my phone online when mom summoned me. Hope you ain't mad #puppyface Her: Finally he texts. Me: You mad? Her: No honey I'm furious. I continued sweet talking her just to be on the same page with her. If only she knew I'm doing all that so I can finally hit that. She seemed like a very wild girl. I bet she rides dick well and even gives better head. I brushed those dirty thoughts cause my mind wasnow running wild. I can"t even remember how I fell asleep but I was awoken by my alarm which was really beginning to piss its owner off. . # Narrated The Johnsons mansion. Hope was busy getting ready for school but her mind was far away. All she could think about was her crush. "He sees me as a kid" She thought out loud. She was running out of ideas. How was she going to prove herself to him. She then remembered her mother's words; "You are to stay away from that boy". If only she knew how she felt. It wasn't that easy and she liked how he made her feel about herself. Eric was with his father in the study. He wanted to talk to him about that mysterious lady. "She's my newly hired help. She came in my time of need when the previous one resigned without notice" "She looks so-" "Beautiful? I know and she does her work exceptionally well" Eric was amazed by how his father spoke about this girl. He also felt melancholy. Could it be that his father also felt as he felt about this girl? Hopefully not or he left him no choice. He had to make his move. Fast.

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