part 6 Devious Deception and Temptations

I must say I had a very interesting time with Hope. I found out a lot about the kind of person and her preferances in taste when it comes to men. Only thirteen turning fourteen but she had never kissed a boy. Damn when I was thirteen I was not even a virgin. She might have appeared feisty and strong in the outside but inside of her was a very sensitive soul. Someone who needed someone to give her some tender loving care and who better than the heart breaking Charisma. In her eyes I was an angel a heavenly sent. I accompanied her to her class and left a perk on her forehead. I sprinted to my class since the bell had long rang. I did not find any teacher in class fortunately. I had another matter that I had to deal with thougha mad Mandisa. She had a straight face going on though ready to kill I see. I sat next to her and drew my chair closer to hers. I looked at her and she still didn't buzz. I went closer to her neck and breathed heavily at the back of her earlobe. I went to her ear and whispered "I miss you". I kissed her neckwith my hand on her thigh. I thank the tables we had cause no one could see what was going onespecially since we sat at the corner at the back. She blushed and I could see her gasping for some air. She did the unthinkable and grabbed my dick. This girl wasn't about to leave me with a boner in class. I was wrong unfortunately. My hand went between her legs. This foreplay thing we had going on was so bad and wild. The teacher just had to come at that momentum. We both put our hands on the table and lessons proceeded. . Hope is in her class and she's unable to focus or even concentrate on what the teacher is say. This was so unlike. Butterflies were dancing in her stomach. She had always longed for a moment like this. Although he wanted just to be her friendthat for her was enough. She would be able to get close to him and maybe in time he would eventually like her. She thought about her brother who had strongly warned her against this guy. Also her mother who clearly hated the guy. "What if it's my chance at a shot at true love?" She thought to herself. She wasn't about to deprive herself of such. She was willing to disobey her family in pursue of her heart desires. Although she had heard a lot about this guy she wasn't about to let that influence her in anyway. He was perfect in her eyes. This could be her first love. He could be her first kiss. She was willing to give all of her to this guy. To her he was that ever fixed mark that is never shaken by any temptest. Her true love. But was he really worth it? Is he really the guy she thinks he is? If only she knew what she was giving her heart into. . The Johnsons' mansion. Mr Johnsons comes down from his study. He went to the kitchen to check on his newly hired employee. His eyes were in need of some eye candy exploration. As he was waiting she came down holding a tray. She was climbing down slowly. One would think she was being paid to look this beautiful. Her beautiful long legs her sleaky hair which appeared under he head cover. She arose something within him she was unlike the other maids. She passed him and went to the kitchen. Kristina had from the little time she spent with the prodigal son as he called himself learnt a lot. He had even mentioned his rather bad taste in women. He had sprung an interest in her and even told him how her job was beyond her standard. To have someone who doesn't know her care this much for hermade things very easy for her. With the father lusting after her as the cherry on top this wasn't gonna be as hard as she had previously thought. More especially as she was in the Lion's den but now she's the predator that her prey won't see coming. Do the Johnson's know what they have gotten themselves into? They were blinded by their weakness for beautiful women. . The bell rang for school out but I remained in my seat while waiting for students to exit the room. Mandisa had her legs crossed. When everyone had gone out I got up and closed the door. I then gave her my full attention. She was now resting her hand on my shoulder. My one hand had cupped her breast. We had a moment there where only the beatings of our hearts made noise. I then broke the silence. Me: So I suppose I have to ask for you to kiss me before you eventually do? Her: No I just thought that- Me: So I have to wait for you to finish thinking again? Her: No I- Me: What are you waiting for then? She removed her head then got on top of me. I just sat there looking at her. She put her hands on my head and brought my face to hers and our lips locked. I had my hands grabing her ass from inside her skirt. Things got heated pretty fast and our tongues were twirling and colliding. I stopped everything before it went far. I admit I wanted to fuck but we weren't and that stage where we get to be spontaneous. She fixed her skirt and top and we got outeach going to their parent.

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