part 3 Devious Deception and Temptations

We went back to class when the siren rang. Mandz couldn't even look me in the eyes. She kept stealing glances at me when she thought I wasn't looking. I had her exactly where I wanted. The teacher came and lessons proceeded. I told Mom not to pick me up afterschool. I had a little planning to do. I'm not the type to spend on a girl especially one who had played so hard for me to get some but Kim was a special case. I had to prove Pam wrong. I also wanted her to remember her first time in bliss before I break her precious heart. I really ain't the type to beg but I had put so much effort in Kim so I had to get some compensation for that. I went to Mandisa who looked as though she was waiting for someoneshe tried going off but I gentlely pulled her hand. Me:Are you ignoring me? Her:(looking down)Oh nowhy would you think so? Me:Really? You hardly talked to me after break. What two people sit together and the only words engaged are "borrow me a pen"? Her:Iii...I just...I'm jealous(looking down). Me:(raises eyebrow)Jealous of what? Her:You and her. You kiss her in my presence. It kills me. Me:She's my girlfriend. How's that a sin? Her:I like you okay. She looked shocked as if what she said was a mistake. She shed a tear with embarrassment gracing her face. I didn't utter a word. I just looked at herwith an expression that she wasn't able to read. She didn't know what she's about to get herself into. Me:I'm sorryI didn't quite get that. She wiped a tear that had escaped her eye with her thumb. Her:umm..I gotta go. She wanted to run but I again pulled her. She was about to say something when I smashed my lips into her. Her kisses allowed me to read her. She kissed like one bad bitch. A pro. I broke it and lifted her chin with my index finger so she can face me. Me:I like you too. Her:What...oh you do? Me:I'm not the kinda guy who repeats himself. I think that's your car. She looked and I was right. I could see she didn't want to leave but hesitantly walked to her car. I went back to the juvenile section. This Hope thing really drains me. She's always with someone. Either her brother or her nerd friends. She was a book worm. One of those girls who all about them seven B's. I was too late as I saw her leaving with her brother. Damn you Mandisa. I bumped into Brandon and he was with some girl. Me:My man. Him:Yoh dawghardly saw you today. Me:I was kinda busy. Its only just the first day of school. Him:If you say so bro. You owe me some. Me:I don't eat dick man. Him:Haha you such a perv who said I'm talking bout se- Girl:Babycan we just go? Me:Mvancan we just go? Me:Mvanyou didn't do the intros. Who's this cute thing? Him:Hands off bruh. She's mine. Its Mellisa. Girl:Melany. Me:(chuckles)Let me leave you guys to it. I took my bag and took a cab home. I was a bit tired when I got home. I greeted my mom and straight up threw myself on my bed. I woke up to my phone ringing. Shit! Shit! Shit! I had forgotten about Kim. Me:Hey baby. "That's all you gon say?! You stood me up Kristen!" Did we even have plans? Me:I'm not your kid. Its high time you started showing me some respect or else you gon see a side of me you never gon like! Her:I'm sorry okay. I just- Me:Save it! I hung up. I'm so losing my patience with her. She knows I hate being yelled at and you'd swear she's getting paid for pissing me off. I honestly don't know why I'm still with her. She thinks she owns me and treats me like her bitch. Fuck herI'll show her who's the bitch. I'm done with making her feel special. She kept on hitting my phone up till I switched it off. I changed into some sporty geartook my ipod and went for a jog. . The Johnsons mansion. Mrs Johnsons had just arrived from her shopping spring with lots and lots of shopping bags. She called for the help which came and helped her with the bags while following her to her bedroom. Her son was busy arguing with Hope and that alone caught her attention. She went to themwondering what is it that her little princess had done. Her:Nickwhy are you shouting at her? "I wasn't shouting. I was just telling her to focus on books and leave boys alone" Her:Boys huh? What did I teach you Hope? "That boys will ruin my future" Her:So what's this I hear? "I was just going through some pictures" "Pictures of that Rhodes boy. He's bad news Hope" Mrs Johnsons panicked. She couldn't have their little girl having any interest in a Rhodes. That would risk them being exposed. She wasn't about to have that happening. Her:You are to delete all his pictures. What are they doing in your phone? "Its only a few. Yes mom" What she didn't know was how Hope had developed feelings for this bad boy. She had never felt this way about any boy. Actuallyshe had never felt this way about a boy. She was willing to give it all up for this forbidden love. She always watched him as he came to their classes. She had tried her all to make him notice her but nothing seemed to work. Little did she know that her luck is about to change.

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