part 2 Devious Deception and Temptations

What I didn't realise was I had fooled myself. For a second thereI thought she was smilling at me but I was wrong. I looked back and saw her brother approaching. Hope was smilling at her brother so instead of going to herI passed her and went to the Assembly as the bell had just rang. I guess I was going to see her some other time. I knew how much of a tough cookie to crack she was. She didn't talk to anyone. Regardless of who you are. Coming from such a priviledged familyI kinda got why. I went to find my class after Assembly. Kim was doing Grade 10 so I guess I'd be able to find myself some chick in Grade 11. I saw some potential entering the class. Short yellowbone. She looked Zulu and lost. She had flesh in the right placesnice boobs and I was very sure she's new. Teacher:Alright Class. This is Mandisa Dlamini. She's new in our school. I trust you guys to treat her as one of your own. Rhodes? Me:Ma'am? Her:You'll familarise her with the school and everything. Mandisa? Mandisa:Ma'am? Her:Go sit next to Rhodes. She came swaying her hips and I could see she looked shy but beyond that pretty face was a very wild girl. Her:Hi Me:Hey cutey. She blushed and sat down. We went to another class when the lesson ended and I kept her close to my curve. Me:Its really hard to concentrate when I have such beauty right next to me. Her:(blushes)Oh pleaseyou just saying that. Stop it. Me:(smirks)Do you really want me to? She looked down while blushing. The effect I had on this girl thoughpriceless. The lessons proceeded and it was soon breaktime. I went with Mandz and she was kind enough to buy me lunch. Kim came to me while I was chilling with her. I really wasn't in the mood for her. She was so insecure although she had every reason toit made her so ugly. Kim:What's this? Me:Don't we greet anymore? Kim:Kristenwho the fuck is she? Me:She's Mandisa and you don't get to use that tone with me. She calmed down a bit. Mandisa was just looking at her and I watched her to sense some bit of jealousy coming. I had to bruise her ego A little so I pulled Kim into my lap and kissed her. Just some lip sucking and she looked a bit sad. So she has a thing for me. I smirked under Kim's lips. Me:Happy now? Kim:I'm sorry for doubting you. Me:I only have eyes for you okay. Stop allowing Pam to feed your head with nonsense. Kim:Okay babyI'll stop. Charisma? Me:Yeah? Kim:I think I'm ready. I pretended as If I don't know what she's talking about. Me:Ready for? know.. Me:Ohh that(smiles)You know there was no pressure right? Kim:Yeahbut I've made you wait long enough. Me:You won't regret neh. Yati I love you. Kim:I love you too baby. I pecked her lips and she left to her friends. I concentrated to Mandisa who was still here through all of that. She looked pissed and bit down. Me:Are you okay? Her:Really? After what just happened you ask? I felt like an ugly sidechick being taken for a ride. Me:Why you mad now? Her:You should've at least left with her or something. Instead y'all do all this PDA in my presence. I took a fry while looking at her. I made sure to eat it as slow and sexy as possible. I was looking at her all this time and she was looking at my lips. I swallowedlicked my lips then bit my lowe lips. Me:You were saying? its fine. Me:That's all? She nodded in embarassment. I looked at her exposed thighs and she crossed her legs. I got closer to her and I saw she was unable to breath. I brought my face closer to hers and she closed her eyes. I smirked then breathed to her neck and she let out a moan. Me:You don't have to fear me I whispered in her ears and went back to my original place. She breathed out deeply and open her eyes. I knew then how I was going to make her fall for me. She's really gonna beg to be my side chick when I'm done. . Meanwhile At the Johnsons mansion. Mr Johnsons is sitting down interviewing candidates for a maid supervisor position for his mansion. The previous one had just quit without giving notice. He had a certain preferance of the kind of person he wants. He had sent his wife away to shopping so he could deal with the interviews without her breathing over her neck. None of the interviewed candidates had been able to meet his taste. He was tired and boredhe really wanted a perfect one for the job. With not only the qualifications but with the good looks as well. Most of the people coming where either too old or too dumb. He gulped down his whiskey and called the next candidate. He listened as her heels fought hard with the ceramic in his study. He turned his chair and his jaw literally dropped. She was perfect! So perfect that he didn't even go through her C.V. Or even call her references. He just said "Congratulationsyou've got the job" She was surprised. He didn't even ask for her name.She stood up and thanked him a million times."This means a lot to memy family will now be provided for" "I should be thankin youMiss..?" "Nkosi" "Miss Nkosi"

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