part 10 Devious Deception and Temptations

Friday. I woke up very jubilant today. It was probably because of the surprise awaiting me from Kim. Maybe she was finally going to give herself to me besides it had been a while since I got some. I got up from my bed and went to the bathroom where I took a warm bath. I kinda lost myself in there one would swear it's been so long since I had a bath. I got out dried then lotioned. I sprayed Brut then wore my uniform. Trousers long sleeves shirt tie and a blazer on top. I combed my fade took my bag and went downstairs to the kitchen. I found only my mother whom I greeted whilst sitting down. Me: So where's Kristy? Mom: She's still sleeping. She's working a bit late today. Me: Okay glad to see you feeling better. Mom: You know I'm a Die hard. Me: Ayeye Mama. Mom: And he calls me Mama Me: I'm not that bad hle Mom: Just eat and stop talking. Me: Yes ma'am I started digging in. I must admit my mom is the best cook I know. This woman should've been chef for real. I actually think that's why dad loves her so much. It's really true that "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Talking about food none of my previous girls never knew how to cook. I wondered then if Hope can cook. Probably not. I took my bag and went to the car where I waited for my mom. She came and we drove to school. We arrived shortly and I kissed her on the cheek and got out of her car. I found Kim at the gate who seemed very happy to see me. I hugged her and we walked to my class while holding hands. I really hoped that I don't find Mandisa in class cause I wasn't in any mood for cat fights or having to explain myself to Kim. God was on my side today cause she hadn't come yet. I put my bag down and went out with Kim. Me: So that surprise? Kim: I'm so not telling. Me: No hint? Kim: No way babe that might ruin the surprise. Me: You killing me now. Kim: You gonna love it so don't die as of yet. Me: Okay for you I'll postpone my death. She laughed and we continued walking. I took her to our weed spot. I needed some privacy with her. I might not love her but I never cease to show her some tender loving care. I closed the door and sat down with her on top of me facing me. Me: So today is the day? Kim: Indeed it is. Me: I'm so anxious. Let's skip school and then you give me that surprise. Kim: Baby stop being a bad influence. Me: That's not nice. But I just can't wait. Kim: You have to it's only a few hours. Me: Talking about time the bell will ring in a few. Kim: So? Me: Show me some love. Kim: If I say no? Me:(raises eyebrow) What? Kim: I'm kidding. Me: You better be fore I spank your big ass (Squeezing her ass) She giggled. She then put her arms around my neck and brought my face close to hers and kissed me. Things got heated and I had one hand on her assets and one on her breast. I squeezed both while tongue kissing her. She was so aroused cause I heard her breathing escalating. I moved my hand to her thighs. Usually she's reluctant to my touches but this time she gave me free access to her all. I really think now now she's ready to lose her virginity. She was wearing a skirt so getting to her panty was easy. I broke the kiss and looked at her. Me: Open your eyes. She did. I then touched her lace underwear and bit my lip. She was so horny. She moaned a little. I kissed her again as she closed her eyes. I put my hand inside her underwear and felt her wet palace. So virgins got hormones too? Nice. I started massaging her clothes and she moaned. The bell interrupted our foreplay and I could see she didn't want us to leave. I smirked I guess getting getting what I want won't be so hard. We made our way to the assembly area. I went straight to class after assembly. Mandisa probably wasn't talking to me. What is it with this chick. The teacher came and lessons commenced. I made a mental note to deal with her once and for all. I can't have a bitch's breathing down my neck. Break time I decided to buy me and Hope some lunch. We were spending so much time together now. I found her waiting for me. I couldn't wait for us to spend the whole day together tomorrow. Me: Hey cutie. Hope: Hey handsome. Me: Ready to go? Hope: I was born ready. Me: I bought you lunch. Hope : You spoiling me today. Me: You my little princess. You deserve it. We went to find ourselves some private space. We got it and sat down to eat. I looked at her just after eating. She looked at me too. I got close to her. Me: Can I make a confession? Her: You welcome. Me: I think I'm falling in love with you. Her:(smiles) Really? Me: Yes. I tried surpassing the way I feel but I just can't anymore. Her: I'm glad you feel that way. Me: I'd understand if... Wait what? Her: I've longed to hear you say that. I love you too Kristen Rhodes Me: Does this mean? She nodded and I hugged her.

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