part 1 Devious Deception and Temptations

Its the first day back at school. I'm doing Grade 11 this year. Only one more year left for me then I'll be done with this schooling thing. I honestly wish my dad was here. He was my hero. Still is. I'm greatful for everything my mother diddon't get me wrong but I just need a father's love. Though my mom tries to be both a mother and father but they are some things I needed a father forthe kind of things you just don't learn by reading a few parenting books. I was about to wake up when my mom came barging in. Where's the privacy in this place? Mom:Get up now big boy. Me:MomI'm already up. Mom:I mean literally. Me:Okay momyou gonna watch me take a bath now? Mom:You knowyou not too old for a scrub. Me:Hai mama dimdala ngoku(I'm old now) Mom:Okay boyI'll leave you to it. She left and I went to take a cold shower. I needed it to relieve some stress. There was this girl driving me crazy. She was really testing my patienceI hate dealing with virgins. You'd swear she wanted me to marry her. Clingy but no pussy. I was really losing it now. I had to find myself some pussy. A nigger needs to get laid once in a while. It had been over three months. She told me about the 90-day rule and we were way past that. I driedlotioned with some Nivea for men then wore my uniform. Trousersshort sleeved shirtblazer and a tie. I combed my fade. I packed my books nicely and went downstairs where my family was having break fast. Me:Hey big sis. Sis:Charisma. You sure took your time. Me:Perfection takes time. Sis:Wa ti feeler hle(You feeling yourself) Me:It ain't my fault that I look this good. Let me give y'all a description of how I look. I'm tall but not too tallslenderslenderlight in complexionpink lipsdimples and some biceps and triceps. My sister Kristina is Shorter than me with Nicki Minaj's body type so yeah she's hotbeautiful with long hairshe's light skinned. My mom is just like hera complete copy. My mom cameshe had just been on the phone and she didn't look good. Me:Kwenzekeni manje?(What happened now?) Mom:I've just been talking to your father's lawyer. He was denied parole. Me:What? I thought he knew his business. Mom:I thought so too. I guess we'll have to go with plan B. Sis:You sure bout that? There's no going back once we do. Mom:We don't have any other choice. Sis:Good thing they don't know I exist. I'll have to use my gran's maiden name again. Me:Its better that way. Mom:So how's it going with Hope? Me:She's feisty that one. I haven't talked to her yet. Mom:Mm probably took it from her bitchy mom. Sis:(clears throat)Language. I went to church yesterday you know. Me:Oh pleasethat won't stop you from going to hell anyway. Sis:Hai suka. I then got up when I was done and mom drove me to school. I wasn't late but I wasn't early either. I saw Brandonmy besty and I went to him. We did our handshake. Me:'Sup bruh? Him:None damnI missed you fam. Me:Don't go all homo on me man. I'm straight. Him:(chuckles)Who's gonna eat all that ass(pointing at some newbies) If I go all homo? Me:You right man. I need some of that. Him:Kim got you on a tight leash I see. Me:Man. Its like she knows I only wanna tap it and pass. Him:She knows bout your reputation. She's friends with Pam. Me:That bitch really has to move on with her life. Him:You really did her bad. Apparently she wanted to commit suicide. Me:I never asked her to fall for me. Him:And she did. There she come. Me:Who? Pam? Him:Your girl. You'll find me at the Rugby grounds. Good luck. Me:(mummbling)I'm gon' need it. I sighed deeply as she came. Me:(fakes smile)Hey babe. Kim:Hi. I gave her a hug. Me:Missed me? Kim:Of course. You never called me through out the holidays (sad face) Me:I'm sorry babe. I told you I'm spending time with my family so I hardly had time for my phone. Kim:Okay I love you. Me:Ain't you gonna kiss your man? Kim:(shyly)Right here? Me:(raises eyebrow)Is there a problem? Kim:Haha no. She leaned up to me since she's short and I met her half way and we kissed while I grabbed her bigger than average butt. That's one of the reason why I went for her. The other being she's rich so I never ran out of moola or airtime and because she's beautiful asf. Pam cleared her throat and that's when I broke the kiss. I winked at her and she blushed. Bitch is still into me. I spanked my girl while walking away and left the girls to their pep talk. They had catching up to do and I had pussy to hunt and some Hope to seduce. Hope is the lastborn of the Johnsons' family and her father's princess. Being the only girlthey were so over protective of her and that's mainly why she still hadn't dated. She's turning 14 and doing Grade 9 this year. I hated going to their classes coz I didn't want this milk kids getting used to me but I had to do it for my father. I found her chilling with some nerd in the netball court. I had never talked or even approached her but my hommie told me a lot about her. She smiled when she saw me. This might be easier than I think.

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Zuxie 2019-05-04 08:53:27

Wooo ayikhe I already don’t like your attitude boy! Yoooo let’s hope it changes as well go along.

Ashanti 2018-09-18 18:12:13

Hey Cassie, please help me. How do I view comments for my book? I can see how many I have but can't view them.. Sorry that this isn't relevant to this book