Introduction divious deception and temptation

I still remember the day as clear as crystal. The day they took my father away from us. I was only tennot even a juvenilejust a boy. I needed him to teach me how to become a manI needed him to help me out with the ladies. How was I gonna know how to play the game? All because of a medacious testimony by a ruthless man and his wife. My father was a good manall they said about him wasn’t true. I remember as they were outside the courtroomI was waiting for my mom when I heard him say “He has to go”. Why him? I was aghast. What is it that he had done to them? As a ten year old boyyou don’t put it too much to thought but as I grew older

I agonized about my father’s enemy.

Particurlarly one man and his wife. I had to acquaint myself with someone close to them but that’s saying too much now. Charisma is my name. I’m sixteen now. That’s not my real name though. I’m doing Grade 10. I live with my mother and sister. She’s four years older than me. We live in a flat with three bedroomsone bathroomshowerkitchenloudge and dining room. My family used to be rich. But that all changed when my father was taken away. We had tried to help him abscond but that was signing his death warrant. Our plan was abortive and it made things more difficult for him. My mother is the breadwinner of our home and my mentor. Her mentoring will be revealed as we go on. My sister is doing her third year at the University of the Witwatersand in Bcom Accounting. She has an all expenses bursary so my mother looks after just me. My sister tends to spoil me as she works part time at Kyalami on Main. No one knows her occupation and that doesn’t matter cause it doesn’t concern us. All that matters is avenging our father.

Meanwhile..Narrated Mr Johnsons is sitting with his wife at the study. They are looking at some old news paper articles. They trying to put some pieces to whatever puzzle together. Mr:I just can’t seem to get this right. Mrs:What love? Mr:Richard had only one son and no one seems to know where he disappeared to. Mrs:What’s the interest there? Mr:I just don’t want any comebacks from that man. Mrs:Don’t worry lovehe’s not coming back. Mr:I hope so. There’s a lot on stake here. He gulps down the shot of brandy poured by his wife and starts to relax. They reminisce on the day they had their freedom back and laugh at their victory. He looks at a picture of his family. Two daughters and a son. What more could they ask for and with Mr Rhodes out of the picturewhat more can a man ask for? He pulls his wife for an embrace as he deeply breaths out. Its been six years. He can’t strike now or can he? Stay tuned to find out..

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