part 9 Charity : Pain Is My Remedy

I woke up when I felt someone staring at me and I smiled I knew its my husband. Me: You should take a picture it last longer. I opened my eyes and looked at him he smiled. Kyle: I still can't believe that you mine we getting married soon and we hav-... I'm really blessed. Me: Hard to believe right. Kyle: Yes you such a beautiful woman and I wonder how our.. I mean I wonder how my life would be without you. I perked him on the lips Me: Don't wonder. Kyle: That's no way to kiss your husband. Me: Oh? Kyle: Yes. I got closer to him put my lap on top of his then I brought my lips close to his as we shared a long passionate kiss which didn't end but instead he put me under him and we made love missionary style. I'm really not going to bore you with the juicy details. We took a shower after our steamy session where we had the last round of our morning loving. It was Sunday but I wasn't going to church in fact I only go to church when I'm at home my mother's house that is. I wore Adidas tracksuits with flipflops and went to the kitchen to get started on breakfast. I was about to start then I remembered that Kyle can cook so I went back to the bedroom where he was still getting dressed. You'd think we didn't take a shower together. Me: Umm.. Baby Kyle: Yes? Me: I'm hungry Kyle: You not the only one why don't you make us breakfast? Me: Well I thought maybe you can.. I scratched my head and he turned to face me. Kyle: I told you cooking is a woman's job. Me: But baby you know that the eggs make me wanna throw up and I - Kyle: Okay fine I'm coming. Me: Is that your way of chasing me out? My eyes became teary I don't even know why that was making me emotional like this. Kyle: No baby He came to me and held me the tears just fell. I couldn't hold them. He wiped them for me. Kyle: You know I wouldn't. I looked down and fiddled with my fingers. Me: My emotions are just all over the place nowadays. If I'm not crying over nothing I'm shouting at you for no reason. I just.. I wonder how you keep up with my unstable emotions. Kyle: Hey He lifted my chin up so I could look at him. Kyle: You not going crazy I love you Charity and I might not have exchanged any vows with you yet but I'll always be here for you and with you. No matter what. I smiled between my tears. Me: Thank you baby. He perked me on the lips and kissed my tears before wiping them and I giggled. Kyle: Let's go feed you. Me: Yes! He chuckled and we walked to the kitchen holding hands. I sat down on the high chair and watched him while munching on the remaining scones from his mother. Me: I should really learn how to make these. Kyle: You know I'd even think you love them more than you love me. Me: You know that's impossible I love you more than I love eggs. Kyle: That's sweet. I looked down and pouted. Just thinking about eggs made me sad. Kyle: What's wrong? Me: I miss eating eggs. Kyle: I'm sorry baby maybe we should go see the doctor. Me: I'm not sick and you know how much I hate hospitals and clinics. Kyle: It was just a suggestion. He was making pancakes and flapjacks. I actually wonder why he never told me he could cook I would have never bothered cooking for him. He put everything on the table when he was done and gave me a plate so I could dish up for myself. He also got one for himself. There was also some fruit salad and Orange juice. Me: Baby I don't want this juice. Kyle: What do you want? Me: I want coke. Kyle: Umm that's not good for.. I mean it's unhealthy baby. All that sugar and fats.. NC NC. Me: Coke zero then. Kyle: It has acid and there's hidden sugar in there. I folded my arms and looked at him. Me: I'm not hungry anymore. Kyle: But baby I made all this food. Me: Ain't you the one who's been preaching about sugar? He groaned and ran his fingers on his hair it's what he does when he's frustrated. Kyle: What do you want from me Charity? I shrugged my shoulders. He took his food then left to the kitchen. I guess that was His way of dealing with the situation. I sighed and dished up for myself I guess I was being difficult for no reason. I ate and they really tasted good. I had them with chocolate syrup then ate the fruit salad before drinking some juice. He came back. He looked at the dishes which had the pancakes and flapjacks. Kyle: Where DId- Me: I ate them they were just so nice baby. He chuckled shaking his head then left. I washed the dishes then started with the cleaning. I was tired from Just the kitchen so I stopped at the lounge and watched TV. Kyle came finding me with a broom between my legs. Kyle: And then? Me: I was cleaning but now I feel so tired. Kyle: My bride is getting lazy. Me: Can I go rest a bit? I'll come finish when I'm more rested. Kyle: Yeah baby. I got up and went to sleep. What I thought was going to be an hour nap turned into hours of sleep. I didn't even change I just slept in my tracksuits. I wore sneakers and decided to go for a jog I'm usually energetic and I don't know what was going with me lately I think a jog will do me good. I took Kyle's iPod plugged in some headsets then went out. I passed him at the lounge and he stopped me. Me: What? Kyle: Where are you going? Me: I'm going for a jog. Kyle: Do you think it's safe? Me: What? Kyle: I mean

plugged in some headsets then went out. I passed him at the lounge and he stopped me. Me: What? Kyle: Where are you going? Me: I'm going for a jog. Kyle: Do you think it's safe? Me: What? Kyle: I mean will you be safe? Me: I'm not a kid Kyle I've been around this hood and I know my way. I left him there he was really being weird nowadays. I ignored it but now now I think there's really something going on with him. Ever since he went to visit his grandma he's been weird different. I wonder what happened at his grandma why is he suddenly like this? Did she tell him something? Does he know something I don't know? It was really frustrating having questions like these with no answer. I know I can't ask him but I'm pretty sure his grandma won't hesitate telling me. I brushed all these thoughts off as I switched the music on and started jogging. I didn't go far with the jogging but I had pushed myself really. I decided to run back to the house. I got in breathing heavily. Kyle rushed to me. Kyle: Are you okay? Me: Yes I just need water. He helped me sit down and brought me the water which I gulped down immediately. Me: What's going on with you? Kyle: What do you mean? I couldn't hold it in anymore. I decided to tell him right there what was going on through my mind. I had to know he had to be honest cause he was really acting weird. Me: Ever since you went to your ouma you've been weird. Kyle: Umm.. (clears throat ) Nothing. Me: You can't even answer me honestly. I got up and went to take a shower if he thinks I'm going to leave this then he's got another thing coming. After showering I dried lotioned and wore Nike tracksuits this time with my white Nike Rosh. I packed a small overnight bag then called a cab. I was going to sleepover at his ouma. I knew she wouldn't lie to me though Kyle did. I took my bag and went out of the bedroom. I passed him At the lounge. Kyle: Where you going? Me: Oh you wanna know? Kyle: I'm asking ain't I? The cab hooted he was here so I went out with Kyle busy screaming my name. I arrived by ouma at 3pm. I hadn't eaten but the Way I ate nowadays. Gosh. Kyle couldn't stop calling so I ended up switching off my phone. I paid the driver then got out. I knocked and she opened. She was surprised to see me. Me: Hello ma. Ma: Charity what are you doing here? I started tearing up. Ma: Oh dearie. She took my bag and got me inside she sat me down and hugged me tightly. Me: Kyle is lying to me. Ma: What? She got up then made me water with sugar that I drank and she sat next to me. Ma: Talk to me baby. Me: He's hiding something. I can see it in his eyes . Ma: Are you sure? Me: He's too sweet. It's weird ever since he came here. Ma: Ohh.. I looked at her and she was just relaxed. Me: Do you know something? Ma: Maybe I do. Me: Please tell me. Is he cheating? She chuckled. I see she finds all of this amusing. I cried again the thought of Kyle cheating just drove me extra mad. To think of him touching her like he touches her. Many thoughts started racing through my mind is she pretty? Maybe his age? Ma: Relax. I was crying on her shoulder. It was just frustrating for me. Ma: I thought he told you. I sat upstraight and looked at her. Me: Told me what. She smiled. I was now confused. She can't smile If he's cheating then this has to be something else Ma: Can I ask you a personal question? Me: Okay. Ma: I hope it doesn't offend you. Me: Umm okay Ma: When last did you get your periods? I thought for a while. I last got my periods last month and come to think of it I hadn't got them this month and they are never late. Me: Early last month. Ma: Well you know what that means? Me: What? She smiled and held my hands. Ma: You're pregnant. Did she just say pregnant? My mind froze. It couldn't be true it can't be true but again it might be true. Me: Kyle.. Kyle.. He knows? She smiled and nodded. This explains his sudden behavior. As for me I was still trying to process this. I'm only 18 getting married and now I'm pregnant. I don't know I didn't know how to absorb all this and I was mad. I was mad at Kyle for making me pregnant then hiding it from me. He had no right absolutely no right. I felt betrayed deceived but above all I felt angry. I didn't want to show his grandmother though. Me: Can I go lie down? Ma: Have you eaten? I shook my head. Food were the last thing on my mind I had suddenly lost my appetite. Ma: Let me prepare something quickly for you. Me: I'm not hungry. Ma: You might not be but let's think about the child in your stomach. Me: Please don't tell Kyle I'm here. She nodded and went to the kitchen. I didn't want to believe that I'm pregnant. This was all too much for me. To think there was a kid growing inside of me while I'm still a kid myself. The thought of being fat like a cow eating like a pig everything was just too overwhelming. One thought wandered in my brain did he get me pregnant in purpose?

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