part 8 Charity : Pain Is My Remedy

I took the tray with breakfast that I had just made and the freshly squeezed orange juice. The eggs didn't have any mercy on my nose but I had to just endure cause I wasn't going to be the one eating them. I felt bad about yesterday. I actually didn't know what got over me and I really hoped he wasn't mad at me. I knocked once before letting myself in. I had woken up very early to make him breakfast although the eggs smelt bad for me I was just happy I didn't throw up. I put the tray on the bed counter. He was still sleeping peacefully. It's Saturday today but I was writing so I was only going to go to campus later on. I kissed him on the lips and he woke up. I looked down playing with my fingers I really felt bad I couldn't even look him in the eyes. Me: G.. Good morning. Kyle: Hello. Me: I made you breakfast. I looked at him finally finding the courage to face him. Me: I'm really sorry about yesterday I don't know what came over me. Kyle: It's okay baby. He sat on his butt and kissed me on the cheek then the forehead. Kyle: You can be frustrating at times. I giggled I knew it was him just being nice. I was beyond frustrating even if I say so myself. I actually wondered how he was able to handle me being this difficult. Me: You too nice. Eat up. Kyle: Let me go brush my teeth. I nodded and sat down on his bed with my legs crossed. He came in after a while I was worried that the food was getting called. I actually felt hungry but I knew I couldn't eat the eggs they smelt rotten to me. He revealed the food. Kyle: You trying to get me fat woman? Me: I'm taking care of my man. Kyle: I'm not about to eat alone. Me: No I'm okay. My stomach growled now that was embarrassing. I didn't even know the sudden cause of that. Kyle: Really? Me: Okay but no eggs for me. He raised his eyebrow then looked at me. He knows how much I love eggs especially when their scrambled. Kyle: You love eggs Nomusa. Me: They smell bad to me baby. He nodded and we ate. I drank half the juice and he finished the remaining. He took the dishes downstairs while I made his bed then after prepared bathing water for us. He got behind me in the bathtub I hadn't started bathing yet. Kyle: You don't wanna go see a doctor? Me: I'm not sick Jaden. Kyle: Okay baby I don't wanna fight. Me: Are you calling me difficult Jaden? Kyle: No babe. He cupped my breasts and started kissing me on the neck I tilted my head to give him more space. He was surprised that I wasn't declining. He went on to rub my clit as soft moans escaped my mouth. Kyle: I've missed you. He said slowly entering me. He had lifted my ass up and I rode him for life. How's that for a good morning? I spent the time I had before my exam just reminding myself of some stuff. Kyle was out doing whatever in fact I wonder where he was. . KYLE'S POV I had decided to visit my grandma she's the only one who can give me advice when it comes to things like this. I trust her because she has been through a lot and I was sure she could help me deal with Charity and her moods because they were really driving me crazy. As much as I love her but I cannot handle her on and off mood. Everything was fine before we started having sex I didn't know a good dick could make a woman this crazy. My grandma was just two hours away from me. I had called just so she knows I'm coming she hates surprises. I love Charity and I'm beginning to think my love for her is making me weak I've been too patient with her to say the least. I parked by my grandma's six roomed house. My mom and I are not really that close so I prefer my grandma since she's been the mother figure in my life. I call her mama. She got out when she heard my car pulling up in the yard. I parked just next to the garage door and got out. She met me halfway and hugged me broke the hug and kissed me before squeezing my cheeks. Me: I'm not a baby mama. Ma: You'll always be my baby. Me: I'm someone's husband. Ma: Yet you are here. We got inside her house. It was probably around 12pm. I sat down in the lounge and she came with a glass of juice and some scones. Me: Please pack some for my wife you know how much she loves your baking. Ma: You should come with her next time. Me: I will mama. Ma: You don't usually come home without me begging you to visit. I sighed. She was really my only hope. Me: She's driving me crazy ma. Ma: Ain't you guys suppose to be on the honeymoon phase? Me: I don't know what changed lately she's all moody and always biting my head off. One moment she tells me to give her space and that I'm suffocating me the next she's calling me telling me how much she misses me. She just smiled at me nodding. I was confused at how relaxed she was. I mean here I am pouring my frustrations out to her and she's just smiling. She took a sip of her juice. Ma: Is that all? Me: I think well she usually loves eggs but today she said they smell bad for her. One minute she doesn't want me to touch her the next she's all over me. Ma: You should actually be happy. Me: Happy that my wife is going mad? She grinned. She was really confusing me. She took a sip again of her juice. Ma: You don't know what going on? Me: Honestly if I did I wouldn't be here. I thought for a while what only crossed my mind was her cheating. She had done it before several times. I even thought she was no longer a virgin but I was happy she kept it sealed for me. I grew more and more in love with her. Kyle: Unless she's cheating on me. She chuckled. It's amazing that she found all of this amusing. Ma: You being silly now. I shrugged my shoulders. Me: What else can I think? Ma: Did you guys use protection when having sex? I thought for a while. We never really did but I remember giving her the after pill one time. I shook my head though I wondered what our sex life had to do with this. Me: What does that have to do with anything? Ma: Well though I wondered what our sex life had to do with this. Me: What does that have to do with anything? Ma: Well it seems to me she's having morning sickness. What.. She could be right. I thought back. I mean the hotel room we had all that sex and I don't remember her taking the pill. Suddenly eggs smell bad to her and she's moody. Me: You mean she's.. Ma: Ask her when she last had her period. A smile crept on my face. All the doubt I had immediately disappeared. All this time I never thought that this was what's happening but now now I was happy. To think I even thought she's cheating on me. I got up from the couch. My grandma just laughed shaking her head. Me: I need to go to my wife. Ma: Wait She got up as well. I was really so excited the thought of her growing a mini me in her excited me to the core. I always knew she's the one for me that's why I never gave up on her no matter what. I even thought of killing her but that would've meant killing my own heart so instead I forgave her. Ma: The scones you don't want her biting your head even more. Me: And deprive myself of some body heat. Ma: That's too much information Jaden. I giggled. She packed some scones on a Tupperware and gave it to me. I hugged her then kissed her on the forehead and she walked me to my car. Ma: Don't be a stranger. Me: I won't ma. Ma: And it's going to be one helluva 9 months for you just remember it won't be her but the hormones playing all kinds of tricks on her. Me: Yes ma'am and we'll come to visit. Ma: Okay baby. She waved me goodbye as I drove off. She had already left when I got home and that's when I remembered that she's writing she's probably mad wherever she is. I just left without telling her where I'm going. I just hoped this wasn't going to cause us to fight I know the fire she can cause. I never thought Charity could yell like that. I decided to browse the web regarding pregnancy and all kinds of stuff. I was really excited I mean I'm 24 and I don't think there can never be a bad time for a baby. I just didn't know how Charity is going to react we've never talked about having a baby and the fact that she's still in varsity and only doing her first year wasn't helping. I'd have to wait for her to find out on her own I know she's going to blame me but I was hoping that when she calms down she warms up to the idea. There was a whole lot of stuff on the internet weird cravings dizzy spells mood swings and nausea. They were also about birth and how painful some women said it is. I closed my laptop after a whole lot of reading I looked at the time. Charity is probably on her way home. She can't even drive I wonder how she left. She's really mad at me wherever she is. . CHARITY I was fuming. Kyle got me used to him driving around and now he had gone all MIA on me he didn't even bother calling me. We had just got out from the exam hall I was exhausted. All I wanted was to go home. Tshego accompanied me to go take a taxi. Tshego: Are you going to be alright? Me: Yes. You worry too much. We shared a hug shortly and she kissed me on the cheek. I got inside the taxi And waited for it to get full. I hadn't eaten since morning so I was hungry as hell. If Kyle was here we would've gone to get some food first. I sighed as I sat back. It didn't help that the taxi took a good 30 minutes to get full. I arrived at home at 5:00pm my feet were killing me and I wasn't even wearing heels. I immediately took off my shoes when I got inside the house. His car was in the garage so I knew he's home. I put my bag on the kitchen counter and started on the fridge. I was really hungry. I found some steak from yesterday which I hear then ate with some buns and fries that I found. Kyle came while I was stuffing my face. He grinned when he saw me. Me: What? I had food in my mouth when I spoke and he chuckled. I'm guessing the joke is on me. I poured myself a glass of juice and burped when I was done. Kyle: Hey. Me: Don't Hey me. I got up from the high chair and took some Lays pack and ate while I left the kitchen and he followed me. I was just too tired to argue with him. I got in our room and fell asleep immediately when my body met the bed. I didn't even take off my shoes or put away the pack of Lays I was holding I just fell in bed like that. I was exhausted. I woke up after about two hours it was around 7pm now dark outside because it's winter. I was tucked in bed and wearing my pjs. Kyle probably helped with that. I went to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth then went to downstairs. I found Kyle watching soccer. I sat down opposite him and switched the channels. Kyle: I was watching that. I looked at him. Me: Did I ask you? He lifted his hands as a form of surrender. Me: Where did you go to Vele? I had to take a taxi to school a fucking taxi Kyle. Kyle: Don't swear. I groaned. He wasn't taking me seriously he was too relaxed for My liking. Me: Answer me! I shouted throwing a cushion at him and he ducked. I threw another and he held it I groaned. Kyle: I was by ouma. Me: And you didn't tell me? Kyle: I brought scones. Me: Why didn't you say so? I stood up. Me: Where? Kyle: In the breadbasket. Me: I so love you now. Kyle: I know you do baby I couldn't help myself. I ate one after the other. There were just too delicious I had long asked her to give me the recipe but never triad doing them. Baking is just not for me. Kyle: Please don't eat the container. Me: What? I went back to the lounge he had switched back to the soccer channel. Kyle: Nothing babe. Me: Are you saying that I eat too much? Kyle: Well I.. Me: Save it. I got on the stairs and he came following me. Busy apologizing. Kyle: It's not what I meant. I got inside our bedroom. Me: What did you mean? I started taking off my pyjamas. I wanted to go shower before I sleep again. I was tired again anyway. I took off the top then the pants. I wasn't wearing a bra. Kyle: Umm.. Me: Cat caught your tongue? I took off my panty and walked to the en suite. I banged the door on his face when he tried getting in. I took a shower dried and lotioned when I was done. I wore a panty then went back to the bedroom where I wore my pyjamas again. Kyle was laying on his back going through his phone. Me: Baby. I got on top of him and he put the phone away. Kyle: Yes? He brushed my cheek. Me: Make love to me. Kyle: Is that a command Mrs Le Roux? Me: Yes. He chuckled and switched us over and got on top of me. He removed my pj top as we started kissing. I don't know what he was feeding me because when I wanted him I couldn't help myself and it didn't help that he's this sexy.


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