part 7 Charity : Pain Is My Remedy

I woke up in the hands of my wonderful husband and took my time just to admire his beauty. Everything about him just spelt out perfection. His beauty is so mesmerizing that I found myself drooling over the image that was before me. I couldn't help myself and it was like I was falling for him even more him being all that mattered to me and everything I desire and more. It's my eyes that were pierced deeply into his skin that made him wakeup though he didn't open his eyes immediately after that. Kyle: Staring is rude. Me: And how do you know that with your eyes closed? Kyle: Really Charity? I can feel your eyes on me. Me: I can't help it babe you so handsome. He opened his eyes then raised an eyebrow. Kyle: Have you looked at yourself on the mirror? I don't think an inch of me would even fit. Me: Are you saying I'm more beautiful than this? I traced my hand on his upper body. It was hard not to touch any part of him and these days I couldn't get enough of him. He's so beautiful and handsome nje. Kyle: Way more babe. I blushed. I loved that he still found me attractive and beautiful after all this time. There's nothing more beautiful than knowing that your husband finds you beautiful. Kyle: Kiss me. I put my lap over him then we kissed with him grabbing my ass with his one hand. You'd swear we had not just woke up. We got up after our making out session which I stopped before it lead to anything. I got up then went to prepare our bathing water then I called him and we took an innocent shower together. It was cold outside as usually is during midwinter. Good thing we have Air conditioners. I wore my turtle neck dress black in colour with thigh length maroon suide boots and put a jacket on top. Kyle came in with just a towel wrapped around his waist. He looked at me for about 30 seconds before speaking. Kyle: Where you going dressed to kill? Me: Campus I'm writing today. Kyle: You driving there? I rolled my eyes at him. I wondered how he expected me to drive there when I couldn't even drive some things are just so unbelievable. Me: I can't drive I don't even have my car with me here. Kyle: I'll quickly get dressed. Me: I'll make breakfast in the meantime. I went to make breakfast just a simple English breakfast. I dished up for the both of us as he came down the stairs. We ate then after he drove me to school. It was a long route there. Kyle: Please remember you a taken woman. Me: Really? Kyle: I love you Charity and I'd hate for me to lose you. I'd die. Me: I love you too Kyle. He came to open my door for me and I got off his car then we shared a short kiss then I walked to campus meeting with Thandi at the gate. Thandi: You look at you looking all flawless. I smiled. Me: And you look dashing. She giggled and we shared a hug. Thandi: Marriage is treating you good I see. Me: It is though he doesn't trust me. Thandi: Why do you say that? Me: He told me not to forget I'm a taken woman. Thandi: Hau Charity he just loves you so much and it shows he's scared to lose you. Me: I guess you right. Thandi: Of course I am let's go. Me: Where's Tshego? " Just behind you " We turned and there she was. We shared a group hug. Tshego: You glowing. Me: Who? Tshego: You. Me: Haha thanks Kyle is treating me good. Thandi: It's clearly evident. How's our Zulu man? Tshego: Amazing but we have our ups and downs. Me: Don't we all? We went to the examination hall and started writing minutes later. I was yawning like I had hardly slept I don't even know what got me tired. I was sitting with the girls at McDonalds while munching on a double cheeseburger. I don't even know what conversation they were having there and I didn't even care. Thandi: What's up with you? Me: Huh? Tshego: Your mind seems far away. Me: It might not make sense but even I don't know what's up with me. Thandi: It's like we boring you manje. Me: I'm just tired. Tshego: We should probably call it a day. We accompanied Tshego to catch a taxi then I went with Thandi to my previous home. She hadn't got a new roommate yet but said they had been a couple of people coming to check it out. Thandi: Would you like anything to eat or drink? Me: I'm cool. I shrugged my shoulders. I actually don't know why I was suddenly feeling offish. It just came about. Thandi: How's the wedding planning going? Me: I haven't even started. Thandi: Ain't you getting married in September? Me: It's only June now we still got much time. She nodded. I spent most of my day with her trying to cheer me up. I called Kyle so he can come pick me up and he agreed. I hugged My best friend who told me she hopes I get better then got inside the car. He kissed me on the cheek. Kyle: How was your day? I shrugged my shoulders. I just wasn't in the mood for anyone all of a sudden. I didn't wanna talk I just needed to be alone. We drove home in comfortable silence. It was around 4:30pm. He came to open my door when we got home and I got out. I took my bag with then went to the bedroom where I took a shower In the en suite. Kyle came in when I was lotioning. Kyle: You shower alone now? Me: Please don't start. I wore my panty and gown then wore my sleepers and went to the kitchen. He followed me there. I was about to turn when he held. I freed myself from his grip. Me: Don't touch me. Kyle: What? Me: Just leave me alone man

is that too much to ask? Kyle: It is. I groaned. He was pissing me now. I don't understand why he had to be difficult about this. He looked at me and I just continued with whatever I was doing. I was actually making myself a smoothie. I put everything inside the blender and put it on. With my hand on the lid. When it was done I poured into a cup then sat on the kitchen counter and started drinking. Me: Can I please have some breathing space? Kyle: What? Me: Go watch a movie or workout. I don't need to see your face now! Kyle: WTF? I got up then left. I went to the guestroom and just locked myself inside. I don't even know how I fell asleep but I woke up hungry as hell. Kyle was no where in the house. I wondered where he went. I took my phone and called him it rang unanswered. I tried him again and he answered on the third ring. Kyle: Charity. Me: Where are you? Kyle: I gave you the space you wanted. Me: What? Kyle: I really don't have time for this. Me: For what? My heart sank as tears invaded my eyes. I felt like he was trying to break up with me. I don't get why I was feeling this emotional. Me: (sobbing) Please come home. Kyle: (sighed ) I'm coming. I smiled within my tears. I decided to make dinner in the meantime. I made steak wors with pap and a green salad. I was even done when he came. Just waiting for him. That's how long he took to come. Me: You sure took your time. My stomach growled. I was really hungry and it didn't help that I had to wait for him so we Could eat together. Kyle: I was out of the hood. Me: Whatever. I made supper. Kyle: I.. Umm.. Looks great. Me: Why you stuttering? Kyle: Actually I ate. I didn't bother replying to him. I was hurt. I went all out for him. I started crying imagine after cooking like that then he tells me he already ate. I wondered if he no longer wanted my food or did I not cook good food for him. He came and wrapped his hands around me. I removed them then dished up for myself he didn't even ask what I cooked. Kyle: I'm really sorry baby I just.. I didn't think you'd cook. I wiped my tears with my hand and just started eating with him watching me and not saying anything. I was eating like a pig of some sort I actually couldn't stop. Kyle: You ain't leaving some for me? Me: Didn't you eat? I dished up another plate for myself. I just couldn't get enough of my own food. I drank a glass of Juice then burped. Me: Sorry. Kyle: You were really hungry. Me: Do you ever shut up? Why are you even back? Kyle: Really Charity? Did you not call me? Me: I'm going to bed. I went to our room took off my gown then got in bed in just my panty. He came in after an hour. He took off his clothes then got behind me. It's when he hugged me that he noticed I wasn't wearing a bra or anything on top. He started playing with my breasts. Me: Not tonight. I removed his hands. Kyle: What's going on with you? Me: I'm just not in the mood Kyle. Kyle: Are you cheating on me? Me: What? I turned to face him and he was actually serious. Me: I can't believe you now. Kyle: What am I supposed to think? You are moody you don't want me to touch I irritate you all of a sudden now you denying me your body. Me: You so unbelievable. I got up from the bed. Kyle: You gonna run away now? Me: Kyle please I just wanna sleep. Kyle: Don't worry I'll leave you to it. Me: No I'll leave. It's your house after all. I went to the guestroom not waiting for him to reply. I closed my eyes after throwing my body on the bed. What's happening with me? I don't even know why I was so rude to him.

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