part 6 Charity : Pain Is My Remedy

A lot has happened now. I'm more happy and I believe that life is really favoring me now. I've seen the unfairness of life but now now it was being far on me. I had all the support that I needed and Kyle was more than I could have asked for. We did go to Tshego's traditional wedding and it was amazing she looked beautiful in her Zulu attire. Now it was my time. I really didn't think I'd get married at this age to my virgin breaker. Mom was more happy than I was you'd swear this was her wedding. I just think she was happy because I wasn't an embarrassment that I was getting married without a child. I don't know what happened with her how she grew up but I've always saw how she was living her life through me. I had even gotten used to it. I was at home the lobola negotiations were happening tomorrow. Thandi and Tshego were here to support me of course. It was just after 10am in the morning. Thandi: I still find it hard to believe that you getting married. Me: Better believe it boo. I chewed on a carrot. We were busy with preparing salads. You know how it is with black communities a simple thing such as lobola negotiations is treated as a big deal. I really don't get what the fuss is all about. There were already a few people In our yard. Some were preparing traditional beer and I think others were just here to observe. Thandi: You guys are putting pressure on me. Now I'll be the only single one. Tshego: You'll find your prince charming who'll sweep you off your feet. She sat down and sighed deeply. Thandi: I doubt I ever will Me: No Thandi don't do that to yourself. It was about two months after Kyle proposed after he took away my purity. There's no greater joy than getting married to your virgin breaker. Our relationship was just peaceful plus I had a new phone now and I was well behaved. I had to be loyal to my husband-to-be. It was May. We had agreed to have the white wedding on September I wasn't about to have a Winter wedding and he didn't argue with that. I never would've imagined I'd get married at 18 but I was happy. I'm not about sticking to the status quo. Thandi: I just.. I feel like there's something wrong with me. Me: What? Thandi: Ever since Bongani...I just.. I don't know. Me: Now I see where the problem comes from. Tshego: Who's Bongani? I looked at Thandi. I knew this had always been a sensitive subject on her. She nodded and that meant I could tell Tshego. We had all grown more closer to each other. I looked back at Tshego. Me: They used to date in high school. She really loved him but things got messy. He.. He umm.. Thandi: It's fine Charity. Me: He played her then left her for another girl. He went as far as trash talking her. It was hectic because he was one of those popular guys. Thandi: Somehow I feel like people see me as that girl. Me: They broke up last year at prom. Tshego covered her mouth. This was shocking to her. Good thing we had written our final exams by then. I'm actually proud that she didn't cry at the mention of his name. Tshego: Look I think you need to give yourself a break. It's start with loving and appreciating yourself. You a wonderful human being Thandi and it's high time you realized that. Thandi: I guess you right. Me: She is. Stop feeling sorry for yourself go out have fun and please stop covering your body. Tshego: I hate to be the one saying this but you dress like an old woman. Me: In fact we should go shopping for a new wardrobe nje. She smiled. I'm glad to see she wasn't offended in anyway. Thandi: Thank you guys for being raw with me. I should stop hiding my body like this. In fact I should stop hiding behind all this clothes. Me: Well disappear after the negotiations. Tshego: Or even now. I'm thinking you won't have time tomorrow. Me: Plus I've heard something about finding a husband at a wedding. She giggled. Thandi: Okay fine let's go. We checked the coast first before leaving in my car. We drove to the mall and went for the kill. I also bought a few clothes for myself. We bought body hugging dresses shorts and skinny jeans for her. All those youthful clothes like croptops and stuff. She was now a size 34 and she looked amazing plus she has a flat stomach. I also don't get why she's hiding her body. It was around 1pm when we finally finished with the shopping. My phone rang it was Kyle. Me: Hey Kyle: My wife-to-be in a few hours. Me: Traditionally that is. Kyle: I miss you so much. Me: I miss you too baby. Kyle: I miss kissing you on the neck your soft moans how you come I miss your food everything about you. I giggled and blushed. If only he knew how I couldn't wait to see him. Me: I miss you baby so much. I can't wait for tomorrow. Kyle: Can you believe I'll be taking you home as my wife? Me: I know baby I love you. Kyle: I love you too wife. Me: I've just been shopping with the girls I'll see you tomorrow. Kyle: Take care of yourself and.. I mean goodbye. Me: Bye bye honey. I blew him a kiss over the phone and hung up. I went back to the girls. Tshego: How about lunch? I'm so tired. Me: McDonalds? Thandi: Perfect. We went with our shopping bags to McDonalds and order burgers with fries and a cold drink. We ate immediately when our food arrived. Thandi: I'm surprised your mother hasn't called yet. Me: She's too excited to even notice the bride isn't there. Tshego: I saw her one would think she's the one getting married. Me: Well I'm just happy that for once one would think she's the one getting married. Me: Well I'm just happy that for once I've made her proud. Thandi: You'll finally get a break. I sighed and crunched on my chair. My mom can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Tshego: How I sometimes wish my mom was still here. Me: Why? Tshego: She left my father and I when I was only 12. Me: I.. I'm sorry for going on about- Tshego: It's okay. I got used to it but I just.. It hurts sometimes. I smiled. Me: I wish I was as strong as you are. Thandi: You are a woman. We strong as fuck. Me: Yet we tend to break easily. Such a unique species. We all laughed at that. After eating we took our shopping bags and went to my car. We put everything in the boot then drove back home. We got there just after 2pm. We'd been gone that long yes. I just needed tomorrow to just come and pass nje. I didn't know how that was even going to go but I hoped and prayed for the best. We took the bags to my room and went to just sit with some of my cousins. We all got along well. The hours went by. I couldn't even sleep at night. That how nervous I was. I was tossing and turning. It was crazy. I don't even get why I was nervous. That's really so unlike me. My phone vibrates under my pillow. It was around 11pm. I answered. It was Kyle. Me: Baby. Kyle: Seems I'm not the only one battling to fall asleep. Me: I'm so nervous Kyle. Kyle: I'm outside. Me: What? We were whispering. I didn't want to wakeup the others. Kyle: Come out please. Me: Give me five. I really couldn't believe he was here. There was only one way to find out. I wore my gown and sleepers. Since winter was approaching we had cold nights. I tiptoed outside. I don't get why everyone decided to sleep so early though. His car was parked right next to the gate. He got out when he saw me approaching and opened the door for me after we shared a brief hug. I got in then he went to his side. He got in and started driving. Me: Where you taking me? Kyle: You got no idea how much I missed you. Me: I also missed you baby. He brushed my thigh as he drove. Me: You still haven't answered my question. Kyle: We going to my hotel room. I need a few hours with my fiancee Me: I actually like the sound of that. Kyle: Oh? Me: Yes. His hand traveled to between my inner thighs. Ever since we had sex I crave more and more of him. I don't know if this is how it's supposed to be but I don't imagine myself with anyone else. We arrived at his hotel room and we were just all over each other. We were kissing like we were so damn hungry for one another. It wasn't like how we usually do it. He ripped my pyjama top apart and such aggressiveness turned me on more. The way he was craving me lusting over me the desire in his eyes it was just so intense. Kyle: There's something about your body girl I can't get enough of it. I love you Nomusa so much. Too much. Me: I love you too baby. He was cupping my breasts as he spoke. We were on top of the bed. He took off my pyjama pants together with my panties and I removed his top and pants. This time I was on top of him grinding on him and riding him like crazy. I won't go into much detail I don't want my page getting reported. After the third round which was in missionary position since we were both tired we fell asleep with him still inside of me. We literally passed out. I woke up around 4:30am. I know because I looked at the time on my phone I actually thank my lucky stars that I woke up around that time. I shook Kyle and he woke up. Reluctantly of course. Kyle: What Time is it? Me: Time for me to go. Remove your thing. Kyle: What thing? I pointed at his dick which was inside of me. He looked at it and side smiled. Instead of removing it he started moving. Me: You gotta be... Ahhh (moaning ) Yes we had sex there then after we took a shower together. My vagina was burning from all that intensity. I wore my pyjama pants and gown since he had torn the top. He drove me home in a speed then I kissed him on the cheek and sneaked back in. A few hours later I was in the lounge kneeling down with my face down as his uncles identified me. I actually wonder how these white people know how we do things. After that I was instructed to go back to my bedroom. All I actually wanted was to sleep cause I hardly did that last night. I got in and threw myself on the bed. Tshego: And then? Thandi: I don't know. We heard ululations. I guess that means everything went well. Tshego and Thandi just screamed and mom barged into my bedroom. All I actually wanted was some peaceful sleep. Mom: It's done baby you're now traditionally married. Me: Yess (yawning) Mom: And then? Me: I'm just tired. I need to sleep for just a few hours. Mom: Sleep? Uyahlanya Wena go feed your in laws. Me: Do I really have to? Mom: Yes get up girl. Tshego: We'll help. They went with me to the kitchen and helped dish up then I took the food to the uncles and his father. They were all white but somehow they were so fond of black traditions. I kneeled infront of them and gave them their food while looking down. We also feed other people who had come. The yard was pretty full with some of my cousins singing and stuff. Kyle came too and I gave him a hug. Kyle: That's not how you greet your husband. Me: Oh? Kyle: Yes. I know things went well. Me: Yes I'm your wife now. You stuck with my crazy ass Kyle: Your crazy thick ass. He said grabbing my ass. I looked around phela people were watching us as we were outside plus elders. I quickly removed his hands. Kyle: You my wife now I can touch you and even do this. Me: What? He smashed his lips into mine and of course I replied. Someone cleared their throat. Kyle was facing them so he broke the kiss then spoke. Kyle: Dad. I got free from his grip then stood next to him. Me: Mr Le Roux. His Dad: You part of the family now call me daddy. He then hugged me and patted his son on the shoulder. His Dad: She's a keeper son she's all yours now take her home. Kyle: You heard that babe hope you packed your bags. Mom: All done. She said coming from the house. I hugged his two uncles and father again and they all left. Kyle helped me with my bags and my friends'. We were all leaving together he was gonna drop them off. I bid my mom farewell then waved as the car drove out. This was really happening I was married now. I couldn't actually believe that I was someone's wife traditionally. What the future holds only God knows. I looked outside the window as we drove out of my hood. I'm Mrs Le Roux now I couldn't be more happy.

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