part 5 Charity : Pain Is My Remedy

I opened my eyes then looked to my surroundings. I blinked a few times just to make sure that this wasn't a dream I really was here with Kyle. I was in his house for the first time ever in my life. It really was unbelievable all this time I thought he only lived in his flat but he actually has a house. It wasn't morning when I woke up it was actually in the evening. I don't know how I fell asleep I mean one minute we are kissing then the next here I am. I wish I could say we did more than kissing but fortunately we didn't. Apart from my mother always checking if I'm still a virgin I'm scared of having sex. I've heard that the first time is usually very painful. You can understand why I'm scared. Kyle: You awake. Me: Yes what happened? He chuckled then came to me. I was sleeping on the couch with a fleece blanket on top of me. Kyle: One would swear you were drunk or something. I laughed and looked at him. He kissed me on my forehead. Me: I just don't remember how I fell asleep. Kyle: Nothing happened babe. Me: Oh. I was still in my clothes. I wasn't wearing my shoes though. I got up and sat on my butt. Me: I'm hungry. I said rubbing my eyes. He chuckled yet again while looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders. Me: What's funny? Kyle: Ain't you on some diet? I doubt I got any healthy food. Me: I just want food. Thandi is not here I got nothing to lose. He laughed shaking his head. Kyle: What a friend you are. Me: Don't mention it. He stood in front of me then made me stand. He was looking at me all this time I also looked at him. Kyle: You mean so much to me. You actually showed me that there's more to a relationship than sex. I looked down. This will always be a sensitive subject to me. Kyle: Don't do that. He lifted my face with his index finger on my chin. Kyle: You precious to me hence I bought you here. I nodded and grinned. He put his hand on my cheek then brought my face to his and kissed me. Kyle: Let's go feed your ass then. I giggled and took his hand as we went to the kitchen. He picked me up and sat me on the kitchen counter. I looked at my man cooking. He actually told me not to do anything but just watch him. He was humming while shaking his body it was hilarious but sexy and adorable at the same time. Me: How long is it gonna take again? Kyle: Patience my lady patience. I had never had his cooking in fact I didn't even know if he could cook. A part of me wondered how the food would taste would it even be edible? I brushed that thought off I had to be patient as he said. Though that was hard with the aroma of his food feeling my nostrils I couldn't just do it. I folded my arms and looked at him. After about 20 minutes he was done. He took out two plates so he could dish up for us. I got down from the counter and sat on one of the high chairs instead. He gave me my plate. It was chicken strips with some salad and rice it was more like a stir fry of some sort. I took a fork and ate it was amazing. It actually melted on my mouth. Me: Oh my goodness Kyle: You like? Me: This is amazing babe. You so sneaky you never told me you could cook. He smirked then faced me after stuffing his face then chewed and swallowed before answering me. Kyle: You never asked. Me: You should cook for me some more. Kyle: That's a woman's job. I laughed in disbelief. He was actually bragging to me in a way playing bo Ma hard to get. I really love Kyle and this moment with him was what I call priceless. After eating I took our plates then washed them then poured myself a glass of red wine that I found on the freezer. He was watching TV. I sat next to him. He hugged me with his shoulder. I looked at the TV screen. He was watching some soccer highlights. I sipped on my wine glass. Kyle: You shouldn't be drinking. Me: I'm not under age. Kyle: I forgot you finally turned 18. Me: Yep. Kyle: That means you no longer a child. Me: Yep. Kyle: Means I can marry you. Me: Yep... Wait what? Kyle: Marry me Charity. Let's do it.. Let's get married. Me: I'll only answer you if you do it the right way. Kyle: You want me on my knee? Me: Yes and I want a ring. Kyle: Who said I don't have a ring? Me: And dinner.. A candlelight dinner. He chuckled. Kyle: You really so difficult. You not about to tell me how to propose. He got on his knee right there I was shocked. I actually thought he was joking. I sat in awe was he really going to? No can it be that? He took out a white Diamond ring with a medium sized stone. I covered my mouth with my hands. I was shocked. Was this really happening? I actually felt tears building up. He took my left hand. Kyle: Charity Nomusa Msomi would you do me the greatest honour of becoming Mrs Jaden Kyle Le Roux and make me the happiest man on earth? Me: Before I answer is that ring my size? He chuckled and nodded. Me: Okay good. Yes I'll marry you. He laughed and then put the ring on my wedding finger and it fit perfectly. He then picked me up with him and hugged me tight. Kyle: You so crazy. I chuckled and kissed him. I was really getting married this was just so hard to believe and the cherry on top is this was just so hard to believe and the cherry on top is I was getting married to the man I deeply and wholeheartedly love. He then switched channels and played The Weekend_Earned it. He took my glass of wine and drank the remainder of it. He took my hand and we started dancing slowly. He was staring deep into my eyes with the music playing sweetly in the background. The Weekend's sweet vocals. We didn't break the eye contact. This felt unreal. It was too perfect but truth is it was really happening. He kissed me on the lips I replied. It was a different kind of kissing it was passionate slow kissing filled with love. He picked me up and walked with me in his arms without breaking the kissing. He put me on the bed and we continued kissing with our kisses filled with love. His tongue was moving to the rhythm of my heartbeat. His hands were moving all over my body and at that moment I felt my body relaxing in his embrace. His hands explored my body squeezing me in certain places and I felt my inner thighs moisten. There was nothing else in my mind as my body gave in to him. He took off my crop top and I was left in my bra. He started kissing me on my neck leaving a few hickeys there. He went to my chest then my breast. He took off my bra and my perky breasts sprung freely. He cupped them with his hands then played with them a bit a moaned escaped my mouth he was making me feel very good. He kissed them and started sucking on em. I couldn't help the moans that escaped my mouth at one point I didn't think they were coming from me. My breathing escalated as his hands went down from my bellybutton then lower I gasped this was beyond explainable with words. There was just too much ecstasy running in my veins. My body was on fire my fiance was hella booming. Truth is I find myself unable to explain this experience in words. He took off my jeans he was topless. The sight of his upper body was just too perfect too lovely. He started kissing my inner thighs going up. It was ticklish but pleasurable at the same time. He kissed my pussy on top of my panty. I was beyond wet he's never ever made me feel this way before. He looked at me. His eyes were small and red in colour he still looked handsome as ever though. Kyle: Can I go on? I looked at him. I couldn't talk my voice just wouldn't come out. So instead I nodded. Kyle: I need to hear you say it. I can't have you regretting this. Me: Yes.. Please.. Go on.. My voice was breaking. This was too good for me to allow him to stop it here. He removed my panties revealing my perfectly shaved vjay. He smiled at the sight and it made me giggle. He had never seen me up to this point. He took off his pants and he was left with just his boyshorts. He kissed my vjay I gasped yet again as pleasure escalated even more in me. He started kissing it I can't really explain what he was doing. I felt suckin and kissing and all sorts of pleasure. What was he doing to me? I felt myself tensing up I don't know what was about to happen then but I felt myself releasing something. I don't know what. Me: Wha.. What just.. Kyle: It's called an orgasm. He came up to my face and kissed me. He tasted salty is that how I taste? This was all new to me. Yes I loved this every part of it but again it was foreign. He started rubbing my clit I moaned softly and screamed more when he inserted a finger. He spoke in between our kiss. Kyle: Are you ready? Me: Yess.. I am He smirked then got up to take off his boy shorts. I swallowed hard as I looked at the size of his manhood. He grinned that was probably a boost to his ego. Kyle: Just relax. I did as instructed and he put on Just the tip. It was a bit painful but so amazing. He put more and more I bit my lip it was helluva painful. He made the pain numb with his kisses and how he was caressing my body. I felt the pleasure creeping in till I felt the pain turning me on more and more. I moaned and screamed and scratched his back as I felt more and more pleasure as I received more of him in me. I could actually feel him in my stomach. That's how good he was doing me. I reached multiple of those orgasms it was so good that I couldn't even feel my legs. He also released something inside of me then passed out next to me. With his dick still inside of me. I was so tired that I feel asleep from all of that. What a way to get into the night. The cherry on top was I had zero regret in me.

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