part 4 Charity : Pain Is My Remedy

Thandi woke me up on Friday. It was hard because I'm so used to my phone alarm and me not having it with me was just something else. Something else that I still was unable to get used to. It actually seemed like Kyle just didn't want to give me back my phone. That might sound silly but it was believable. I took a warm shower and got out when I was done. I dried then lotioned. I felt so Gothic that day. It was a dark day for me not having my phone. I wore a black torn boyfriend Jean a black long sleeves crop top All black Nike Huarache then I put on some mascara and eyeliner then put on Red matte lipstick. I looked flawless. I put my study materials in my bag then went downstairs to the kitchen. Thandi: Woaah Me: Don't even start. She held up her hands like she's surrendering. I took a seat down and she passed me a bowl of fruit salad. I had even forgotten about the diet. I ate and drank a glass of juice. Thandi: Let's go. Me: Okay. Did you call Tshego? Thandi: Yeah she knows about your cellphone issue. Me: Thanks. Kyle is really inconveniencing me now. Thandi: Uzo ba strongo. Me: Easy for you to say. Thandi: Let's just go stop complaining. She locked the door after we got out and we walked to campus. We found Tshego at the parking. She hugged us both. Tshego: I heard about your phone. I groaned. I'm really so used to having my phone with me imagine all those people who are always texting me. I even wondered how he's replying to them. Me: Don't remind me. They chuckled. We accompanied Thandi then we went to our lecture hall. The lecturer just came right after us. I didn't have any break between lectures so I only had five minutes to walk to the other lecture room. At least Tshego was right beside me. We had only three classes but Yoh I was tired. I was hungry and stuff I'm not really used to eating all this healthy food. But kodwa I had to support my friend. Tshego: We going to get Thandi? Me: I think she has another class now she had a break just now. Tshego: Man I miss her. I raised my eyebrow and looked at her. Tshego: What? Me: Are you gay? She laughed and hit me slightly on the shoulder. Tshego: No I'm not. Me: For a second there I was convinced you not straight. Tshego: Nah Fam there's so much going around in different sizes for me to stick with just a finger. I gasped and she laughed. Tshego: I'm just being honest. You a virgin? Me: Umm.. Yes. Tshego: You really missing out. Me: Funny that's what Thandi told me. Tshego: Just shows how so right we all are. Me: You guys gotta give me a break. She laughed and we went to the cafeteria to get something to eat. I just stuck to a healthy sandwich and her fries and a burger. We sat down and ate while she told me all about her boyfriend. He was a traditional Zulu man. Seemed like quite a catch. And a bit old but I'm not one to judge. Tshego doesn't look like a kid anyway too so it's understandable. Me: So y'all are getting married? Tshego: It's just lobola. I'd really love it if you guys come. Me: Of course we will. You one of us now Tshego: It's good having you guys in my life. Me: You are blessing like your name. She blushed and shook her head. Tshego: You so crazy. Me: It sucks being normal. Tshego: You always have an answer for everything. I laughed and she grinned. She's really a fun person to be around and well it was nice. Though I wondered how she got a Zulu man with such craziness. But one thing is for sure the Zulu's love a woman with meat on her bones. Me: Let's go. I wanna nap. Tshego: I'll accompany you my fiance is coming to get me. Me: Lucky you. We chuckled and left she accompanied me to my flat and turned back at the gate while answering her phone. It was her fiance calling by the way. I envy her just a bit. I also have dreams of getting married and stuff. All in good times though all in good times. I was about to unlock when I noticed that the door was already unlocked. Me: WTF? Okay I contained myself and told me not to panic. This was no time to. I put my keys back and got inside the flat. I walked in so I could see who it was. There was no sign of forced entry so this couldn't be a break in. I relaxed a bit. I put my bag in the kitchen counter and went in. It was Kyle. Of course it's him who else could it possibly be? Me: Finally he shows up. I rolled my eyes as I said that. He smirked a bit but got serious again. He was sitting on some rocking chair facing me. He was wearing very classy. Or should I say formal. A formal long sleeves shirt formal pants and formal shoes. He had his arms folded. I went to him. Kyle: You look amazing. I folded my arms and looked at him. Kyle: You should show some gratitude. Me: Maybe I might after you give me back my phone. The one you made me forget. Kyle: We'll get to that. He got up and pulled me to him. Kyle: I missed you. Me: Really? Kyle: Yes. Me: I'm mad at you. Kyle: I know. His hands went to my butt I felt the butterflies. I couldn't help it. He squeezed it and I gasped. I don't know what his touch was doing to me. He was paying so much attention to me. He put his one hand inside my pants I didn't flinch I didn't move. His other hand came into my face and he brought it closer to his. His grip was a bit tight but somehow the little pain made me a bit turned on. He rubbed his nose on my nose then after he kissed me. It wasn't an ordinary kiss he kissed me hungrily. I replied as I felt his hand going inside my panties. I usually removed but this time this time I didn't. I felt him rubbing my clit I was getting more wet and turned on nje. What was he doing to me? He broke the kiss but didn't remove his hand. Kyle: Come with me. I opened my eyes and looked at him. Me: Huh? Kyle: Come with me. Me: Ahh.. Okay. Kyle: Good. He took my hand and we walked out his other hand was on my bare ass. We walked out of the flat to his car of course he locked. I don't know where he got my key but hey I wasn't about to question him or anything. We drove for an hour I was even sleeping through the entire trip. I was tired after all. I woke up in a very comfortable bed. I don't remember even when we got there. I guess I was that tired. I was in a white Tee shirt dress. I got out and went into the bathroom it was an en suite. I brushed my teeth then washed my face. The little nap I had was very relaxing. I had no tired bone in me. I went out of the bathroom and went to look out for him. Me: Jaden! He answered from some room downstairs. I went down the stairs to where he was. Seems like he was working on something. Kyle: You awake. Me: Yeah. You undressed me? Kyle: Yes. I wasn't about to let you sleep in jeans. Me: Makes sense. Where are we? Kyle: My house. Me: Your house? He nodded. I had never been here before like never. Kyle: I hardly come here I've never brought a woman here. Me: You for real? Kyle: Yes. I need you to realize how serious I am about you. I smiled and looked at him. I actually felt like I mattered. For him to do this. It was everything. I seriously needed to get my shit together. I knew he was telling the truth I could see the sincerity in his eyes. He got up from his chair and came to me. Kyle: I really love you Charity Nomusa Msomi. I blushed and looked down. God he smelt so good. It was intoxicating. I couldn't breathe for a second there but I pulled myself together. Me: I.. I love you too.. So much. Kyle: You do but I need you to be mine.. Only mine. He brushed my cheek then went back to sit in his chair. I also sat down and watched him work. After a few minutes he got up and took my hand. Me: Where you taking me? Kyle: You need to learn to shut up sometimes. My mouth involuntarily made an O shape from shock. He didn't even pay attention to there. I stopped but he made me walk. We went to the dining room I think. It was just sort of like an open space with a big table. I just assumed its the dining room. Kyle: Want a drink? Me: Yes please. He took out a chair for me then went to pour us a glass of wine. He came with the glasses and just sat on the table looking at me. I looked down. Me: You making me shy. You'd think he'd break his gaze from me but he didn't. Kyle: Fuck! He got up and lifted me so fast before you'd even say up. Kyle: You don't know how much I wanna fuck you right now. Me: What? He grinned then kissed me. I replied. I can never say no to his kisses. Not even if I was paid to.

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