part 3 Charity : Pain Is My Remedy

Me: My phone! Thandi: What? Me: I think I misplaced my phone I can't find it. Thandi: I'm pretty sure it's here somewhere. Me: That's funny cause I spent the last thirty minutes looking for it Thandi: It's probably because you in such a hurry to find it. Might be in your eyes. I was now back at my flat. Kyle had dropped me off about an hour back. Things were now good between us and I couldn't be more happy. As much as I always initiate the fights I don't like us fighting. I was just happy we made up. I'll have to try to be loyal this yest I fall into more than a slap. Me: I thought I came with it. Thandi: Did you? Me: I mean it's not even in my bag. Thandi: let me just call cause I wanna get back to studying. Me: Ohh yeah. Please. It was around 8:30pm. Lucky for me I didn't have any homework so I was only gonna study for an hour then sleep. She called my phone which I didn't hear ringing anywhere in the flat. She tried it again for the second time and someone answered. " Charity's phone hello? " Me: That sounds like... Kyle? Kyle: Baby you left your phone behind. Me: How? Kyle: I think you forgot it. Me: I don't remember how I could have possibly forgotten it. Kyle: What are you insinuating then? Me: I'm not insinuating anything I was just saying. Kyle: I'll bring it tomorrow. Me: I don't think I'll have a break tomorrow. Kyle: Really? Me: I've got morning classes. Kyle: Too bad

I have early meetings In Pretoria. Me: When will you get back? Kyle: I don't know. Thandi cleared her throat. I looked at her signaling for her to say something. Thandi: my airtime. Me: Babe we'll talk. Kyle: Alright. I love you. Me: I love you too. I hang up and gave Thandi her phone back. Thandi: Well at least now we know it's safe. Me: I swear he made me forget my phone on purpose. Thandi: You might be right. But if you don't have anything to hide... She shrugged her shoulders. It wasn't about me having something to hide I guess somehow I was scared of what he might find in there. I hardly delete chats although I didn't want to think about it I couldn't help it. Me: I don't even have a password on or something. Thandi: What's there to find? Me: Nothing I guess. Thandi: Then just relax. I went to my room and threw myself on the bed. I don't know how I fell asleep but I did eventually


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