part 2 Charity : Pain Is My Remedy

He called me when he was at the entrance of the campus. He actually took ten minutes which seemed like a second to me. There was no escaping I had to face my demons. I wasn't far from where he was when I got out I saw his car parked by the side of the road. With a tail between my legs I walked to where he was. I guess I realized then that I wasn't ready yet to see him. All that I wondered was why was he so patient with me? I might ask myself that but if I lost him I think I'd basically die. He's my life and it's the thought of losing him that makes me go even more mad. I knocked on his window. I wasn't about to open my own door and I'm pretty sure he knew that. He smiled at me as he got out then gave me a hug. God he smelled so heavenly I didn't want to let go. His Hugo Boss cologne mixed with cigarette smell was intoxicating. I hang up to him longer than I intended. It's when I felt his hand going to my ass that I broke the hug. Kyle: You look even more beautiful without makeup. I blushed and looked down. I then faced him with a straight face. Me: Except for this mark on my cheek. He looked down. I could see how bad he felt and that's not what I wanted to do make him feel any more bad. I put my hand on his cheek just so I could assure him that he need not feel bad. Kyle: I'm really sorry. Me: I know and I wasn't saying it to make you feel bad. He nodded and I leaned up to kiss him. Kyle: I'm not a baby. Me: You my baby. He chuckled. Kyle: You think you so smart. Me: Honey I'm doing accounting. Of course I'm smart. He rolled his eyes at me and I giggled. Me: That's so gay. Kyle: Oh? Me: Yes. Kyle: Did you just question my sexuality? Me: There was no question mark there. He didn't replied instead he half smirked and out of the blue he pulled me then pinned me against his car in broad daylight. I groaned gently he really caught me off guard. He then kissed me deeply I couldn't say no to that. I had to it was just so amazing that I found myself not getting enough. I needed more of him he had his body pressed against mine that I couldn't help but moan into his mouth. That's when he broke the kiss. Kyle: Gay Huh? He snickered and I shot him a death stare and folded my arms. Me: That wasn't nice. Kyle: So was calling me gay. I rolled my eyes at him. I really adore our relationship I just don't know what's so hard with being loyal to this. My man just has it all not even the guys I cheat with put together could amount to what I got. He went to my side and opened the door for me and I got in. He closed my door and went to his side started the Car and drove off. Kyle: So what do you feel like eating? Me: Trying to get me fat? Kyle: Haha

of course not. Me: Well for your information I'm on a diet. He raised his one eyebrow and looked at me like he didn't believe I just said that. It's probably because I eat too much. Kyle: What the fuck? Well if I forgot to mention. He also loves me because of the way I'm not scared to express my appetite. Me: Better believe it babe. Kyle: What are you trying to lose? Me: You not being nice. Kyle: I'm actually being realistic. Me: You just love feeding me you should support me instead of being negative. Kyle: I'm sorry then. I don't want us to fight. Me: Got something else in mind? I looked at him and bit my lower lip. He pouted and I blew him a kiss. He chuckled shaking his head. Kyle: You like talking like its gonna lead somewhere. Me: Congratulations you just succeeded in killing the mood. Kyle: I love you too baby. He switched on the radio as he drove. I think I even fell asleep in the car cause I woke up when I felt myself elevating only to find out I'm in his arms. I relaxed my body in his embrace as he put me down on front of the door of his place. Me: What am I doing here again? Kyle: Don't be difficult. Me: I'll shut up. He unlocked the door and got in after I did. It was really neat well it always is but I'm the best freak so I always tidy it for him. I might not satisfy him sexually but I do take care of my man in all the other ways. Kyle: I just need to shower and change real quick yeah? Me: Alright. Kyle: Make yourself comfy. Me: it's not my first time hey I rolled my eyes at him. He kissed me on the cheek and went upstairs. I walked around downstairs. I really didn't know what I could do to keep busy I'd cook but I'm on a lean diet. Well though we haven't really got into details. I switched on the TV to some music channel. I had my feet on top of the table as I sat on the couch. My phone rang and it was a number I couldn't recognize. I answered on the second ring. Me: Yeah? Caller: Hi. It's Tshego. Me: Ohh hey. Wow you called. Tshego: I did. Good to Know your number works. Me: Haha yeah it's not some funeral parlor number. Tshego: And so I realized. I arrived safely by the way. Me: That's good to know I was a bit worried. Tshego: No need to worry mom. Are you home? I chuckled. Me: No not yet. Wannet to pop by? Tshego: One of this days. I thought you done with the boyfriend or y'all are getting it on? I giggled. Me: We wouldn't be talking now. Tshego: Damn I didn't think of that. Me: I knew I'm the smart one. Tshego: Haha we getting ahead of ourselves now. Me: Haha I'll chill then. Tshego: I had a good time with you guys. Me: And I'm also glad I now got a friend in class. Tshego: The cherry on top is us doing the same course. Me: Babe that's the cup. Tshego: The world cup sorta cup. Me: You feelin me. We both laughed and I heard someone clearing their throat behind me. I looked and it was Kyle who only had a towel wrapped around his lower body. I was drooling so I looked away before I got tempted more than this. Tshego: Hello?.. Me: I.. I'm still here. Tshego: Thought I lost you there. Me: Umm.. No.. Can I call you later? Tshego: Ohh.. Umm.. Sure. Me: Take care babe I dropped the call and turned back to him. Me: Ain't you gonna put something on? Kyle: Who was that? Me: Tshego she's doing the same course as I. Kyle: Ohh.. Me: Mm I went to the kitchen where I poured myself a glass of cold water to cool myself from his hotness. Uyababa uKyle kaloku. Jealous down. I sometimes find myself not even close to being as gorgeous as he Is. I'm really blessed here. A lot.


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