Me: "I don't know but I feel the need not to let you go"

Sego: "We can meet tomorrow if you interested "

Me: "Of course. I'd love to see you in a more sober state"

I gave her my phone and she put in her number.

We were standing outside while her friends were waiting for her.

We hugged then I watched her leave.

After that I got drunk seriously but not too drunk.

We went home around 3am with Matla driving.

I immediately went to bed not bothering to take off my clothes.

I woke up around 10am in the morning. I was very dehydrated and felt a bit dizzy.

I just went to the kitchen where I drank water then coke.

Mom: "Jwala "

I laughed.

Me: "Morning Ma"

Mom: "Did you enjoy? "

Me: "I did. It was great"

Mom: "Seems like you were the only one tired. Your brother is not even here"

Me: "He didn't drink that much. "

Mom: "Now that's responsible"

Me: "Bathong Mama"

Mom: "What? It's true. Your breakfast is in the oven"

She gave me a pat on the shoulder then left.

I went to brush my teeth first then went back to the kitchen for my breakfast.

I called Sego when I was done.

She answered almost immediately.

Sego: "Hello? "

Me: "Hey beautiful. How are you? "

Sego: "I'm good and you? "

Me: "Good too now that I'm talking to you. I was wondering if we can meet later on"

Sego: "Theo? "

I chuckled.

Me: "Yeah"

Sego: "Sorry. I just... I didn't think you'd even call. My cousin were busy saying you won't it was just the alcohol "

I laughed.

Me: " Well now you hear it wasn't. So what do you say? "

Sego: "Let's meet at three ko chicken licken "

Me: "OK baby. You better be punctual "

She giggled.

Sego: "Yes sir"

Me: "Good girl"

I hung up.

Karabo: "You're cheating on me now? "

I turned and there she was with her arms folded.

I laughed.

Me: "Don't be delusional "

she came and kissed my cheek.

Karabo: "So who is she? "

Me: "Someone I met. Nowadays you just come as you wish mo NEH "

She rolled her eyes.

Karabo: "I'm carrying your child. This is his home"

Me: "Mm. But I can't entertain you. I have somewhere to go"

I left her there and went to bath.

I got dressed in sweatpants and a Polo T-shirt.

I wore my kicks took my phone then went out.

Karabo: "Please drop me off at town"

Me: "Let's go"

We both got out after I parked and went out separate ways.

I honestly didn't know why we had to meet at chicken licken.

I felt like a kid sitting there waiting for her.

She came dressed in black skinny jeans and a white boob tube top.

She came to me with a grin.

Sego: "Hey"

We hugged.

Me: "I don't want to be here. Let's go somewhere "

Sego: "OK "

At least she didn't give me any hassles.



I went out of my room with my headsets on while jamming to Kendrick.

It was Sunday so I knew they probably left to church.

Thing about holidays was that everyone came home. Even my brothers with their wives and annoying kids

I hate children which is why I always keep it safe.

I dragged my feet to the kitchen so I could have some breakfast.

It was a bit quiet.

I dished up for myself then left before people came.

I just wanted to be alone.

There was a knock on my door which I ignored but the person kept knocking.

I went to open.

Me: "What? "

I asked with a very serious look.

Dad: "It's time for us to talk about what you did"

He pushed himself inside.

I was even surprised he knocked.

I sat on my bed and looked at him.

Dad: "Since when do we hit women? "

Fuck. He was really opening wounds which had hardly healed.

Me: "It was a mistake "

Dad: "A mistake? A mistake is maybe cheating. A mistake is losing your cool and yelling. Not fucking hitting a woman and leaving her alone like that. Have you no conscience? "

I laughed.

Me: "You're one to talk "

Then he slapped me.

I could feel my cheek burning but I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction.

Dad: "I'm the one who just had to clean up your mess right now. Why didn't you tell me? "

Me: "Don't you think I'm ashamed? All she did was love me but I was just a jerk"

He sighed.

Dad: "You need help"

Me: "I need you to leave me alone "

I went to the gym and hit hard on treadmill.

I was just trying not to think about this.

Anelisa was nothing but good to me and I hate that I couldn't love her because of my history.

To think that happened after I received a call from someone who's name is rather not say.

Lisa kept pushing and pushing until I lost it. I don't even remember anything about what happened.

It was like I blacked out and regained consciousness when I saw her laying there with no trace of life in her.

I went to shower then joined the family for lunch.

I just wanted my mom to see what her husband did to me.

Mom: "Luthando! "

She said immediately when she saw my red cheek.

She didn't miss it because of my light skin.

Dad: "I'm not doing this with you. Stop treating this thing like a kid"

Mom: "He's my son and I'm not going to let you abuse her"

Dad: "Vele I knew he was going to come here so you can see it. It's just a slap. He put a woman in a coma because of his issues! "

Eish did he have to do that?

Mom: "What? Sandile is this true? "

Me: " I think I just lost my appetite "

I said standing up.

Mom: "Sandile! "

I just walked away.



I was laying on my bed after Church while waiting for Mpho to finish with the cooking.

The service wasn't that long do we came back early.

My phone rang. It was Michelle.

Michelle: "Baby! "

She screamed

after Church while waiting for Mpho to finish with the cooking.

The service wasn't that long do we came back early.

My phone rang. It was Michelle.

Michelle: "Baby! "

She screamed making me laugh.

Me: "Hi what's up? "

Michelle: "I've found love "

I laughed yet again.

Me: "You're always finding love. What happened to Jozi? "

Michelle: "Argh that one. He's not as good in bed as he looks"

Me: "Michelle! "

Michelle: "Really. The guy was a waste of time. Imagine re busy mo and just as I'm about to start moaning he's done. On top of that he collapses next to me like he did something "

I laughed like really laughed.

She sounded so serious. I felt bad for the guy.

Me: "So who is he? "

Michelle: "I don't know but he is a bit older. He's just what I need at the moment "

Me: "You need prayers. That's what you need. O tlhoka Trinity. "

Michelle: "I'm enjoying life before I settle. How are you though? "

Me: "I'm good just sad because Bryan is in Australia and he's only coming back next year "

Michelle: "Shame babe. I hope he doesn't get up to anything there. I'll kill him with my bare hands "

Me: " I hope so too"

Michelle: "Look I'll call you. He's calling! "

I hung up laughing.

Mpho came to call me when the food was ready and we all ate while talking about random things.

There was a knock on the door when I had just got finished with the dishes.

I went to open.

Me: "Hi"

The woman looked at me.

Her: "Susan. Is she here? "

Me: "Yes please get in. I'll call her for you"

She got in and I went to call Sue.

Sue: "Hey there. Follow me please "

I went to my room after hoping that I'll get a call from Bryan.

I just missed him so much already.

Instead I got a call from Sego.

Me: "Hey"

Sego: "Look Ph I need help"

Me: "What's up? "

Sego: "I just... I like him so much but... I'm scared "

Me: "Who? "

Sego: "Theo hle. I didn't know he's from Botswana and I'm here for the holidays. We hooked up yesterday and I can't stop thinking about him"

Me: "So what's the problem? "

Sego: "He's friends with my sister. He just doesn't recognise me "

Me: "Eh this is a tough one"

Sego: "I know. What do I do? "

Me: "Go with the flow babe and see where it leads. You'll deal with your sister when you know where you stand"

Sego: "You're right. Thanks"

Me: "You're welcome "

I just played games on my phone after she hung up

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