Bryan: "It's always hard for me to watch you leave "

Me: "Trust me when I say it's hard for me too"

Bryan: "Our stolen moments are the best. Reminds me of high school "

I laughed.

Me: "But they're not really stolen just limited "

Bryan: "Same difference. Look baby I'm going to Australia since Christmas is coming soon. We spending it as a family "

Me: "Oh"

I looked down. I was saddened by that.

I couldn't imagine him so far away from me.

Bryan: "I'll come back just after the first of January "

Me: "I... That's such a long time babe"

Bryan: "I would like you to come with me but I know you're still under your sister's care. I really hate leaving you "

Me: "Just don't be a stranger and don't forget about me"

Bryan: "I'll never forget about you. I carry you here with me everyday "

He said that putting my hand on his chest to feel his heart beat.

Bryan: "I mean it when I say I love you "

That warmed my heart.

He sounded so sincere.

Me: "I love you too"

He kissed me once more and I got out.

I was in a very good mood.

Ole: "Kana wa jola "

He was sitting on the veranda with Sue.

I just laughed rolling my eyes.

Me: "Big bro"

Sue: "And he's mixed"

Me: "Don't you guys have things you can talk about? Like finding a house and stuff"

Ole: "This kid"

He said shaking his head.

I laughed going into the house.

I had a message from Bryan.

"I miss you already "

I blushed.

on Friday I prepared myself for church. there was a night service and I obviously couldn't stay behind.

I loved it though. It was always amazing. The presence of God that is.

I prepared myself got dressed and everything.

I was wearing a long navy blue Maxi dress with a denim jacket And sandals.

Sue was having tea in the kitchen.

Me: "Isn't it hot for that? "

Sue: "Are you done? "

Me: "Yes is Mpho coming? "

She nodded. She looked like someone deep in thought with her cup so close to her mouth.

Me: "Is everything OK? "

Sue: "You were blessed with a good voice. A voice that can bring up healing on the sick and chase away demons from the possessed. You won't always have to pray for someone to be healed even just singing can do that "

Me: "I... Uhm.. "

I didn't know what to say.

Sue: "Not only that. You're a worshipper and God requires worshippers who worship Him in truth and in spirit. You're more connected to your spiritual person that you can imagine and I.. "

She sighed.

Sue: "Just keep in mind that there's always a storm before the rainbow. No matter what you encounter pray without ceasing "

Me: "What's going on? Is something going to happen to me? "

She looked at me as she put her cup down.

Sue: "We should go. Mpho will find us there "

I sighed.

To think I already thought I had gone through the worst and now I had just been told that there's more Coming.

How much more can a human being endure?

I took my Bible and we left.

I needed church to take my mind off things and put me in a better mood.



My father walked into my room and roughed up my hair.

I almost punched him through the face but I knew that would be a losing battle.

I wasn't in the mood for anyone and preferred just being locked in my room.

Dad: "Are you trying to send your mother to an early grave? "

Me: "Are your hands dysfunctional? You could have knocked "

Dad: "Be careful how you talk to me son. I'm trying to be nice"

I kept quiet.

He sighed.

Dad: "Your mom is worried about you which is why I'm here. What's going on? Why are you pushing us away? "

I had been locked up in my room since I got home which was two weeks back.

Dad being the owner of this house has the master key which is probably how he got into my room.

Me: "Nothing"

I said

with no hint of interest in pursuing the conversation further.

Dad: "I know that you're not much of a talkative person and -"

Me: "Dad this is not you. Don't try and psychoanalyse me. I know this is your house but can I have my peace? Or should I go visit grandpa? At least he won't be all up in my face "

Dad: "Sandile! "

I could hear in his voice that he was losing patience and becoming angry.

I put on my earphones.

As much as he was angry I knew he wouldn't do anything to me.

He just stood up and walked out defeated.

I remained in the same position and fiddled with my phone.

It was on flight mode.

The last thing I needed was to have a call from her.

Once upon a time I was in love with a woman who completely killed me and striped me of my ability to love.

Now I was here at home and hoping that I'll keep myself away from the urge I had.

The urge to put a bullet between her eyes. The urge to Fuck her life up like she did to mine.

Does my father know just how mad I am right now?

It was best I stay locked up because if I were to get out I'd find myself with blood in my hands.

My name is Sandile Ngcobo and I'm a fourth year medicine student. I'm 22 years old.



Matla: "Dude we have to leave now "

Me: "I don't know why the hell I agreed to this"

Matla: "You'll enjoy it. I promise "

Me: "I don't think I'm ready to see what you get up to in these places of yours"

He laughed.

Matla: "Don't be such a party popper. We taking your car "

Me: "And who's going to drive if we both get wasted?"

Matla: "I will. I never go over board. Let's go"

Mom: "Be safe "

She was just happy that we were getting along.

Yesterday Matla had come while we were eating and came up with this telling me it'll be popping and that Cassper is performing.

Because I love the dude's music I agreed and now it was happening.

Me: "Where do you get money to attend these things? "

Matla: "I'm a man. I make plans "

Me: "Better not be anything illegal "

Matla: "Of course not. What do you think of me? "

Me: "I'm just saying. We can't have mami having something worse than the stroke"

Matla: "Of course"

The rest of the drive was silent.

We arrived at the place and it was popping. I even struggled to find a parking spot because of the many cars.

Me: "I hope I won't be forced to hang out with teenagers"

He laughed.

Matla: "You don't have to worry about that "

We went inside after standing in a rather long queue.

It was full but from the queue outside I knew it was going to get worse.

We went to buy drinks and got ourselves a table.

It had been a while since I went out.

It was great better than I had expected.

I wasn't drinking much but I could feel that I was tipsy.

Matla had disappeared somewhere and I was with this girl who introduced herself as Masego.

She looked familiar I just didn't know from where.

Me: "Are you from here? "

She shook her head.

Sego: "I'm just visiting. My mom is originally from here but I'm visiting my aunt"

She was beautiful no doubt with a beautiful smile and big eyes.

She was a bit tall with a slim body and between caramel and yellow.

Me: "I don't know but it seems coming here wasn't such a bad idea after all"

She laughed.

Sego: " I guess "

We continued talking with me trying to remember where I could know her from.

One thing about me would be that I'm not good with faces.

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