It was about two to three months later and mid December.

I was home since I had closed at work. We were to open during the first week of January and I honestly needed the break.

It had been a hectic few months since we had to complete all the orders for December since people were having events all through festive.

It was a Thursday and I had arrived the previous night.

I stretched waking up. I was tired yet hungry. My stomach couldn't stop grumbling.

The first thing I did was to take a bath then I wore sweat shorts with a vest and sliders.

I took my phone and went out of my room to the kitchen.

Me: "Morning Ma "

I said kissing her cheek.

Mom: "Morning baby how are you? "

Me: "I'm good just tired. You? "

Mom: "I'm OK. Have you checked on your baby mama yet? "

Me: "I just got here tlhe mama"

Mom: "I'm just asking. She'll be giving birth soon. "

Me: "Eish I know. I don't even know how we going to deal with the baby. It seems his father still hasn't accepted our child "

Mom: "I don't mind looking after him because I'm always home"

Me: "I'll talk to her about it"

Mom: "OK baby. I just hope you've learned from your mistakes "

Me: "Yoh I have. I can't make the same mistake twice "

I meant it.

Yes I had accepted the pregnancy and everything but I didn't want to make that mistake again.

I wasn't willing to. Heck I'd rather walk with a pack of condoms everywhere I go if I have to.

Katleho and I had built sort of a friendship.

We would go out for drinks sometime or just lunch.

Her boyfriend was just as scary as Brenda's boyfriend.

I don't get what they see in these buffed up guys.

The man looked like a bouncer.

I texted Karabo to pay me a visit after breakfast.

My mom was going to run some errands. Something about a society thingy.

Matla was nowhere to be found.

I understood though since it was December and knowing my brother he was only going to come if he wants food or to bath and change.

I heard a knock on the door and I went to open. Gosh she looked huge.

I made space for her to get in.

Me: "How are you? O siame? "

Karabo: "I'm good now that I see you"

She was convinced we are in a relationship.

Me: "Well I'm also good. Anything to drink? "

Karabo: "Juice please "

She went to the lounge while I poured her juice.

Me: "How's my baby? "

Karabo: "Fine. I just hate that I've gained so much weight. Most of my clothes don't fit"

She was almost six months pregnant.

Me: "You want new clothes? "

She nodded.

Me: "We'll go buy tomorrow "

Karabo: "Thank you. Where's your mother? "

Me: "Went out"

Karabo: "So you're alone? We can go to your room"

I hadn't touched her since I found out about the pregnancy.

I wasn't there anymore.

Me: "It's hot or you can't feel it? "

Karabo: "Why are you like this now? Am I no longer attractive? "

Me: "We were never in a relationship nje"

Karabo: "I'm carrying your child Motheo. Don't you think I get horny? Or do you want me to sleep with someone else while I'm carrying your child? "

The thought made me cringe.

Me: "Le wena mara"

Karabo: "I'm just asking. I've been holding myself for too long now"

Me: "Let's go"

She grinned.

I spanked her butt as we went to my bedroom.

I made sure to lock the door. I didn't want my mom walking onto us.

She was wearing a red flare dress.

I was curious about how this was bound to go.

We started kissing while sitting on the bed. I could feel that she was hungry for this.

Me? I just wanted to please and pleasure her.



Being at home can make a person very lazy.

Yes I was happy to be here but looking forward to varsity.

I was excited and I wasn't the only one. Even Michelle was.

I was also a bit anxious of moving to another province but very happy that my sister approved.

I did think that she was going to disagree but she surprised me.

Sue: "I need to talk to you about something "

She was just coming in.

I was watching TV.

I switched it off so I can focus on her.

Me: "Oh? "

Sue: "Yes. Uhm Ole and I are moving in together "

Ole was her boyfriend.

Me: "You mean... Joburg? "

She nodded.

Sue: "His life is there now and I've already gotten my transfer "

Me: "What about me? "

She laughed.

Sue: "You're going to varsity baby. You're all grown up now. If you miss me I could always book you a flight. He's found us a big house. He says it's big enough for all the kids we going to have and I'm pretty sure even yours will fit"

I laughed.

Me: "When are you guys getting married? "

Sue: "I know the coming year won't pass without us being married. You have nothing to worry about "

I laughed.

Me: "Who said I'm worried? "

Sue: "You're always asking. "

I rolled my eyes.

My phone rang.

Sue: "I'll leave you to it. Tell Bryan I say Hi"

I chuckled as I answered.

Me: "Baby"

Bryan: "I miss you "

Me: "I miss you too. So much"

I still couldn't believe we had made it so far.

I loved him even more than I did the previous months.

It was crazy. We could hardly spend a day without talking.

My heart beat for him.

I was more glad that Anna was good. I didn't like her much and she'd always treat me like a kid.

I mean I know that I wasn't experienced in sex but she would treat me like I didn't know anything.

Bryan would stand up for me while I just kept quiet.

I didn't care. She was older anyway and Bryan loved me.

Bryan: "Baby I'm a few houses away "

Me: "What? "

I swear I stood up like a crazy person.

I missed him that much.

We hadn't seen each other in two weeks since I came home.

Bryan: "You'll see me if you get out of the yard"

He was the one who drove me home so he knew where I stayed.

It was better with Susan knowing I'm dating.

It made things easier for me but we still hadn't slept together.

We'd do other things though. I'd even give him head.

Just don't tell my sister.

Me: "I'm coming "

I said excitedly and hung up. I put on my flops and walked out bumping into Mpho with a basket.

Me: "Sorry Ma "

She's Ole's mother. She had been living with us for more than a year now.

She was more like a mother to us.

Mpho: "Going somewhere? "

I nodded.

Me: "Bye "

She just laughed shaking her head.

I literally ran to his car when I saw it.

He was leaning by it.

He hugged me tightly then kissed my lips.

Bryan: "I missed you so much "

I giggled.

Me: "Me too"

He opened the door for me and I got in. He went to his side.

Bryan: "I can't wait for next year "

I grinned.

Me: "Me too"

He laughed giving me a weird look.

We had planned to stay together. I was going to UKZN.

He had also found a job in Durban so this was best.

I couldn't wait. I loved waking up next to him and having him cuddle me through the night.

Me: "I look forward to it"

I added.

He put his hand on my thigh as he drove away.

Bryan: "I hope you're hungry"

Me: "I hadn't eaten yet"

Bryan: "Good"

The rest of the ride was silent.

He opened the door for me after he found a parking spot.

I assumed we were going to a restaurant. We went there holding hands.

I wanted the moment to last. Thinking of how many weeks we still had to go I knew that every second with him counts.

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