I was happy when he dropped me off at my dorm on Sunday.

I hated how he acted with that girl and even giving her his number just like that.

I wasn't expecting such from him and I had a feeling it wasn't the last time we see or hear from her.

Bryan: "I hate leaving when things are like this"

We were still in his car.

Me: "Like what? "

Bryan: "You're mad at me Vic and I hate it"

Me: "For someone Who's father is from South Africa it amazes me how little you're trying to learn my name. It's Phenyo. P H E N Y O"

Bryan: "But you've never had any problem with Victory"

Me: "Now I do and you know so a little effort will be much appreciated "

Bryan: "OK Pheno "

I groaned rolling my eyes.

Bryan: "I'll try. I promise. I'll phone my half sister and ask her to help"

Me: "Now we're talking "

Bryan: "I want us to be fine"

Me: "I don't want a repeat of the Anna situation. Her coming onto you like that and you entertaining her in my presence. "

Bryan: "It'll never happen again "

Me: "Good"

Bryan: "A kiss? "

I rolled my eyes and we kissed.

A month passed and things were rather calm.

I was writing my preparatory exams.

I hardly saw Bryan because I had to focus but we'd meet on weekends.

Anyway it was Monday and I wasn't writing.

Michelle decided to barge into my room with some girl.

She grinned at me.

Me: "And then? Vroeg so? "

Michelle: "I'm here regarding the dance man "

Me: "Prom? "

She nodded.

Michelle: "This is Segow. "

Me: "Hi"

Sego: "Hey"

They both sat on my bed.

Me: "What's up? "

Sego: "So my sister knows this tailor guy who made her dress so I was thinking we go for him"

Me: "Isn't it too early for that? "

Michelle: "He's in high demand. It's better we talk now so we can get our dresses in time"

I frowned.

Me: "I don't even know what I want"

Michelle: "We'll ask him to send us some of his work. But he's quite expensive. Not the David Tlale expensive but you know what I mean "

I laughed.

Me: "I'll talk to my sister Ke "

Sego: "I'll talk to Katli too"

Michelle: "Amazing. Go dress up we going out"

Me: "It's Monday "

Michelle: "We're not writing and it won't be for long "

Me: "Fine "

I changed into a short with a T-shirt and sneakers.

I wore a cap and we could finally leave.

Michelle: "I need toiletries "

We went to buy her toiletries while I bought myself some junk.

I made sure to buy lots of wine gums cause I consumed them through my studying sessions.

Michelle: "Is that Bryan? "

She asked after we paid.

I looked at where she was pointing and it was him.

He was with the Anne chick.

Me: "I'm not surprised "

Sego: "You're too calm "

I shrugged.

Me: "It might be innocent. I don't want to stress while I'm writing exams "

I also didn't know why I was calm.

We went out and when he saw me he looked down.

I just walked away.

We went to McDonald's for some food. We ordered Big Mac's with shakes.

Michelle: "I really don't get you. I mean you seem perfectly fine"

I laughed.

Me: "Can we just drop this? "

Sego: "But I agree with Michelle. I would have gone there and caused some havoc"

I laughed.

Me: "Not me. I need to go to the toilet "

I stood up and went to the toilet. I did my business then washed my hands.

I bumped into some guy when I got out.

Me: "Sorry "

Him: "Better watch where you going next time. Nxa! "

Me: "Heban"

He looked at me then clicked his tongue walking away.


I just went back to the girls and we started eating while just talking.

Some people have attitude for days.

My phone rang. It was Bryan.

Me: "Hello? "

Bryan: "Hi uhm... Are you still here? "

Me: "Yeah but we leaving after. I gotta study "

Bryan: "Look about -"

Me: "You don't have to explain. I'm not mad"

Bryan: "But-"

Me: "Bye. I love you"

Bryan: "I love you too"

I hung up after that.

Michelle: "She's crazy "

She said looking at Sego.

Sego: "I agree"

I just chuckled.



I hung up and sighed.

Brenda came and handed me a small can of coke.

Me: "Thanks"

Brenda: "What's going on? "

Me: "Eish baby mama drama"

She laughed.

Brenda: "What happened this time? "

Me: "She's mad because I haven't been home in two weeks now. I tried explaining that it gets busy from this month but she doesn't barge"

Brenda: "It's just the hormones messing up with her"

Me: "That doesn't mean she should drive me crazy "

She laughed.

Me: "It's not funny! "

Brenda: "I just wonder how it's going to be when the baby is here. She's just about three months pregnant and already stressing you. What about the next six? "

I sighed.

Me: "Don't mention it. His father is also up my throat about damages. I'm just tired. I need a break "

Brenda: "Are you guys together now? "

Me: "I think it's what she wants but I'm not there"

Brenda: "Shame"

Anyway we continued working while I made a few sketches.

I went to buy myself some lunch since I Skipped it.

Arriving back I had a guest.

She smiled at me.

Me: "Hey"

Katleho: "Hi"

She came and hugged me.

It was just an innocent hug.

Me: "It's been a while "

Katleho: "I know. How are you? "

Me: "I'm fine just too busy "

Katleho: "Well I'm coming with more work"

Me: "Oh? "

Katleho: "My little sister and her friends are having their prom soon and they would like you to design their dresses"

I thought of my coming child and how expensive raising a baby might be.

This was a blessing.

Me: "OK anything in mind? "

Katleho: "I'll be lying but I'll give them your number so they can call you. She wanted you to agree first"

Me: "Please do and thanks"

Katleho: "You don't have to thank me. You're good at what you do"

Me: "Thanks for the compliment ge"

She chuckled.

Katleho: "It's my pleasure. We should do drinks sometime "

Me: "I'd like that "

Katleho: "Good. I'll call you"

Me: "I'll walk you out"

Katleho: "Oh no. It's cool. I'm with my boyfriend and he's just too crazy "

I laughed.

Me: "OK go well"

I watched her leave.

If only she knew how she was haunting me in my dreams.

Brenda: "She doesn't look like your type"

I don't even know when she arrived here.

Me: "Did you have to? "

She laughed.

Brenda: "I'm just saying. I saw how you were looking at her butt"

Me: "I wasn't looking at her butt"

Brenda: "Mm. Keep saying that "

Then she walked away.

I had to fucken focus.

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