I had been dragging the week because I knew I had to go home.

I wasn't looking forward to what was waiting for me there and that scared me.

I had to switch off my phone because I was too much of a coward to face the mess I made.

I knew my mom would have forced me to come home immediately and I would not have been able to say no.

She is my mother after all and I could never disobey her.

I was also avoiding Karabo's calls. I knew she was just going to give me unnecessary pressure.

I couldn't delay any longer. I went to bath immediately after work.

It was Friday and the end of the month. I didn't want to imagine the traffic.

I dressed up then took my little bag. I wasn't planning on staying for long.

The matrics all over the province and country had started with their matrix dances so I knew it was going to get hectic at work.

I couldn't buy anything because of the queues at the stores.

I just drove home after having something to eat.

I was usually in a hurry to arrive but that time I wasn't.

In fact I was slacking as much as possible.

Eventually I arrived and it was late at night.

I took a deep breath then got off my car with my bag.

The lights were still on surprisingly.

I was welcomed by a slap from my mother.

Me: "Eh"

Another one followed and I couldn't feel my cheek. So much violence.

Mom: "How could you embarrass me like that? "

I scratched my head. I honestly didn't have anything to say.

Me: "I'm sorry Ma. I didn't plan this"

Mom: "That girl's father is a nightmare "

She said then sighed.

Me: "I'm really sorry Mami"

Mom: "Stop apologising. It's already done the mess is there. Just fix it. I don't want to die early from heart problems "

I looked down.

I felt bad for this. The last thing I wanted was to stress my mother.

Me: "I'll fix it mom"

I gave her a hug.

How was I going to? I didn't know but I knew I had to see Karabo first.

She broke the hug and kissed my lips.

Mom: "Should I warm some food for you? "

Me: "Please "

I woke up early the following day so I can go see Karabo.

She had been released from hospital and we were to meet in town because of her father.

I wasn't ready to face that man and whatever shit he may hit me with.

I went to the kitchen after I had bathed and dressed up.

Me: "Morning "

I said to my mother who was all up and setting the table for breakfast.

Mom: "Morning. Sit down. I'm sorry about your cheek"

I laughed.

Me: "It's fine. I deserved it"

It happens when you're light skinned. My cheek had her hand print.

Mom: "Mara le wena what were you thinking going for these hood girls? ke difebe! "

Me: "Bathong Mama"

Mom: "No Theo this is definitely not how I raised you. Couldn't you find someone in South Africa? "

Me: "Eish "

Mom: "Is it even your child? "

I shrugged.

Me: "Karabo said it is. I'm meeting up with her so we can talk about this"

She nodded.

I left after breakfast.

We met at KFC.

Me: "Hi"

She nodded. She was eating.

Karabo: "Hey"

Me: "How are you? "

She shrugged.

Karabo: "Alive I guess. "

Me: "How did your father find out about the pregnancy? "

Karabo: "He saw the ultrasound scans. I had forgotten them on the kitchen counter. When I remembered it was too late and because they had my name I couldn't deny it"

Me: "How far? "

Karabo: "Do you think I'm lying? That it's not your child? "

Me: "I'm just asking "

Karabo: " I'm seven weeks pregnant "

I nodded.

Me: "We'll get through this "

I said holding her hand in reassurance.

Karabo: "How? We're not even together "


I'm being tested.

Me: "Don't stress"

I didn't know too. I just hoped her family won't force me to marry her or something.

I knew it was easy for something like that to happen. Especially in very cultural families like hers.



I pinched his cheek and he laughed.

Me: "Wake up. I'm hungry"

I still couldn't believe he was here and I was so happy.

The days without him had been my worst.

He finally opened his eyes.

Bryan: "What time is it? "

Me: "It's around 5pm"

It was Saturday and I had been with him since the previous day.

Bryan: "Alright. Go clean up then"

Me: "Long done. Just get up "

He chuckled and kissed my chin.

Bryan: "OK baby "

I made the bed while he took a shower.

After that I went out to the kitchen where I poured myself a glass of juice and just browsed through my phone.

Bryan: "All done. Let's go"

We went out for dinner. I felt under dressed for the restaurant but he wasn't bothered.

Me: "So your mother is all good now? "

He nodded.

Bryan: "She even went to church after her miraculous healing "

I nodded.

Me: "That's good. We should also start going to church "

Bryan: "Uh not yet baby "

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

Me: "Why not? "

Bryan: "I'm scared "

I laughed.

Me: "Are you kidding me? "

"Bryan! "

Some girl shouted before he could answer.

It was a brunette tall with a slim body. She looked like a model.

He stood up as she came to our table and they hugged.


The hug lasted a bit too long if you asked me.

Bryan: "What the hell are you doing in South Africa? "

She smiled.

Her: "I have some photoshoot in table mountain and we'll also tour around the country. I'm here for three whole months"

She squealed.

I was just sitting there while looking at these two.

My presence was only recognised when I cleared my throat.

Bryan: "Baby this Is Annabelle. We met during my stay in The Us. Anna this is my girlfriend Victory "

'Phenyo' I wanted to say but instead maintained my cool and smiled.

Anna: "Hi. She looks so young though and so innocent "

Heban. OK.

Bryan: "She's 18"

She smiled.

Anna: "Give me your number so we can keep contact while I'm here. I have to leave "

He took out his business card and gave it to her.

She kissed his cheek then left swaying her little ass.

Bryan just sat down and pretended like everything was OK.

Anyway I wasn't going to react too. I just kept my cool.

He settled the bill when we were done and we left.

Bryan: "It's unlike you to be so quiet "

Me: "I just have a lot on my mind "

Bryan: "Is everything OK? "

Me: "Yes"

He kept quiet for a while. I took off my clothes and wore my pyjamas.

Bryan: "Is it because of Anna? "

Me: "What do you think? I mean you were all cosy with a girl in my presence. Am I suppose to be OK? "

Bryan: "We haven't seen each other in about two years. That's it. You have nothing to worry about "

I nodded.

Me: "If you say so"

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