I had been sitting down staring into space and just thinking about this Karabo thing.

It was bothering me. I don't know what I was thinking hitting it raw. Maybe I thought she was responsible and on the pill or something but I should have been responsible too.

I didn't even want to think about whether the child was mine or not because only God knows what she gets up to in my absence.

We lived countries apart and I couldn't say that maybe she was loyal to our thing.

But again I had hit it raw so I couldn't run away from that.

Gosh I never imagined myself a parent at 25.

My poor mother was surely going to be disappointed at my behaviour. I was too.

I made myself breakfast after thinking for a long while.

Over thinking was obviously not going to help me.

My phone rang again after I was done with my breakfast.

I sighed and answered.

Me: "Hello"

Karabo: "I'm so sorry"

Me: "Huh? "

She was sobbing again.

Karabo: "Dad just came here asking who the father is. I think he's going to go tell your mother"


Me: "Are you fucken kidding me? "

Karabo: "I'm really sorry. He's just so mad right now and I can't do anything to stop him"

I just hung up.

I was really being tested now. There was no other way of explaining it.

I mean a lot was just happening all of a sudden.

I dialled my mom's number and it rang to voicemail.

I knew I was doomed. Really doomed.

I went on my knees and just prayed. It was the only thing I could think of at that moment.

I knew God will never fall deaf to my prayers.



I looked at my phone ringing.

He was calling for the third time now and I wasn't interested.

I didn't even know why he kept calling after I rejected the calls.

I huffed and answered on the fifth ring.

Me: "What? "

Bryan: "Baby"

Me: "What do you want? "

Bryan: "You sound sick. Are you OK? "

I still had the headache and well he sounded fine to me so I wondered where the hell he'd been.

Me: "What do you think? You disappeared on me"

He sighed.

Bryan: "I'm sorry. It's my mom she's very sick"

Me: "You're out of the country? ".

My heart sank.

The thought of him a continent away was hurtful on its own.

Bryan: "That's why my phone was unreachable. Baby I miss you so much "

Me: "What's wrong with your mother? "

Bryan: "She has a headache. I think she's had it for a week now"

Me: "That's weird"

Bryan: "A headache is weird? "

Me: "I've also had a headache for a week now. "

Bryan: "I'm sorry baby have you tried going to the doctor? "

Me: "No but I've drank lots of painkillers but they don't help"

Bryan: "Now I feel bad that I'm not there to nurse you back to help"

Me: "Your mother needs you but I'm still mad at you. I was worried. I thought something happened to you"

Bryan: "I'm sorry baby. I'll make it up to you when I get there I promise"

Me: "You better "

He yawned.

Bryan: "I have to go. I love you"

Me: "I love you too"

Hearing from him left me relieved. At least now I could stop worrying about him.

Now the situation with his mother. I wondered if maybe she was the reason I had the headache.

Thank God it was Saturday. I called Sue knowing that she'll be able to help shed some light into this.

Sue: "Hey"

Me: "Hi"

Sue: "Someone seems to be missing me nowadays. You should come home "

I laughed.

Me: "Aren't you visiting Ole or something? "

Sue: "If only I wasn't working. How are you? "

Me: "Still the same. That's actually why I'm calling "

Sue: "I knew there was something "

I giggled.

Me: "Of course "

I cleared my throat. How was I going to put it?

Sue: "Are you going to talk? "

Me: "I... Uh... I just got off the phone with uhm a friend of mine and his mom has had a headache for a week too. Is she the reason I'm experiencing it? "

Sue: "So he's just a friend? "

I knew she was going to ask something like this.

Me: "He's my boyfriend "

I confessed and she laughed.

Sue: "It makes sense now. Do you love him? "

Me: "I do"

Sue: "You're connected to him because he's your boyfriend so because his mom is sick it's a sign that she needs you"

Me: "Needs me? "

Sue: "The headache is. You have to pray for healing upon her. It's good now because you know who's suffering. Stand on the gap for her"

Me: "I don't even know her name "

Sue: "Ask your boyfriend "

She said and laughed hanging up like I wasn't the one who called.

This was more complicated than I thought.

Standing on the gap? However I wanted the headache to go away.

I went to close the door.

I sighed closed my eyes and sang first.

"Ungu–Alpha no–Omega

Uyisiqalo kanye nesiphetho

UnguJehova unamandla

Wawukhon'emandulo usekhona

Wadala mina ukuze ngikukhonze

Wanginik' ingom' emnandi yendumiso"

I needed to sing first so I can get my spirit into the right mood and connect with the Holy Spirit.



I was woken up by a great aroma of food.

I knew it could only be one person -my mother.

It was Sunday now and I didn't even think of brushing my teeth or washing my face.

I rushed out of my bedroom and ran down the stairs.

Me: "Mom? "

She turned and looked at me with a smile.

It was definitely a miracle.

Mom: "Good morning baby "

Me: "Are you well? Why aren't you on the bed? "

She smiled at me.

Mom: "I have no reason to be. I'm perfectly fine"

She even twirled for me. I laughed and went to hug her.

Me: "Wow"

She giggled.

Mom: "Now you and your father can stop worrying "

Me: "I still can't believe it"

Mom: "I'm here in front of you and I'm cooking. Believe it son"

I chuckled and hugged her again.

Mom: "Now you can go back to your life "

Me: "I'll book a flight after breakfast "

Mom: "Ha.a go shower. You stink"

I laughed and kissed her cheek.

Me: "I'm glad you're OK "

Mom: "It was like a miracle and you know a verse came into my head after it happened. "

Me: "A verse? "

She nodded.

Mom: "Isiah 59:1"

Me: "Since when do you read the Bible? "

Mom: "I do read the Bible I'm not like you"

Me: "I'm curious. What does it say? "

Mom: "Behold the LORD'S hand is not shortened that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear:"

Me: "Powerful "

Mom: "I'm going to church Today"

Me: "I'll go take that shower "

I thought of Calling Victory but then remembered the different time zones.

Good thing was I could finally go back to be with her.

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