It was good being home and getting to be pampered by my mother.

She did everything around the house even made my bed so all I can do is eat and be lazy.

The first thing I did after waking up was to go take a bath. When I was done I wore some shorts and a vest then went of out my bedroom wearing flops.

Matla was seated in the high chair having coffee.

Me: "Yes"

He nodded. Our relationship was a bit unstable because we never got along much.

Anyway I loved him as my brother even though he'd literally piss me off.

Matla: "Your breakfast is in the oven"

I took it out. It was still warm. I poured myself a glass of juice then started eating.

Me: "Mom tells me you want to study out of the country"

Matla: "Yeah. I want a change of scenery. I've been in Botswana for too long "

Me: "Are you sure about what you want to do? "

Matla: "Medicine or engineering "

Me: "Eh kana you passed with flying colours "

He laughed.

Matla: "It is what it is. "

Me: "Have you applied? "

He nodded.

Me: "Bursaries included? "

Matla: "Yes. Come on I've done this before "

Me: "You seem to forget that I'm your big brother. It's my duty to make sure"

Matla: "And I get it"

He washed the dishes after breakfast while I decided to go for a walk.

Mom had probably went to church. They cleaned every Saturday.

I only went to church when I was home because there was no church that interested me back at my place.

"Theo! Theo! "

I stopped walking as she ran to me and basically threw herself at me.

I caught her and spun her around then put her down kissing her cheek.

Me: "I see you have some ass now"

She laughed pushing me a bit.

Karabo: "Don't say that please "

Me: "Oh but I mean it. I can see something "

She was someone I used to mess around with when I still lived here.

She was slim petite with little ass and portable boob's.

She was caramel in complexion with big beautiful brown eyes.

Karabo: "You didn't tell me you're here"

Me: "I don't have your number. Akere you're always losing your phone "

She giggled.

Karabo: "True. I missed you though. If I wasn't scared of your mom I would have long gotten your number "

Me: "She thinks you're a Bad influence "

Karabo: "Mm maybe it's time I told her of the things you taught me"

I chuckled.

Me: "No please no. I'm perfect in my mama's eyes"

Karabo: "Where are we going? "

Me: "No where. I was just walking "

Karabo: "We can go back to my place and reminisce on the good old days"

Me: "Oh? "

She nodded biting her lip.

This always happened every time I came home.

We walked to her place with her on my back.

She was part of the reason why I came home frequently but my mom will always be the first.

I knew there was no way I'd come home and not bump into her.

Karabo: "So any girlfriend? "

Me: "Does it matter? "

She laughed shaking her head.

I spent my day with her talking laughing cooking and having lots of sex.

I got home just in time for dinner.

Mom: "Almost thought you got kidnapped "

Me: "I'm twenty five mom"

Mom: "Anything can happen "

Me: "I'm hungry mami"

Mom: "didn't you eat where you were? "

Me: "It wasn't your food "

Mom: "You think you're smart NEH "

I laughed.

Me: "I'm your child "

I said shrugging.

I went to my room after dinner since TV was boring and finally remembered my phone.

I had a missed video call from an unknown number on Whatsapp which I called back.

Katleho's beautiful face shown up. She looked flawless with no makeup on.

Me: "I saw your missed call "

Katleho: "Yeah. Your phone takes me to voicemail "

Me: "Probably because I'm out of the country. How are you? "

Katleho: "I'm good. Can I send you a picture of what I'd like? "

Me: "Straight to business I like "

She chuckled.

Katleho: "Yeah well"

Me: "You can send it then we'll meet on Monday to talk over it"

Katleho: "Sounds cool to me"

Me: "Great"

She hung up.

I just scrolled through my phone until I became sleepy.



It all felt like a dream.

I knew I was sleeping. I thought it was a dream.

I could feel him moving I felt it when he took off my panties and then he blew air on my Nana that's when I woke up and closed my legs.

Me: "What are you doing? "

Bryan: "Babe

that's when I woke up and closed my legs.

Me: "What are you doing? "

Bryan: "Babe relax"

Me: "Why am I naked Bryan? Were you trying to do something to me without my consent? "

Bryan: "Of course not. Geez I was just trying to pleasure you"

I relaxed.

Me: "You've never done that before "

Bryan: "Are you saying that you've never had anyone go down on you? "

I shook my head and he grinned.

Bryan: "Damn girl may I? "

Me: "I'm not sure"

Bryan: "You'll love it. I promise we won't do anything else "

I bit my lip.

Me: "OK "

He went down again and opened my legs.

Just the feel of his tongue there send shivers down my spine.

It was amazing and as my toes curled while his tongue was busy there I felt myself reach a world I had never been in before.

It felt Heavenly as sinful as that act could have been.

Me: "What just happened? "

He chuckled.

Bryan: "You had an orgasm babe"

Me: "Wow"

He came to my face.

Bryan: "Morning "

Me: "Morning baby"

He kissed me. He tasted salty.

Bryan: "Your juices "

I blushed.

Bryan: "How about we go shopping? It's time you had some clothes in here"

Me: "You don't like me wearing yours? "

Bryan: "I do baby. Your tiny little body looks sexy in them but you can't really go out in my clothes "

Me: "True "

I am a size 30 not that short but I'm not tall either. I have caramel skin have medium sized boob's and a small ass and curves

I actually look way younger than my age.

Bryan: "Go shower. I'll make us breakfast "

I had spent the weekend at his place came on Friday and yesterday we went clubbing.

It was Sunday now which meant I was going back to school.

I wore his T-shirt which looked like a dress on me and my sneakers.

I tied my braids into a bun put on some lipstick then left.

He was frying eggs.

Me: "Can I help? "

Bryan: "Please"

After our breakfast we left in his car.

I was looking outside the window and suddenly missing Ma.

I really felt like there was a lot coming up in my life and I knew I could never be wrong.

I was a little nervous because I knew that once I go back to church I'll have to accept the person I was.

I wondered how it was going to work because I only wanted to be normal like other kids my age

Bryan: "Babe? "

He had opened the door for me.

I got out.

I didn't expect us to shop for this many clothes but we did. He let me take whatever I wanted and even chose some things for me.

His interest was mostly in underwear which just made me laugh.

Michelle: "Finally you're back. I have a lot to tell you "

She said immediately when I went to her room.

It was just after 8pm and I had missed her.

Bryan liked us spending time together and being in our own bubble with no phones.

Me: "Uh hello to you too"

She giggled.

Michelle: "He kissed me! "

She squealed and I laughed.

Me: "Really? "

She nodded with her eyes closed.

Me: "How was it? "

Michelle: "Mm good. Made me wonder what he can do under the sheets"

I pushed her a bit and she laughed.

Michelle: "But really it's been a while man"

Me: "Hai don't tell me"

Michelle: "But you're my best friend "

Me: "I'm older than you. Watch your words"

She laughed rolling her eyes.

Michelle: "He's finally showing interest in me. I'm happy "

I smiled.

Me: "I'm happy for you too"

Michelle: "So how was your weekend? "

My face immediately brightened up as I started telling her about my weekend.

I was really in love with Bryan but I didn't want to rush anything.

Not when I didn't know his true intentions with me.


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