Sir: "Oh Miss Moremi thank you for finally gracing us with your presence "

I looked at him and just proceeded to my seat.

I was only five minutes late and it didn't help that he was always early.

I sat down and focused on whatever he was blabbering proud that I didn't entertain him.

His attempt at ruining my day failed dismally.

I finally switched on my phone on Wednesday. I was going to netball practice and I missed being on it

It rang just five minutes after and it was my sister.

Sue: "I see you've forgotten about my existence "

I giggled.

Me: "That's impossible. You're always in my mind "

Sue: "I can't read minds so how are we suppose to communicate? "

Me: "I'm sorry"

I said biting my lip.

I couldn't talk to her because I was avoiding Bryan.

Sue: "How's it going? And when are you coming home? "

Me: "I was home ka Easter moss"

Sue: "Yeah so? Can't you visit? "

Me: "I don't want to lie"

Sue: "Heh what's keeping you there? "

I chuckled.

Me: "You do know that I'm 18 now right? "

Sue: "Yes so you might be getting to any mischief. I hope you're not being reckless "

Me: "I'm behaving mom"

Sue: "No I mean it. Don't stop praying "

Me: "I won't "

Sue: "Good. That's all I can say for now"

Me: "Please don't start "

Sue: "Bye"

She giggled and hung up on me.

No I love you?

Michelle came to get me and we left to the sports field.

She was the captain of netball.

Me: "So you and Jozi? "

She started blushing. I just laughed.

Michelle: "There's progress babe. "

Me: "Just be careful "

Michelle: "Relax I'm not head over heels in love "

Me: "Good"

I had my first boyfriend at 16 here and we were good until he betrayed me and slept with someone else.

The bastard is in varsity now and it sucked because I genuinely loved him.

I haven't had good luck when it comes to relationships so I was hoping I work out with Bryan which didn't seem to happen considering everything.


I kept walking. It was just after practice and I needed to take a shower.

Bryan: "Victory please"

I turned to look at him. He had a bunch of flowers in his hands.

I folded my arms and just looked at him.

He sighed.

Bryan: "I'm sorry"

Me: "Sorry for what exactly? "

Bryan: "I shouldn't have reacted like that. I'm also sorry for raising my voice at you. I know you hate that but baby I love you. I've been so miserable without you "

Me: "It's only been a day"

I said rolling my eyes.

Bryan: "A day is too long "

I took the flowers.

Me: "I'm still mad"

He chuckled.

Bryan: "How about I take you out for dinner then we can go chill at my house and just talk? "

Me: "Bring me back before 9pm"

Bryan: "Done "

Me: "I'll go shower "

Bryan: "You'll shower at my place "

He took my hand and we left. He opened the door for me then went to his side.

We firstly went to his house where I showered and wore a dress that I had left there.

I didn't have many clothes at his place.

We went to have dinner.

Me: "I.. uhm I need to tell you something "

Bryan: "What? "

Me: "I'm a Virgin"

I swear he choked on his drink. I wasn't expecting him to react like that but I figured he was shocked.

Bryan: "That's... I mean you're 18"

Me: "So? "

Bryan: "Wow. I never thought "

Me: "Why do you think I always stop you? "

He shrugged.

Bryan: "I just assume you're not ready for that or something "

Me: "I'm not "

Bryan: "So will I break it? "

I laughed and shrugged.

Me: "We'll see"

He kissed my hand

Bryan: "I still love you"

I just smiled.

Me: "I love you too"



I walked in there because I was hungry and it had been a while since I had it.

Of course since they messed up my order.

The waitress came to me.

Her: "Mr James "

Me: "The usual please. Hopefully you won't mess it up"

I was a regular so they knew what I liked.

I saw the manager coming to me.

Her: "Mr James glad to see you here again "

Me: "Yeah well I'm hungry"

Her: "At least you're not biting my head off"

Me: "I'm not going to apologise for that"

Her: "I wasn't expecting you to. Well enjoy your meal. It's on The house"

Then she walked away.

My food came and I started eating immediately.

The week went by pretty fast and soon

it was Friday.

I was happy because it meant I could finally go see my mother.

I missed her so much and good thing she was discharged from hospital.

Brenda: "Eh you can't wait NEH "

I laughed.

Me: "Let me be tog"

She chuckled.

Brenda: "I pity the woman who's going to fall in love with you"

Me: "Eh why? "

Brenda: "She'll have to compete with your mom"

Me: "No woman can ever take my mom's place "

Brenda: "Exactly"

Me: "Mxm. Where's your booger T? "

She laughed.

Brenda: "Don't call my man that"

Me: "He's dark has dreadlocks and is buff. Why not? "

Brenda: "I call him strong "

Me: "Cause he can handle you? "

She laughed loudly.

Brenda: "I'm a big woman. He's exactly what I need. Someone with strong arms that don't feel anything when I wrap my legs around his waist "

Me: "Chesa girl "

We laughed.

Knock off time came for me.

Brenda was going to lock up.

I didn't go home but went to Pick N Pay so I can buy a few things.

I took a trolley and walked around.


OK I don't usually get this.

I looked up. It was a lady who looked rather young.

She was a bit short very light skinned and curvy.

She had a big Afro and had red lipstick on.

Me: "Hi? "

I said with a raised eyebrow.

Her: "I'm sorry but I just love your shirt"

Me: "Uh thanks. I guess "

Her: "Look I'm going to a wedding next month and I need a dress. That looks like a designer shirt so I was wondering if you can help"

Me: "You haven't even told me your name "

She giggled.

Her: "Sorry I'm Katleho "

Me: "I'm Motheo. Anyway I designed it myself "

Katleho: "Great. Can I get your number? I hope I'm not being forward"

Me: "Not at all"

She took out her iPhone and gave it to me.

I put in my number.

Katlego: "Thanks Theo. I'll call you maybe tomorrow "

Me: "Sure thing"

I watched her walk away she was really blessed in the behind department.

Anyway I turned before I started thinking more than I should about that butt.

I had never been a fan of thick women but that one takes the cup.

I went to pay then drove to my place.

When I got there I just took my bag and left.

Mom: "I knew it!"

She said immediately when I got inside and I laughed giving her a hug.

Me: "Come on "

Mom: "I missed you so much. I'm glad you're here"

Me: "I missed you too mom. What did you cook? I'm hungry"

Mom: "Just pap and Inkomazi"

Me: "Yoh I'm game "

She dished up for me and I ate while catching up.

Mom: "It's Matla's birthday soon. He wants a new phone "

Me: "Wa batla ENE? Must be nice"

Mom: "Mara Motheo"

Me: "Hai Ma no. Where is he now? "

Mom: "He went out. It's Friday "

Me: "He just needs to grow up. He's 18 for heaven's sake "

Mom: "Give him a break"

Me: "You spoil him too much that's why he's like that "

Mom: "He's still discovering his way. He'll be fine"

Me: "He better. I'm going to sleep now"

Mom: "OK baby Good night "

I kissed her cheek then left to my room.

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