part 1 anything but a happy girl

"BoitumeloTsoga pele ke tenega"(Wake up before I get mad) That was the voice of my mother who was screaming at the top of her voice. Me:Not so loud man.

Mom:(screaming)This is my house and you won't tell me what to do in it. Ha o nagana gore o mosaditsa maa oye go hira ntlo o tlogele go dira bosadi mo gaaka(If you think you are a womango rent a room and stop doing your woman tendency in my house)

I got up in defeat. I didn't reply cause doing so was gonna get me another screaming and shouting which I wasn't in the mood for. I got up and went to the bathroom. I took a long relaxing bath. I didn't like being alonecause when I amI always had all these distractive thoughts. I got up and dried my body then lotioned with my nivea for men cream. I wore my painty and bra then went back to my room where I took off my uniform. My tunic was wrinkled and I hated ironing. I found mom in the lounge and she was ironing her uniform. I politely asked her to iron for me and she didwhile cursing through her teeth. I wasn't surprised though. She always treated me this way. This was one of the reasons why I was so unhappy. The verbal abuse I got from her really damaged my soul. I was bubbly and cheerful outside but inside I was hurt and angry. Yes I had major anger issues. I wasn't a monster though. My little sister came and she gladly ironed her shirt for her. See what I mean? This woman hates me. I would say she's not my mother but we all know looks don't lie and unfortunately I looked so much like. I went to the kitchen were I made myself some soft porridge. I needed the energy for the day. Today's my first day as a Grade 11 student. Pre-matric as my friends and I called it. By the way my name Is Boitumelo Trinny Barbie Zulu. I have three simblings. My big sister who's name is Beauty Zulu(25) My second big sister Nomvula Zulu(20) and my little sister Omphemetse Zulu(13). I'm 15 but turning 16. I only share a father with Omphemetse while the others all have their own different father whom they don't know and have never met. My mother had her first child when she was 18. She says the father wanted her to get an abortion but she refused and they broke up. I don't know bout Vuvu's father thought. He too probably run away when he heard mommy is pregnant. Our father is a married manalthough he wasn't when mommy met her. I guess all this shows how unlucky in love my mother has been. All this somehow made me make a vow never to date. I was fifteensinglea virgin and neverI meanI meannever kissed a boy or date one. That's rare right? A teenager who doesn't date? My sisters thought I was lesbian. Mostly because of the way I dressed. I wore male clothes and never plaited my hair. I never talked about boys and most of them were afraid of me. Mostly because I was always rude to them. Anyway back to the storyI took my bag and went off. Dad had dropped us some money when he came by yesterday so I didn't ask mom for some. She was probably gonna shout at meyell and tell me how broke she is. January neh. Its Wednesday today. I walked to my school which is 15 minutes away. I live in Mafikeng by the way but I'm originally from Gauteng. I arrived at school late as usual. But who gets early at school when its just 15 minutes away? I'm not mad mina. I arrived and went straight to assembly. I went to look for my class after assembly. Downstairs this timegreat plus I was tired of climbing stairs everyday. I found it. Grade 11D. About 10 of my grade 11 classmates were there with me. Some failed and some were at other classes. I took a seat in the front with Lesedimy friend from last year. We were a bad combination. Rude and we weren't afraid of em teachers. We were naughty shame but looked completely different. I'm shortwith curves and asssmall boobs and slender. She's thickBBWyellow and a bit tall. We talked loudly as we reminisced about our holidays. She was all about partying and sex while I was a party pooper and a bit of an introvert. I had never sneaked out or got drunknever smoked. I'm basically your good girl who's all about books and church. Boring right? I was a top learner. And she was an average. Our previous classmates knew not to mess with us cause we are the # punchlineQueens . I was the worstworse than her. She's a year older than me. The teachers came to introduce themselves. I went home alone after school and slept.

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