part 9 anything but a happy girl

Days went on and it was now mid March. A lot had happened in my school life. Its not really a lot but for a socially dead somebody like me it was something. I had a few love interests. I don't get why this was happening. I didn't get why this boys wanted me. I was too shorttoo thick and way too much of a tomboy. The truth isI didn't see myself as attractive. I am beautiful yes but attractive? No. Girls like Masego were ugly but attractive. Even I wonder what they saw in her. My friend Lesedi wasn't beautiful or uglyshe was just fine but she had a bonusthe boobsthe booty and of course the colour. People loved yellowbones but I wasn't yellow nor was I dark. I think that's why boys loved Masegobecause she's a yellowbone. Malebo was dark and not beautifulshe was slender and had no curves or booty but she too had a boyfriend. If I was the type to be easily influenced by peer pressure I would've long had a boyfriend but no I still wasn't interested. Okayno there was someone. Remember Thato? The guy I pranked? Well there was something going on there. I eventually gave him my real number and he called. I didn't think he wouldconsidering how he complained last time ka airtime. His family was well off so I still don't know why he cried # AsIRollMyEyes . But for real though

who complains about airtime if they come from a rich family? Hai suka. It was a Wednesday today. Sports day. I loved it because during the sports houra lotta things happen. Its during this times that I found out a lot about these love interests of mine. I had friends in all the grades. 101112. I took a bathdried and lotioned. I wore my uniform. Above the knees skirtstockingsshort white socks and golf shirt. I combed my hair and held it in a neat bun. I'm not a fan of earrings so I didn't put em on. My mom always bought them for us but I hardly ever put em on. I took my nike bag and shoes on then went to the kitchen. I ate some cerealtook my lunch and money and off I went. I took a lunchbox because its what we were now doing with Malebo. I bid everyone farewell and met with Masego on my gate. Me:Tsa ga Honey. Sego:Piss out. Me:(laughs)He's yours moss. You can't stay away from him. Sego:(blushing)That's not true. Me:Yet you can't stop blushing everytime you hear his name. Sego:Well I just- Me:Hows Lesego? Sego:(blushing)He's good. Me:Y'all move on too fast. Sego:I love Lesego. Me:Cause your names rhyme or because he a player too? Sego:Eish you and your assumptions. Me:It's called female intuitionsomething you so openly lack. Sego:He won't cheat on me. Me:That's what you thought about Renay. Sego:How's Thato? Me:Good and I know you tryn'a change the subject. Sego:Y'all make a cute couple. Me:We ain't no couple. Sego:You both in denial. Me:You reckon? Sego:I can see it. Me:Yet you can't see the shit happening in your relationshits...I mean ship. Sego:You so rude. Me:Truth hurts. We arrived at school and put our bags in our seats at our class then we both went to the Assembly. We were late as usual. I was at the back with Lesedi and laughing at people as usual. I saw this boy looking at me. He was repeating Grade 10. He's a black beauty and he's forehead was screaming "BAD BOY" And that alone was good for me. He's class is next to Thato's. I know that cause I went to it on a few occassions to visit a friend of mine. We went to class after Assembly and nothing much happened. We ate our lunch during break as usual. We decided to visit a friend of ours. Her name is Kutlwiso. She's lesbian and we loved her stories shame. That's really why we liked visiting her. She loved telling us about her girlfriends. She really didn't suit being lesbian but ke it was her choice so it didn't matter what we think. The guy from assembly came and unfortunately the bell had just rang so we got up. Guy:I was about to join you. Me:Too late cause we leaving now. Guy:(holds his chest dramatically)Ouch. Next time neh. Me:(chuckles)next time baby. We left him and made our way to class. Malebo:He likes you chom. Me:Yeah right. Sego:I think he does(bored) Sego had a crush on the guy but he had no interest on her. She had a boyfriend and I actually don't get why she's pissed. We accompanied Malebo to her class and got inside ours. The lessons went on and soon it was sports time. I was thirsty so I went to the tap to get some water for myself. Thato was there. Just great. He smiled when he saw me. He once hated me for pranking him but it seemed that had changed. Him:Hey Barbie. Me:Thato. Him:You good? Me:Thirsty. Him:I'm coming to your hood Saturday so can we hook up? Me:Okayonly without your bodyguard. Him;(chuckles)He won't be there. Me:Okay cool. Him:Our first date. Me:You pushing it. Him:Haha okay see you baby. He kissed my cheek and left. I even forgot why I went to the tap in the first place. He had a certain effect on me. "You thirsty fool" My subconcious brought me back to life and I poured myself that water.

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