part 8 anything but a happy girl

I couldn't wait to go to school. I was eager to find out about the prank we pulled. That gangster wanna be really doesn't know me shame. I woke up and took a shower. I driedlotioned then wore my uniform. I had done my hair so I looked super flawless # IfIDoSaySoMyself . I put on some ponds and took my bag. I made my way to the kitchen where I made myself some cereal. I ate while going through my phoneI seriously needed a life shame. All I had was facebook and I think many people were scared to even inbox me because of my sarcastic posts. Its just the way I am and somehow that didn't seem to bother me. I was so used to being an introvert and an outcast that I didn't see myself being anything else. I wasn't boring cause I'm talkative and jokeful. I was just always bored when I'm alone but I also wasn't interested in the night life that most of my classmates pursued. The drinkingsmoking and having one stands with girls you've just met. That was disgusting to me. I strongly believed that sex before marraige is a sin. I was probably the only virgin in my home and that's probably why they thought I see myself as superiorfor behaving like a nun. No boyfriend and no hint of knowledge about the taste of Alcohol and taking a puff of cigarette. I was pure. The only sin I committed could've been lying. I don't think there's someone on Earth who has never in their lifes been dishonestthat's impossible. I put my bowl in the sink and walked to School. I arrived immediately after the bell rang and that to me was being way too early. I went to my class where I put my bag down then went to the Assembly. I went to class after and lessons proceeded as usual. Break time came and Malebo came into our class and that's when we went to buy our foodtogether with Masego. We sat just outside our class and consumed our food. Me:I so wonder if those boys called. Sego:Haha me tooI actually feel for them. Malebo:They'll have to be strong shamehow could they possibly think we'd be interested in them? Me:They just dilusional. We laughed and continued chatting. I had some thirst so I stood up while they went into our class and went to the tap. The guys that I and Sego pranked were in the same class as the one who's number we took. As I was about to walk into where the tap isthey cornered me. My God! I had no way to run. The yellowbone looked super pissedlike he was fuming. The other one was not really madhe's a friend of ours who we constantly visit in his class. Both of these guys were shortbut the other one was a bit caramel in complexion. The yellobone's name is Thato and the other one is Mike and nohe's not white but Zulu. Thato:So you made a fool of mehuh? Me:Whachu on about man? Mike:Lolhuh? Me:Whachu on about man? Mike:Loldon't act all surprised. What did you and Masego do? Me:I'm lost serious. Thato:(pissed)Heh don't patronize me wenayou gave us Tanka's numbers. Although nigger was pissedI seriously couldn't hold my laughter. I laughed till my stomach hurt and tears were coming out. Mike laughed with me ena and the other one was mad. I seriously don't get why he catched feelingsit was just a prank moss. Mike:Damn ahh Masego didn't do me well. I got home smilingthinking I finally got her tens them boom ke Tanka. At first I thought its her brother then dropped the call. I called again and that's when I realised its him. I laughed again yoh but Thato had a straight face. I wasn't even thinking about what he can doeverything just made me laugh. Thato:You think this is a joke? Do you know how much airtime I lost cause of you? Me:I'm on contract so no. Don't worry babe I'll call you and buy that airtimeyeah? I left them there and went to drink my water. I went back to class and told bo Masego about what happened. They also laughed hard shame. Malebo:Poor boys. Sego:We'll just give em our real numbers and see if they'll call. Me:If they seriousthey will. The bell rang and Malebo went to her class. I went home after school but just as I was to walk out the school gate I saw Masego and she was with her player ex. She was blushing her ugliness off. The guy had her eating out of his hand. I just shaked my head and walked home. Now that's stupid. I don't get why ugly girls like doing this. They like dating this cute players and even when they cheatthey don't leave them just cause they handsome. Its highly rare to see a beautiful girl doing such. I arrived and I immediately started feeling depressed. All those feelings I had managed to hide came back. I felt that weight on my shoulders. I even felt like puking. This was too muchtoo much for me. I'm only just a kid. I didn't deserve this. I didn't deserve to be this unhappy. I had to enjoy my childhood but I was forced to grow up at such a young age. I had to act like a parent. I had to make sure I cook so they all eat I had to make sure the house is clean. I was the third born but that didn't count. My breakthrough seemed to be taking way too long. At timesI felt like God had forsaken me. Had he?No.

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