part 6 anything but a happy girl

I woke up later and I was hungry. I went to the kitchen where I made myself some sandwich. My sisters were watching TV. Probably some soapies. Mommy hadn't come yet. She's probably working double shifts or maybe she found a man. Phela she's been single for too long so we can never know. Heh # clapsonce . I ate with some orange juice. Phimi was on the phoneblushing as hell. Heh things are happening I tell you. I wondered about her too phela that girl is fast. I once went through her phone and saw some nudesshe was even taking pictures of her cookie. The sight wasn't pleasant shame. I mean what normal thirteen year old does that? See this is what I mean when I say I'm completely different from my other simblings. They are just too girly and so much into boys. You'd swear they can't live without the opposite sex. I mean hello...look at me. Anyway I woke up and mom was still not home. Phewat least I won't get shouted at. I seriously need this peace of mind. I made a mental note to go to the salon afterschool. I took a bathdried and lotioned. It was Friday todayfinally one would get a break from this schooling thing. I was still not talking to Tlhogie I seriously don't have the energy for a player wannabe. I wore my uniform and combed my hair. I checked my wall clock and that's when I realised I was late. Since I was used to itI didn't panic. I quickly went to the kitchen where I made myself some sandwich and ate it on my way to school. I was too late because we were told to pick as much rubbish around the school yard. Nare what's the use of these EPWP people kante? Arg man. We weren't to wash our hands then to our respective classes. My English teacher was already in class. Greatjust great. I went over to my seat without greeting him it's not like I'm paid to # RollingEyes . He looked at me and that's when I knew shit was about to go down. Sir:Miss Zulu. Me:Sir Sir:Why are you late? Me:I lost track of time. Of course I was lying cause I'm so used to being late. I've probably lost millions cause time is money. Sir:Do you even keep track of time? Me:I don't have a wrist watch on here so probably not. Sir:You need prayers. That's a demon. Me:Then I'm guessing you a prophet since you can see demons. Please pray for me. Sir:ClassBoitumelo is so naughty yoh. I wonder who's child is she. The class laughed. What a way to start my Friday. Aik. Lessons proceeded and it was now breaktime. The honey guy came to our class. What a charmer! But since I'm a no nonsense kind of girl no one messed with me. Masego's voice had changed mchana and the accent klaar. She was now speaking Pedi. And then ausi? Yoh I clapped onceshaking my head. She was speaking in a low voice. Yoh nna I would've chased him out

not after what he did. I went to the spaza where I bought my food and sat outside while looking at people pass. Sedi came to join me and we made fun of everybody nje. After I schoolI took a taxi just next to my school to town. I was going to do my hair. I couldn't afford another lecture. I got off and went to the salon where I always do my hair. It wasn't that full so I was soon attended to. I just relaxed it and hair dried it. My hair was long plus I didn't like plaiting. Maybe because our school only wanted either straight back or straight up. So much for a highschool. You know what I mean. I bought myself a medium meal at MacDonald then took a taxi home. I arrived around 6crossing fingers that the devil hadn't made her presence yet. My prayers kinda fell into deaf ears cause when I opened the doorthere she was. She looked madI wonder why. Maybe her boyfriend dumped her or something. Kidding but now this is a serious matter. Ma:Where do you come from? Me:School. Ma:(checks wrist watch) At this time? Me:I was studying. Ma:Stop making me mad. Those dishes are not gonna wash themselves. Wait a mindo I look like a maid? But of course I couldn't tell her that. Mainly because I'm scared of her and getting beaten up. I went to put my bag down and started with the dishesas tired as I was then. You'd swear they haven't been washed for a monththe way there were so many. I was exhausted when I was done but sleeping wasn't an option. What's the point of sleeping if you gonna do it with just one eye? She might come in to my roomsince its her house and beat me up for no reason. I didn't have the strength for that. I was tired and drainedphysicallyemotionally and mentally. Have you ever been in a losing battle ? To me that's how it felt. No matter how much I prayed and fastedit just never ends. The pain was too muchtoo much that I couldn't even hear my heart beating but just the agony screaming. I can't live like this. I can't. Its just too much. Too much that I no longer cry but the wound just keep getting fresher and she doesn't let it healinstead she pours soul in it. Do I really have to live like this? Maybe death will bring me peace.

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