part 4 anything but a happy girl

Nothing much changed at home. My mom still treated me like thrash. She called me all kinds of names;whoretrashslut you name it. It hurt cause I didn't do any of those things. I didn't even know how it felt to kiss a boy. It was the month of February. The month of love . It had just began. It was Wednesday today. I woke up and had a bath. I had a crush now # hidesface . Yes I know how much I told you guys I hate boys and stuff but this one was different. He was in the same class as mehe stayed behind me. We actually had the same interest in the form of Lil Wayne. With him it was worseworse because he tried so much to be like him. He played basketball though he was a bit short but taller than me. I driedlotioned and wore my uniform. A skirtgolf shirtstockingswhite socks and school shoes. I combed my hairwhich was so hard. I seriously needed to relax my hair. I had to catch mom at a better mood. Yes she had her times. Times where she'd be nice to mewhere she'd spoil me and actually have a proper conversation with me. I could always call my dad and ask him for money. At least he was better than mom when it comes to moods. I received a WhatsApp text from Tlhogi. I smiled before reading it. That's the kind of effect he had on me. I wasn't in love with him. Oh noI just liked him a bit. He was a bit shorthad dreadlocks(probably inspired by Weezy)dark and handsome. I opened the message:"Hey. Damndark and handsome. I opened the message:"Hey. DamnI dunno why or how but I suddently can't stop thinking bout yesterday's convo. Can you just come to school already?" I smiled and quickly replied. I charged my phonetook my bag and headed to the kitchen. Beauty had found a job as a baby sitterit wasn't much but it was something. A bonus for her cause she so loves babies. I took a chair next to her and sat down while I had my breakfast. Me:Excited about today? Her:Too much. I love babies so I can't wait for my first day. Me:Three babieshow are you gonna manage that? Her:It can't be that hard. I managed to raise you guys so I don't think its anything different. Me:Haike goodluck with your triplets. Her:Thanks Tumi. I took my bag and walked to school. I met with Sedi who had just gotten of a taxi. We hugged then greeted each other. Sedi:Guess who I was chatting with yesterday? Me:Ahh..who? Sedi:(blushing) Tlhogi mmata Whoo. Me:Say what? Sedi:I think he likes me. Me:(irritated) And why do you? Sedi:He didn't tell me but he was kinda flirting over the phone. Me:(fakes smile) That's so nice. So do you like him? Sedi:Duuhwhat's there not to like? Me:I'm happy for you then. Sedi:Thanks mata. I was kinda hurt. I really thought he liked me. Mxm fuck boys. I still have Weezy. We got in our class and he was there. Greatjust great. I put my bag down and went to Masego who was sitting with Lerato as usual. Sego:Honey is cheating on me. Me:Really?(I wasn't surprised shamehe's a player after all) Rato:Yeahwith some girl in grade 10. Her name is Hope. Me:I'm so sorry. Are you sure? Sego:Well we asked her yesterday and she gave us attitude. Her friends are the ones who confirmed. Me:That's so bad. I'm sorry. Sego:Thanks. Rato:They are in the same class. Mxm that girl won't last with Honey. Me:What's his real name nare? Sego:Renaleone. Me:Mmm okaygood luck then. The bell rang for assembly and we all went to the assembly place. We went to class straight after. Tlhogi tried talking to me but I so wasn't in the mood for him. He can't flirt with my friend then act like nothing is wrong. I will not be someone's toy. Just because I have never dated doesn't mean I'm a fool. He must just leave me alone. Sedi on the other hand couldn't stop turning at the back. The smiles yoh . What's worse is that I was able to hear their conversation. Can the earth just open up and swallow me? I seriously can't deal. Break time came and I went to buy my food then took a chair from my class and sat outside while watching the boys playing basketball. Tlhogi came to me all sweaty and stuff. He still looked cuteeven with sweat dripping from his beautiful body. Him:Is it just me or you avoiding me? Me:Its just you. Him:So you not avoiding me? Me:Why the hell would I avoid you? Its impossible cause you seat right behind me. Him:So how come you've nevernot even once turned your head to me today? Me:You were talking with Lesedi angithi and I didn't wanna disturb. Him:So that's what its about? Lesedi. Me:What are you on about? Him:You mad at me because of her? Me:No and I'm not even mad at you. Him:Look I don't like her or want her. Me:You don't have to explain yourself to me. Him:I know but I want to. She likes me and being the nice guy that I amI can't just push her away. Me:You do know you talking bout my friend right? She told me bout your flirty texts. Him:(chuckles) Are you jealous? Me:Me? Never. Him:Could've fooled me. He left and I watched him. I was beating myself in my mind. "Foolfool he's just a stupid crush". But is he? I guess we'll see.

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