part 2 anything but a happy girl

"Who's gonna cook if your lazy ass is sleeping?!" The voice sounded like a dream but a slap across my face woke me up to reality. Being the cry baby that I amthe tears just fell from my face. Mama: All you good at is crying. Akitse ka o lela metsi eseng madiware o tshosa mang(I dön't know who you are trying to scare cause those tears are waternot blood) Ehno apology? This woman just woke me up from a good dream. I was dreaming about Lil Wayne those tats and him touching me all over. My God . Yes I had a very dirty mind. See fantasizing about Weezy was good because I knew that 1. He's way older and 2. He doesn't even know I exist. He was my imaginary boyfriend and my celebrity crush. I woke up and went to the pots. I don't get why I had to be the one cooking while there are three other girls perfectly capable. I was a good cook but I prefered baking. I made a simple sphaghetti and mince. I dished up when I was done then they all hurried to get their food. Why vele couldn't they cook? It was typical of my sisters to come rushing to take the food but making them was a No go area. I ate my food while going through my phone which was very dry. I seriously needed a life yaz. All I ever did was play games ngayo. I finished and put my plate in the sink. I went to throw myself on the bed as I looked back into my life. Tears streamed down as I thought of every painful word my mom had ever said to me. I didn't try wiping them. Me: Why does she hate me so much? I try by all means to make her happy but nothing ever works. What more can I possible do to make her love meaccept me? I don't drink I don't party I don't smoke I don't have a boyfriend. Heck I never even skip a Sunday without going to church. Argh

women are naturally hard to pleasewhy bother? I woke up with a headache and soggyswollen eyes. I had cried so much that I even struggled to open my eyes. I went to my tall mirror and looked at my reflection. "Why do you let her get to you?" I asked my replica in the mirror. I left itto avoid punching it and having to explain how I destroyed such a significant piece of art(rolling eyes) . I made my way to the bathroom where I had a quick shower. I got outwith a towel wrapped around my body. Omphemetse barged into my room. She was doing Grade 9 by the way. Just great! Phimi: Mom told me to come check on you. Me: Am I dying or what? Her: No need to be rude I'm just a messenger. Me: More like a puppet. Her: Were you crying? Your eyes are swollen. Me: I know. Just get out. Her: I'm gonna tell mom you have been crying. Me: As if I care. (Rolling eyes) She left and I lotioned then wore my uniform. I took my bag and went to the kitchen. My mom was a Matron at a local hospital. You'd think she's nice cause that's how she acts around people khante noshe's bitter as hell. She looked at me from head to toe and I just traced her eyes around my body too. Mom: Why are you crying? You mourning us before we die? Me: Yeah right. Mom: You think you a woman now? You back chat and- I didn't even wait for her to finish cause I seriously wasn't in the mood for her. It's the morning for heaven's sake and I wasn't gonna let her have the satisfaction of ruining yet another of my days. I walked to school while listening to some Tunechi via headsets. I put it all away when I was near my school's gate. I was late as usual so I went to the Assembly as usual. Our Principal was the one hosting ithe pointed a finger at me and asked me to lead a song. He's mad I came here to learnnot be trying to be uRebecca Malope. I just looked at me and he commanded me to come to the front. Great! Trouble on the second day. I reluctantly went to the front stage and that's when I got my minute of fame. I went with him to his office after schooltogether with some girl from Grade 10. He scolded us with a belt while asking some rhetorical questions. Rhetorical because I was never gonna bother answering him. I went to class after under pretence that his scolding didn't do me any shit. The truth being that I'm in agony but I wasn't about to drop my composure. I sat next to Sedi who laughed her big ass out at me. Sedi: You and trouble are besties neh. Me: If that's your new name. Sedi: You never cease to amaze. Me: Don't I always? We were disturbed by the entrance of our Maths teacher. And the day went on as usual.

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