'Hello' I said as I picked up my phone

'Babe it's me I need your help'

'Cal' so he disappeares for days and he calls needing my help ask me again why I'm still with this man

'babe are you still there'

'Yeah you said you need my help with what exactly'

' I was busted drinking and driving can you come bail me out'

Story of my life we've been doing this for as long as I remember  and no matter how much I tell myself that I'm not gonna save his sorry ass but ey that all a lie he saved me once from the hell I lived in at home so I gotta do everything to save him too

'give me the name of the police station'

I wrote down all the information he gave me and I  took off my heels and wore my morning shoes and drove out of town to where he was and baud him out it was good seeing him though

'I don't know what I'd do without you'

' and you must never forget that'

' never babe I need a place to sleep I owed money to my landlord and he kicked me out'

' you don't even have to ask you're my babe' I said as we got in the car and drove off I own Hyundai grand i10 cute car for a short girl like me

'so where have you been for the past week besides being in jail'

' you know a man's gotta hustle to survive'

' yeah I know babe' I don't question him a lot cz we end up fighting and I end up nursing my body for days so I'm gonna be the clever girl that I am and not ask him any more questions

' I hope no one has been tapping that ass while I was gone' as if anyone would want me

' you know it's yours only' I remember the very first time I said that it was after the rough night of my first night with him I never had the experience of how I imagined breaking my virginity I always imagined a bed full of roses and a bottle of champagne and glasses a dinner under the sunset or a candle light dinner

Anyways that's a story for another day

' hey boo wasup with you you look tired and drained'  said Lebo as she entered my office

' Eish you have no idea'

' so is Cal back and did you tell him you wanna make a name for yourself before you make babies'

'Yeah he is back babe and we fixed things he said hell wait till I'm ready'

Like I said to you guys I lie about Cal he is good looking yena so he fits straight into the profile of being a business man and fits perfectly in the perfect boyfriend I've created for my friends they have seen him a few times but he was never interested in them and he'd always rush to wherever he has to go to and that's how I came up with the lie that his a business man

I was actually drained by the rough sex that Cal gave me last night God knows why I don't have Hiv I'll never be pregnant well at least not any time soon I make no mistake I go for my injection

' look babe we are meeting up as the girls at Couture Cafe join us' 

' I wish I can but you know' 

' yeah yeah you have to focus on Cal for a while' 

She didn't even wait for me to finish my sentence 

' I was gonna say because I have a lot of work to do' 

' Remember back at varsity in our first year you were so caught up in your school work you didn't even have time to meet a guy any guy for that matter I wonder how you managed to get Cal' 

' I'm not that bad come on' 

' you are girl please how many guys have you been with?' 

' a girl doesn't kiss and tell' 

' whatever lemme go I'm going shopping' 

I wish I can have Lebo's life she doesn't have to work hard for her bank balance and me here I am working on accounts balancing them and shit

I was disturbed by Sean coming in 

' babe I am soo tired I need like a full body massage' 

Sean is my friend he is gay and soo cool

' at least you can afford it I can't even afford to buy me a thong right now' 

' a thong for who for what we both know that useless thing you call a man would rip it off without even appreciating it' Shaun is the only one who knows about the real Cal I confide in him

' he is not that bad' 

' girl please he is all levels of bad when have you ever came in here happy about your sex life all you ever do is complain about the pain every day' 

' yeah yeah whatever Sean' 

' anyways I didn't come here to talk about your bad sex life Jerk ass is coming tomorrow at 9'

Jack ass is our client who is very difficult his name is Prince Tshepo Jr Dlamini he is a Jerk ass he is soo full of himself he is one of those trust fund babies inherited all his father's estate and yeah here he is the potential client we have to keep happy I hate smiling for him even when  I don't have to and it makes me feel stupid'

' I guess I need to practice and work on my smile' 

He laughed and left great now I don't wish to go home after the hectic day I had I don't have the energy to deal with the man at home

I could hear loud music playing from outside sign that he has friends over

I got in and the kitchen was up side down dishes on the sink bottles of beer every where

I don't even wanna mention the lounge there was smoke all over the lounge they have been smoking and drinking there were girls dancing those video vixen types piercings all over tattoos and bum shorts blond hair and bad ass attitudes

' Babe what's going on' 

'oh babe you are back look I invited my friend over for some drinks and good music I hope you don't mind' 

Like I can say I mind I just faked a smile and went to change in my room then went down they were all getting ready to go

' I didn't say you guys must leave' 

' relax babe it's not you but it's going down at  club Tabboo so we are headed there' 

That is his good bye till I have to bail him out of jail again or when he doesn't have money to drink his life away

His friends were headed for the door

' so I need some cash babe I'm running low' 

' how much do you need' 

' how's a 3K'

I didn't argue I just went to my purse and gave him the money I withdrew it to buy things around  the house and I don't like not having money with me for emergencies 

He left and I was left with a pile of dishes pizza boxes bottles and cans cigarette ash

I was so tired from all that cleaning mind you I still have work tomorrow and I am meeting Mr grumpy himself first thing I  the morning I wish I didn't have to work a day in my life just go shopping do my hair and my nails I don't ever wanna worry about anything else either than my hair or broken nails

I bathed lotioned my phone  rang immediately when I got in the room

' Sean wasup' 

' babe I just called to make you smile before you go to bed I know your bull dog is not there' 

' how did you know he is not here' 

' because I saw him at Tabboo and girl he was having fun and kissing some bitch like his life depends on it' 

That moved something in my heart a little anyone would be hurt to hear that

' Argh me and my big mouth sorry boo' 

' it's okay I'm used to it' 

'look dress to kill tomorrow we don't want that Jerk ass to have anything to talk about' 

'hahaha bye Sean I don't wanna have eye bags tomorrow let me sleep' 

We hang up and I slept


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