Drama drama drama

It followed me the whole day today it's like this damn paparazzi camped outside my house they even got a picture of Tshepo leaving from my house that morning

I don't wanna mention when I arrived at work this morning I could hardly walk inside the building

I just don't get how my life becomes so messed up overnight damn you Tshepo I was doing perfectly fine without you just had to come back and ruin it all

Some days I'd wish to extend time so that I do t go home but today I just couldn't wait to go home and when I did I took a long warm bath I needed to relax I heard my phone  ringing in the bedroom I quickly rushed to it only to find that it's Mr jerk ass calling yes yall heard me right he is back to that name now

I answered hesitantly

' what do you want because I'm sure I want nothing to do with you?'

'please open up for me we need to talk'

Argh Mxm he got in as I opened up for him mi d you I still have a towel wrapped around my body

' please get dressed' he didn't just tell me what I should do in my house

' you don't get to tell me what or not to do in my house' he went up to my bedroom and came back with my robe and I wore it

'we need a strategy'

'we? There is no we you are in this alone I don't care about what they say'

' I need you to help me hear so that all this can die down' why do I get the feeling that I'm gonna have to take the bait in all of this

'I'm listening so what do you suggest we do'

' Let's just say you had to much to drink and you called me over to tell me....' I cut him short before he could finish like wtf man

' I am not going to be an open field for these vultures to play on  me I am not about to be painted bad on the media come up with something else'

'please help me out here Shantel and her mother are already up in my face about this'

'don't make your problems mine why you gotta be with this bitch because you have guilt yes it happened but how long will you be in this kind of relationship where you can't make a mistake because you'll be reminded of the past'

' I can't do her like this'

'and you can do me like that? Maybe Troy was right about you I am nothing to you you don't love me get out of my house'

'I'm not leaving until we sort this out'

'it's either you love me or not you'll have to choose her or me? And choose wisely because it won't take me a year to move on this time around and I will not be watching you from a distance'

' I don't wanna lose you pearl but I don't know what I'm gonna do or how to get out of this'

'what else do you do for this woman just because you are feeling guilty about what you both did when you both were being irresponsible?'

' I pay for her life style he clothes and all that he credit cards her mother's house I renovated it last year bought her a car and today the kitchen is being revamped all of that is me'

I looked at him not believing this thing he is telling me

' what the fuck Tshepo? Why are you letting them do you like this?'

' what can I do?'

'where are your parents? Let them help you out'

' they both died my mother had cancer and daddy got a heart attack when he head my mom was dead so they both left at the same time that's why I had to be this businessman that I am today I had to drop acting and be this serious intimidating person that I am'

This is a lot more complicated than I thought

' these people are taking advantage of the fact that you got no one on your side'

'I know that but I owe them some how'

' stop saying that you owe no one anything you lost a baby too that nightyes you paid for her medical bills you pay for her lifestyle her mother's house that is way more than enough'

' help me out pearl'

' I don't know how to do this maybe we should get some legal advice on this how's that?'

' I don't know maybe it will help' you can look at people from a distance and think that they have it all in life happiness money  but no it's either they have the money and are unhappy just like tshepo now money  but no it's either they have the money and are unhappy just like tshepo now I love this man no matter how hard it is for me to admit I was brushing his head

' we will figure this out'

' please say you'll stay with me and I promise never to do you like that again babe'

'I don't know let's fix this first and then we will fix us if there is anything to fix' his face lit up from that moment and he kissed me right there and then I haven't had a man touch me like this in over a year I missed the feeling of getting shivers down my spine I missed being handled by a man and there is no other man I'd rather have do me like this than him we made love like the old times and it was pure bliss he knew how to press the right buttons in my body he knew which places to touch and his dick knew which spots to hit

We rested along side each other sweating and breathing heavily

' I love you Tee' yes I said it I am being honest with myself now I am tired of running away from this I love this man

I turned to look at him since he wasn't answering me I was met by his big eyes and shocked face

' do you mean that or was the sex that good?' I forget he can be foolish sometimes

' I never lied even before when I used to say it only now I'm not saying it in between my moans'

' you don't know how long I've waited to hear you say that'

' I don't want anything public I don't want us to end up living for the media I don't want us to be perfect I want everything to be normal that will be after you have fixed this thing with Shantel and it's not gonna be an easy Clean ride it's gonna be dirty but I am willing to go through it with you'

'Thank you babe' he said as he kissed me non- stop and then held me tight till we fell asleep like that

That's how I got back with Tshepo and that was the beginning of the worst days of our lives


I knew that she loves me but I always wanted to hear her say it and when she finally did I couldn't believe my ears things with Pearl are different the sex is greatI feel so welcomed her body welcomes me and I just get lost in it the way we move the rhythm we have I'm telling you now that even our heart beat is the same

I don't know how I am gonna do this thing with Shantel but I am willing to do anything for Pearl to be with me and for me to be happy I know Shantel fell out of love with me a long time ago and she is only with me because she wants the money and her mother wanta her lifestyle not to change

I can see from how we talk when we have sex it's like she'd rather do something else instead or she is being forced we hardly cuddle it's either after sex she will be telling me about how much money she needs to what and all those things

I looked at pearl as she slept so peaceful her soft skin and her rich caramel skin her perfect shape I don't know how this woman got to have a low self esteem when she is perfect

I think she could feel that I was staring at her cz she opened her eyes

' what's wrong babe?'

'nothing love you can go back to sleep'

'come back to bed let's sleep'

I joined her back in bed and she cuddled in my arms like a little girl and I felt wanted needed and loved I knew from then that I am never letting go of this

Sometimes you gotta let go of some things in life for love I am going to do this for love

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