Its been a month now and work has been hectic I've been having back to back meetinggoing to cape town with Tshepo helped I have met about 4 clients so far and Im going to pitch to them soon

Well things have changed the changed back in cape town for a week Tshepo kept coming and calling but I wasn't interested or at least that's what I told myself and now that he has stopped coming I miss him so bad I miss how we made love I have never had a man do me like that oh my God I've only been with one man who was all about satisfying his needs not mine

I've tried calling him and he was rude so I stopped I love him a lot

When I got back from cape town Cal hit me so bad but at least nothing broke and he didn't touch my face I can't say the same for my thighs he hit me when he saw the hickeys and when he asked where I was I lied but he already knew where I was

I moved from that flat where I stay now it's pretty secure than where I was living I bought a townhouse it was about time

Another thing that has changed my mother lives alone now my siblings were taken by their fathers better that than social services

My house is very lonely now in my other flat I was used to Cal being around whenever he came and now here there is no one I got a restriction order for him so he is not giving me hassles

I told my friends Kea and Lebo the truth

They were mad that I didn't trust them enough to be honest and that I see them as those people that would judge my choices

I always drag my feet when it's time to go home that house is big and lonely plus it's a Friday I hate weekends but at least work is keeping me busy

'Girl you need to get laid when you got some from jerk ass you were glowing but now aii' Sean is Sean he don't care he just says it like it is

' I've really been boring neh'

' you don't even want to know let's go out tonight and I'm not taking no for an answer I'll call my Bae he'll join us'

'and I will have to watch you guys being all lovey dovey all night no thanks'

' me and my man we ain't like we ain't gonna do you like that'

'rain check babes'

'like I said I'm not taking No for an answer

you are going to get up now pack your things and we go get ready' I'm not getting out of this ey I packed my things may E going out will do me good I'm not a widow I just lost someone I love while chasing business

1 hour later

'we are taking an Uber no drinking and driving' he said as he sipped his wine

'I don't really know ow what to wear' I said as I opened my closet not k owing what to wear I have never been to a club except once when I went with Cal and he made me wear a very short short

Sean took out high waist jeans black and a black see through maroon top I wore it my ankle boots (heels) and a leather jacket

And we headed out Jordan his Bae was going to meet as there

We arrived at club and it was packed and it looked expensive Jordan was waiting at the door we've met a few times when he came to pick Sean up after work or for lunch

We got a table and sat down

' Kea and Lebo are also on their way' sean said

'oh I didn't know they were coming'

'the more the merrier' great everyone will be having dates and I will be alone I hate being a spare wheel after a few minutes they arrived looking good as always

Kea was with someone different now his name is Lesego as she introduced him and Lebo was with Martin well they've been together for a while now

' Don't worry babe Lesego invited his friend to come too so no awkwardness' I gave a sharp look

'we are not hooking you up we are just saying at least you will have someone to talk to and people won't notice you are by yourself'

'I shouldn't have came here this setup is clearly not for me'

Sean looked at me

' you are not going anywhere at least stick around for an an  hour or 2 then leave

I stood up and went to the bathroom as Lesego said he is getting his friend who has just arrived

Just the thought of making a stupid silly conversation with a stranger irritates me hell probably think it's a hook up and try to impress or win me for the night I am not about to be that girl

I got out of the bathroom and went outside I need some fresh air and I don't need to see whoever this guy is

I sat there for about an hour looking at everyone who was arriving and leaving some were leaving with strangers some with boyfriends some were just a group of friends leaving or arriving some were couples fighting over who is dancing G with who

I was disturbed by Sean

'Girl I've been looking for you ey'

'I don't wanna meet whoever this guy is Sean please'

' well this one person is interesting you should at least meet him don't be cold'

'I do t need a man to rock my night'.

' then let's go get shots and hit the dance floor you are not leaving this place sober'

We went in ordered tequila shots then hit the dance floor

We dance for some time and I was getting drunk and tired so I needed to sit down I went back to our table and yes there was a guy there but I couldn't see him since he was facing the other way and giving me his back

'Girl you've been all over this place' said Kea as I got close to the table

'I came to have fun  so what's the use of sitting down here like yall'

The guy turned and I was just surprised as he wasI didn't imagine this not even in my wildest dreams

This night is going to be very awkward I need to leave this place


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