Days turned to weeks weeks to months and there was still nothing about the where about of Pearl I didn't wanna give up but I had no choice there was no hope and I gave up all I'm praying for it to atleast get her body back so that I can bury her and find closure if the worst that I'm thinking has happened

To my unborn child I am really sorry I failed you daddy tried all he could to find you and mom but not even money could help in this situation I love you and always will

I gulped down the whiskey I has in my hand

Yep I was hitting the bottle very hard and as always Pearl's mom would give me an earful together with Lesego

I dont see any reason to live without my Pearl and our child

My phone rang and it was Lesego I am not in the mood for a life lesson from him

So I let it ring  and ring and he called non stop so I switched it off

I heard a loud bang on the door

' Tee I know you are in there open up its something serious it's about Pearl'

I quickly stood up and opened for him

' geez didn't you even brush your teeth at least?'

'stop fooling aroundtell me you found her man'

' yes she was dropped off in hospital this morning?'

'and the baby?'

'I don't have all the information Let's just go man'

I went to get my car keys and clorets for my breath

And we drove off like crazy and soon we were in hospital we quickly rushed in everyone looked at us as if we were mad we gave out our information and we were soon led to her ward but we had to wait outside since Doctors and the police were still with her

After an hour or so we were allowed in and she looked so drained and defeated

' babe I'm here now'

'she took my baby Tshepo it's all because of your stupid night together and it led her to be childless so she wants to replace my baby with the one she lost and the ones she will never have'

Damn it why didn't I see this coming well I kinda did think about it but the way she was so supportive and always here I pushed it at the back of my head maybe because I didn't want to believe it is her

' how did you get free or run away from them'

'Cal was the one helping her I finally gave birth and they hired a doctor to do the whole thing but he didn't have all the equipments like the epidural and a grip so after birth and hearing my baby cry and seeing his face I passed out after that'

I looked at my wife as she let out a sob and it pierced through my heart and I couldn't stay anymore so I walked out

Lesego followed

' I have my man out there looking for her she won't get far she will need essential especially for the new baby'

' I don't know man

if she was smart enough to hide out for all these months then she will smart and get away from this I failed Pearl I saw it in her eyes'

' she is just hurt that's all you both need each other now more than ever don't turn your back on her that's wyou wife man'


It's been a long road and I thought it was over  UT my struggle has just began I remember going into labor I was in so much pain and Cal didn't even know what to do a doctor came and I pushed so hard with the last energy I had to bring my baby boy to this earth and I did but it didn't even last for hours it was probably a minute and he was gone couldn't hear his cry anymore nor see his small red face

I didn't even get to name him or breastfeed him

I hope she is taking care of you whoever you guys are I pray that you remember me one day remember that I am the woman who carried you for months with no complaints

I was happy to see Tshepo and so was he but I could see that he was so hurt and I really feel for him I'm not mad at him about not finding us in time I know he tried his best and I hope we can move on from this or at least support each other he got back in and this time around he was alone and had a basket of fruits with him

' I bought you some fruits and clean clothes and your toiletries'

He said all of that looking away my man can't even look at me on my face

'Thank you babe come sit next to me'

' the bed is too small babe I don't wanna hurt you'

'it's okaylet's talk about us we will need to see someone I know I need it and I need you to support me'

' why did it have to be like this thoughwhy can't we just love each other with no problems'

' life with no problems ain't lifewe will find our son I know we will'

One of us had to be strong and right now it had to be me because Tshepo was breaking down uncontrollable

I had to understand that it's not me alone who lost a baby we both did so I can't expect him not to be hurt or anything

Where do we go from here

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