I quickly rushed out I don't know I can look at him in the eye anymore

' girl why did you run off like that the poor guy didn't even introduce himself' said Kea as she came to join me outside

'I dont need an introduction to him he is a client at work and I manage his account' she looked me  still not getting why I reacted

'let's just say things kind of escalated to a personal level and the last time we saw each other it was pretty bad'

' well I guess we will be here tomorrow again till you get someone'

' does it have to be in a club' she looked at me with raised eyebrows

' you hardly go shopping unless your cupboards are empty so where do you expect to meet someone

' let's just go back inside man I can't keep dodging this guy forever ' we went back and joined the others

Tshepo was just cold didn't even look at me even though we were sitting next to each other he was glued to his phone the whole time

Sean came looking all sweaty and heavy breathing

' Girl I'm leaving now I have to be somewhere by tomorrow and Bae is tired too' we hugged and he left with Jordan

Lebo and Martin have disappeared to God knows where and Lesego and Kea are all over each other

This is my cue to leave too

'Kea I'll see you some other time babe bid farewell to Lebo for me'

' the night is still young Mbalentle Pearl Gumede'

Did she have to use my full names though

'girl please there is nothing for me here anymore and besides I have work to do tomorrow and clients to please on Monday

I didn't give her more time to talk me out of it I left got to the entrance and called an Uber

' can I take you home of you don't mind' I know that voice

'no thanks I'm okay an Uber will be hear soon'

My Uber arrived and he went over to the drink er and paid for wasting his time

Great he does as he pleases once more

' did I ask you to do that? Did you even hear me say I'll go with you or you just always decide because you big head tells you to'

'but I asked first'

' and I didn't say yes I said no or do those mean the opposite of each other to you

Thank God the Uber was not gone yet so I got in and left

Paid then got off

He must've followed because he was here as I got off

' you wasted your time coming here'

'can we talk in the car please'

I dragged my feet to his  car and we got in at the back seat

We sat silently for a while

' so what do you wanna talk about?'

' who said I wanna talk?'  Argh I am not going to allow him deprive me off hours of sleep

'if you ain't gonna talk then I'm leaving I wanna sleep'

' I don't wanna talk I wanna do things to you woman' I looked at him

' don't look shocked it will just be sex I promise to not get attached '

' sex only no strings attached' he nodded yes I don't think I'm sure about this but I'll go with this till we decide otherwise 

We got to the security guys and he greeted them with their names and the spoke for a while and we drove off

' you are suppose to sign in your car' 

'I don't have too I own half of these properties here and the house you live in is one of mine' 

Mxm talk about rich people and being all over the place

We got to my house and he parked his car in the drive way since mine is in the garage

I led the way and he threw himself on the couch immediately 

'I didn't realize how tired I am till now' 

' yeah I can give you a massage I have soft hands' 

Like he read my mind I joined him on the couch and he took my feet and massaged them

'your feet smell' I rolled my eyes 

'nigga please you'd eat your food from those feet' 

He laughed and continued with what he was doing and man he is good and what he does

A soft moan escaped my mouth

' Dont do that kea kopa' first time I hear him speak sotho 

'I didn't mean too' 

' I am going to punish you then' 

I looked at him like are you for real right now

He got closer and closer and I was now on his lap

We stared deep into each other's eyes it's like he was trying to connect our souls it's like he was trying to connect our souls

I smashed my lips to his a dead he didn't waste time responding his hands were brushing me arms squeezing my butt

And that got me very horny he tried to get his hands down on my pants and that was a struggle so we had to stop so that I can take it off

' why don't we take this to the bedroom and get to use a bed' he laughed and followed me

'you can not enter this bedroom with clothes on' with no waste of time he took off his clothes and his body was to die for he has been hitting the gym 

His dick stood there yearning to be I side of me and I couldn't wait

And he delivered like always we had multiple orgasms before we passed out

It was not just sex it felt exactly like the first time it was great he made love to me once more and by each stroke he gave me I fell in love with him deeper I screamed his name like my life was ending

No man will ever give me dick like this guy here

After the last round we passed out like that 

What a way to a night and start my weekend

I think I'm becoming good obsessed with his dick now 

We spent the whole weekend together and it was great he wanted us to go bengee jumpingand I didn't want to I'm scared ill shit in my pants we went to gold reef Saturday instead 

And Sunday we went to Monte casino for a movie games and food 

Yep that's how we spent our weekend and he was always in my house and I didn't mind 

My alarm rang and I didn't feel like waking up today and he was also not moving I tried to wiggle myself out of his embrace but no he was now budging

'I must prepare for work not all of us are bosses' 

' 5 more minutes babe please' 

'No wake up let's go shower you also have to be at work at 8 am we also have a meeting at 10'

He woke up and joined me in the shower then he dropped me off at work I wonder how ill go home since I came with his car


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