'Hey babe it's me again please call me back when you get this message we really need to talk'

' he is still not answering' that was my friend asking been trying to get hold of Cal for the past hour I tried him 3 times now

'yeah and I'm tired of this shit he always does this when I can't go sleep over at his place or when I say Im with you or my family'

'Girl you need to get a man who will understand your priorities'

Easy for her to say she looks like a model she is like the girl on the magazine she is rich and I'm just the career driven woman very light skinned with braces and a low self esteem 

'Entle how long will you keep begging this guy anyone would want you you are very successful'

' and these are the disadvantages of that all he has ever wanted was kids and to start a family and I was just so sure about my life and I wanted nothing to disturb me'

' what's wrong with yearning for success? he is successful ain't he? With whatever that he is doing with his life'

Cal is a gangster and I never told my friends about that with them you gotta be with someone successful

famous or a business owner so I lied to them and told them that Cal is some hot shot business man

' what's an empire with no kids and a wife'

' you know what Entle go play happy families and be wife to Cal  if that's what you want but nna I do not support you'

' I didn't expect you to' I mumbled that

' look girl I gotta bounce now sitting here in your office doesn't increase my bank balance'

We gave each other side kisses and she left

Yep me and my friends we act like snobs honestly I'm the one doing all the actingthat was Keabetswe we call her Kea she is from a rich family she practically helped me throughout my varsity life with food clothes even though some were her old clothes which were still new it was better than nothing I have 2 siblings and my mom is a drunk all she does is sleep with any man that buys her beer that night and extort me money when she can

Here I am going on and on about my life yet I haven't even told yall my name

I am Mbalentle pearl Gumede 24 years old dating Calvin Logan yep he is colored and a gangster but not those big gangsters and he also extort me for money and then disappear for days

He cheats on me hits me every now and then especially if I complain about his doings he is the only man I've been with the only man who ever loved me whoever asked me out

He said himself ' all the guys never wanted you I just did you a favor' 

Dont judge the reasons why I'm still with him

Let me take you guys on a journey of my life

My messed up life

#Things we do for love

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