#Year LATER.....

Its the finally day of construction today and I am happy with the work that has been done

It's been a year and I must say my life has been peaceful and great I took my mom to a rehab her alcohol problem was too much now and she came back looking good after 6 months

I am not in a relationship now it was hard getting over Tshepo and I'd see him on the news trending of  social media every now and then the first time they went public with Shantel everyone else had their assumptions about what conspired between us some even said I was never good enough for him but anyways that didn't bother me I know the media would do anything to sell their papers and get a lot of views

I got a new job after 3 months this I to the year I needed a change of scenery and yes it was paying me goodI have my own house now not a townhouse

It's time to move into the house and my mom was happy about it too bad she will like E alone until my other siblings come back home the kitchen had the best finishes ey the house is fully furnished

I seem to have everything going well for me but no what's all this money and achievements if you  have no one to spend your days with you

Tshepo and Shantel are now engaged so there is no way we are getting back together at least not in this life time

I haven't seen Troy in a while and I'm glad it's that way I don't know what will happen though when I am in a relationship cz it seems thats the only problem we always have

After touring the house with mom it was time for me to go back to Jozi I have work tomorrow

' do you really have to go though Entle'? ' my mom said as we stood outside my car

' I know it's gonna be lonely here but yes mom I have to go back to work you should also find something to do with your time'

' you know I'm only good in the kitchen'

'then do catering mom start with small events I can help you out in getting the needed equipment and it will do you good so that you don't relapse again' she looked at me

'I'm not a child Entle I'm still your mom'

'I know ma I didn't mean it in a bad way you can't sit around the house all day and do nothing you gotta do something'

' Hamba so that you can arrive early' we shared a hug and I left truly speaking I'm not really looking forward to going back to my lonely house

And to people always asking me when I'm getting married and my colleagues who hate me but ey I'm not there to make friend I'm just there to get money and do what I love


A year right? My heart still hasn't stopped loving the woman who didn't care about my status the woman who didn't care about the media or being perfect everytimeI do not love Shantel I am only with her because I feel it's the least I can do for her

A few years back we were in a relationship but we had an accident one night on our way back from a dinner date and she was pregnant with my child she lost the baby and her womb that night

If I don't marry her who will she will never have kids in her life at least I can accept that because I made her to be womb less I should have been careful but what's done is done and I owe her my life

I am so proud of Pearl she has done well for herself she even posted her mother's house the renovations are done and it looks beautiful and expensive

Yes I have been tracking her every move I can't let go of her

' I can't believe you are still hung up on this girl what am I still doing here then?'

' I am admiring the house she built for her mother what's wrong with that?'

'what about the times you say her name when you are sleeping the times you used to call me Pearl?'

' I am over her babe come on stop being a sucker I'm just making sure she is doing good wouldn't want the papers say something bad about her and it ruins my reputation '

' whatever anyways tomorrow I'm going over to my mother's house

anyways tomorrow I'm going over to my mother's house we are revamping her kitchen remember'

' yes I'll give you my card remind me tomorrow' she smiled and walked away and disappeared into the passage

I don't really get the reason why she is not working though she doesn't have a womb she is not disabled she even stopped modeling and I thought she was going to put her media and communications degree into use but hey here we are I now have a house wife who worries about what people will say Iif her hair is bad her nails are broken and all those thibgs

' I really miss you pearlplease come back to me' send

I waited patiently for her reply but nothing it's how it has been for the past months anyways

It's time I get my woman back

I got up and drove off

Yep I even know her house I stopped outside the gate and her car was in the driveway

I knocked twice and she came out to open as soon as she saw it was me she wanted to close the gate but I pushed in

' you don't get it do you? Leave me the hell alone Prince'

I chuckled fierce I see

'i was never a comedian so I don't see why you are laughing'

'Can we gon inside and talk like adults'

'you are not stepping your filthy foot inside my house now leave before I call the cops on you'

' why do you hate me so much?'

'oh you gonna ask me that okay how about you were kissing a woman while I was in the same house as you how about I suddenly didn't matter because she was there so tell me again why you are here and not with her making love to her making her scream your name speak in tongues? '

Pearl has really changed she is very strong and fierce I like this new woman

' can you give me a chance to explain myself before you kill me'

'I don't need any explanation about the choices you make it's been a year and my life is perfect without you so please don't bring me any drama Tshepondicela uhambe apha and don't ever think of coming back again' 

'ke kopa 5 minutes fela ke to tsamaya if what I tell you won't change your mind'

'5 minutes yantoni na wena khawuhambe apha'

When she starts speaking xhosa then I know I can't get through to her but I'm not giving up on her not now I won't let her go again

So I sat down on the grass to show her I'm not going anywhere

She walked back inside the house leaving me there

Hours passed and it was getting darker and cold

'give me your car keys so that I can get inside the yard' I handed them to her

We went to the house after and she handed me a cup of coffee

'I know your history with Shantel as much as you've been keeping tabs on me I have been doing some digging too'

I looked at her not believing my ears maybe there is still hope

' you are the last man who has ever shown me love and it hurt me so much to see you caressing another woman's body they way you do to me'

'I'm really sorry I did that I just feel so much guilt every time I look at her her mother always makes sure I hear it and feel the guilt I am the only who takes the blame but she was busy giving me a head while I was driving how was I to focus in that kind of situation '

' look I can only offer you friendship you are engaged to be married and I want nothing in public we don't want people assuming you are back with your ex '

' I wouldn't mind'

'you need to go back to your fiance Prince I have worked so hard to be where I am today and I don't want drama in my life'

' I will leave her if I have to'

'then I'll be labeled as a homewrecker no thank yoh'

'okay let me sort it out then we will take it form there' our phones beeped at the same time we both looked at each other cz this is weird

As soon as I opened there was a tweet entlek a picture of me and her standing outside her house

She looked at me like wtf?

The comments views and shares were just something else

People assuming that we are back together

' wow you come with drama in fact drama is your second name what are you going to do now playboy'

'go deal with my fiance in the morning right now I just need to sleep please show me the guest room'

It's gonna be a long day the longest morning full of shouting and Shantel being all up in my face

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