"Kanti mangoma ucabanga ukuthi ngizohlukanisa abantu bese ngitholani ngalokho Mina"

"mawuze ngoku delela la uyazi ukuthi uze Kanjani la uzozibonela indlela yoikubuyela futhi"

"mangoma ngisize tuu"

"ngikusizile awukangi bhatali namanje khokha ntombazane"

"ngizimoshele nje isikhathi sam la kuwe"

I got up and left I told her I'll pay her when I have money last time she said let me go use the medicine and if it works then I come back to pay her I don't even know if it's working because I'm not close to see it's results ayy

I'm even regretting all of this Tshepo made it clear that it was over between us years ago and to think I can get him now I don't know what I was thinking and I'm all for true love

I dragged my feet trying not to get home fast I just can't deal with my mother anymore

She was already waiting for me at the door I wonder what she wants in my rondavel now

"mama keng hape?"

 "don't you dare ask me that"

"what do you want in my room?"

"what could I possibly want here? I just came to tell you I'm going out for the night I will be back tomorrow"

I rolled my eyes

what must I do with that really?

"oh that's nice mama enjoy"

"I don't know where I went wrong with you you can't even get a boyfriend girls your age are married if not they are working what about you? You just wait for me to give you food look at your friend Lihle she is about to get married to a guy who didn't mind paying a lot for herit's like you are cursed yazz"

"I know mama and you think I'm happy with the way my life is right now? No guy even looks at me"

"no need to cry poor thing just use what your mama gave you you have tried love it doesn't work for you may E you should just put love aside just like you once did"

"I will not prostitute myself unlike you I am not going to sleep with men for money"

She gave a hot slap

"if you must know the man I'm sleeping with is a business man and quite honest I love him and so does he

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